Notes I can't remember who's idea the drug was, but this fic is partially based on one that somebody never finished, where Szayel made a drug called Tasenik that could make men get pregnant and Aizen gave it to all the Espada. Grimmjow ended up screwing with Ichigo and getting him knockeded up. So whoever's idea I'm about to steal I apologize. XD

I also add that I'm putting this up so Sesshy's girl can get some inspiration. I likely won't work on this until Heartsbond is over or nearly over. So drool drool drool, and expect /another/ uke preggy Ichigo a few chapters down the line. XD not by grimmjow though. sadly.

Two months ago…

"You're kidding Aizen…-sama right?" Szyael had just woken up, having been wounded by Kurotsuchi, almost killed, and having just had Kurotsuchi's super senses drug scrubbed from his systems completely.

"No, I'm not. Gin wants to have children. I'd appreciate it Szayel if you… er… take advantage of your inactive and weakened… state… after that last battle, to research some of your own special brand of magic."

"I will begin with a fresh mind Aizen-sama. Tell me, how should I test it?"

"Oh let me worry about testing." Aizen said with a smirk as he left the infirmary.

"Gin, Tousen!' He called to the other shinigami. "We need to replenish our ranks. The… program… I have just asked Szayel to initiate will ensure that our ranks expand and grow. Tell me, how is Nnoitra doing? I understand Tesla survived."

"Nnoitra survived by the skin of his teeth." Tousen said calmly. "That man has a death wish."

"I see. All in all?"

"The exequias have been wiped out. Our seventh position and ninth position remain open."

"I see. There's one arrancar. Tousen I'm going to send you and Halibel out to find him."

"Who is he?"

"A man held in as much revered regard as the Espada. They call him Zephly Ascepilas. When I first arrived in Hueco Mundo he refused the position of Espada. See if you can lure him to change his mind."

"What's so special about this Zephly?" Tousen asked.

"Zephly… is the only healer Arrancar alive. He and his followers form a small enclave out in the desert. They worship the Greco-roman Olympians and tend to hide away from the other arrancar. Zephly is older than I, Older even than Commander General Yamamoto. Do not alienate him Tousen." Tousen was walking through the corridor behind Aizen. "Offer him the carrot he cannot refuse."

"Yes Aizen-sama."

Over the next few weeks, Szayel worked on some method of allowing a male to give birth, either arrancar or shinigami. He had an inkling that Aizen intended to use this for something other than Gin. So he tried to make this drug of his to affect as many species as possible.

He was sitting in bed working on a white board when the man entered the infirmary. He was an arrancar, with messy blue and green hair and mismatched blue and green eyes. On the right side of his face, his mask fragment had an astrological symbol on it, the sign of Apollo, the god of the sun. He carried a cane carved to resemble a winged serpent. He limped, one leg apparently twisted and burned.

"Hullo there." The arrancar greeted Szayel. "I'm assuming that you are Szayel Apollo Grantz?"

"Who wants to know?"

"Zephly Ascepilus, the new Novena Espada." The man replied. "My fraccion and I will be taking over the medical functions at Los Noches. Ergo, I thought I'd check out my new office. I see you're the kind who never stops thinking, even when his health is dependant on a machine removing a deadly poison from your liver and kidneys. May I see what you're working on?"

"Something for Aizen-sama." Szayel hesitantly offered Zephly his notebook. "I won't be up to fighting for a VERY long while. I have to be on this for at least an hour every day. It connects at the kidneys and liver and scrubs the super drug out of my body. For some reason my body can't expell it from either direction I'm afraid."

"aaaah, male on male pregnancy. Something out of my wet dreams." Zephly snickered.


"Yep. Let me help you."

"Thanks. Believe it or not I'm stuck."

"Stuck how?"

"well, I get the feeling that Aizen-sama is going to use this not just for his silver haired mate, but on arrancar and possibly other shinigami."

"I seeeeee…"

"My problem is figuring out how to make it compatible with as many types of targets as possible." Szayel replied. "Not normal hollows. We don't need more of those. But arrancar, vaizard, shinigami and human would be a lovely start."

"Hmmm…… well I think the best approach is to look for anatomical similarities between the species." Zephly said calmly. "May I?" He asked for the board. "Lets see…." He began to draw a chart on the white board.

Szayel was pleased with Zephly's intelligence and quality of work. For a grizzled arrancar who looked battle worn, he was incredibly clever. "What happened to your leg?"

"Infection, tore the hell out of the thigh muscle. Caused a clot and then like an idiot I took on an opponent that used fire attacks." Zephly replied. "I have to take injections all the time for the pain. I'm working on something to restore the damaged nerves. The problem is that I am /not/ the sort who's good with chemicals. I'm a healer. I do a decent job with this that's true, but my strength is diagnostics and field medicine." (1)

"I see…… will you, allow me to try and make something for your leg Zephly?"

"Of course Szayel. You're welcome to try." Zephly said lazily. "However, it MUST be the original leg. No prosthetics. No artificially grown limbs. It's the reason why I refused Warren three experimental treatments of his."

"Its done." Szayel said confidently a few weeks later. Zephly and his fraccion, Cheiz had to help Szayel into the throne room. "I present you with enough of this chemical to dose three hundred arrancar." Szayel offered a thick clay bottle to Aizen. "I can verse you in its use." He purred. "Add it to drink, or to food."

Cheiz hurried to get the two Espada a chair each, then bowed to the three men and waited outside the throne room. "It will affect shinigami, humans, arrancar, or vaizard. It acts in two weeks. And even better, it can be transmitted to a partner that hasn't been dosed once it takes affect."

"Excellent." Aizen purred. "Tell me more…"

Grimmjow hated meetings. He was still nursing wounds from his fight with Kurosaki. And while an arrancar healed fast, his back was /very/ sore. Zephly had very gentle hands, but Grimmjow had gotten so annoyed that he had put together a crash pad in the living world.

And what was with Aizen and /tea/? Grimmjow choked down the normally bitter stuff. Earl grey this time, with lavender in it. But today he had a surprise, the tea was… sweet. Szayel and Zephly looked at each other, Szayel all but purred and the smirk on Zephly's face as he drank the tea made Grimmjow want to smack him. It was the look of a child who was doing something potentially dangerous and getting a vicarious turned on thrill from what he was about to do. "I would like to introduce our newest Espada. Novena Espada Zephly Ascepilus is a sage and healer. One of the only ones left. He and his followers refused my earlier offer of a position as Espada and fraccion. However, after the fight against the Soul Society, I asked him to come on in a different capacity. He will be our head medic."

Zephly spoke up. "When you offered me the position of Espada before Aizen, the terms were not as generous. I would not have been allowed to practice my trade, worship my gods nor would I be allowed to continue following the rules of my Order. As it is, my friends Arisu Kitty and Pythias Warren are not going to be happy with my leaving them. I must imagine they have issued an exile declaration by now. However, I warn you not to bore me. I don't deal well with boredom. And I don't deal with idiots. Make sure I have no reason to doubt your intelligence and we'll get along fine." Zephly said coldly. "My three foremost followers and fraccion, Kamron, Cheiz, and Foarmin will be doing a routine examination of every Espada, fraccion and the foremost Numeros. Our hope is to get a baseline of health for each one of you, so that when you engage the enemy again I will be able to treat you adequately." Zephly explained.

Grimmjow growled, finishing up his tea in a few gulps. Szayel looked amused. "Is something wrong, sexta espada?"

"No, not at all." Grimmjow leered. "Tell me Zephly. Do you prefer boxers, briefs or exotic?"

"Exotic, always." Zephly leered back at Grimmjow. "Why, is there something on your mind?" Szayel edged closer to Zephly, almost possessively. Grimmjow chuckled in amusement, so Szayel had already claimed the new Espada as his mate. Nnoitra would be upset, usually Szayel was the one to grace the one eyed Espada's bed.

"Oh no. Of course not." Grimmjow was actually contemplating the lithe and grizzled healer, on hands and knees, and various lewd fantasies of his being fulfilled. Ulquiorra had been refusing him lately. Something about being too busy with reconstruction to bow to his raging libido.

And Ulquiorra didn't give him any sex at all over the following two weeks. Grimmjow was pissed one morning to find all the Espada and half the Numeros and fraccion in a tizzy.

"I CANT BELIEVE HE DOSED US!" Yammy growled. "He had no right!!!!" The Espada snarled, throwing a random piece of furniture at Zephly. "WHAT did you do??????"

Zephly snickered. "If it makes you feel any better I took it willingly." Zephly smirked. "And then dumped a triple dose in Foarmin's morning coffee. Just to watch him go a little crazy." Zephly cackled.

"I did as well." Szayel smirked. "I suspected that Aizen did it at that meeting."

"MUST FIND SOMEONE TO FUUUUUCKKKK………" Grimmjow cackled as Nnoitra hauled Tesla into a closet. A yell of surprise coming from the Fraccion.

"Ulquiorra dearie, looks like work is off for the da……… Ulquiorra?"

Grimmjow found Ulquiorra an hour later, curled up in bed with Stark. "The cheating little son of a……" Grimmjow needed sex. He needed it even more than the other Espada. He was, in fact, fairly certain that Szayel and Zephly were already shagging somewhere private.

"Neeeeeeeedddd…" Grimmjow growled. He fired a cero blast at an unwitting couple snogging in the corridor and then cut open the gargantua. He'd find someone he could screw around with until the drug wore off. He needed some kind of relief before he went mad. And at that point, his lust was bordering on out of control.

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex…Ogichi chanted irreverantly in Ichigo's mind. I'm, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt so sexy it huuuurttts. I'm, too sexy for your party, too sexy for your party, the way I'm disco dancing.

SHUT THE HELL UP! Ichigo replied. He stormed down the streets of Karakura that night.

It had started when Ichigo had invited Renji, Shuhei and Izuru over to hang out. Rukia had gone off to the mall with Orihime, Chizuru and Tatsuki, so Ichigo had responded with a guys night in, watching movies and making popcorn.

Especially since Renji wanted to see Jason. Something about never seeing a human slasher movie before. And with Oban coming he wanted to see something spooky from the human world. Ichigo had also rented "my bloody valentine" since it had come out on DVD a few weeks ago.

Ichigo had walked in on Izuru and Shuhei making out. Izuru's pants were down and Shuhei was well on his way to giving the dopey looking blonde a blowjob. Ichigo had all but screamed and stormed out of the house.

"Wait! Ichigo!" Renji called out.

Ichigo stopped and turned around. "What is it Renji."

"I'm sorry about those two. They got together shortly after Amagai went and… well. Its been a passionate ride for them both ever since." Renji said sheepishly.

"Whatever." Ichigo kept walking.

"Look you aren't um…" Renji hesitated. "You aren't bothered by that stuff right?"

"What stuff?"

"Well… Izuru and Shuhei are both guys." Renji hesitated.

"Chizuru hits on Orihime every single morning. Right in front of me. If I'm not bothered by that I'm not bothered by Izuru and Shuhei being gay. I just have a problem with them doing it IN MY ROOM in front of me." Ichigo said coldly. "Let me go out for awhile. Catch my breath. Give them a chance to get it out of their systems."

"Alright." Renji sighed, turning to go. "See you later."

Ichigo found his way to the bridge by the river. He flopped on his back under it, letting the cool air caress his face.

The blast of spiritual pressure scared Ichigo out of his wits. He jumped up, and was reaching for his soul reaper badge when he suddenly found himself face down on the ground beneath Grimmjow. Oh god no. He's going to kill me. Ichigo groaned.

"Berry, this is either going to go very well for you, or very BADLY." Grimmjow's tongue licked at the shell of his ear. "But its happening whether you want it to or not. I need some fucking relief. And you're going to give it to me or…" Grimmjow growled, grinding his clothed hips to Ichigo's leg.

Ichigo's face turned red when he felt Grimmjow's hardness pressing against his thigh. OGICHIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

King, go easy on him. There's something the matter with him.

Like WHAT??? He's going to fucking kill me!!!

No, he's not. You know what he /wants/.

And why should I give it to him? Ichigo started struggling like mad. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???????" Ichigo demanded, thrashing against Grimmjow's hands. The arrancar had pinned him by the legs, and his hands were wandering Ichigo's body, squeezing a butt cheek, caressing his shoulder blades.

"I neeeeeeed relief." Grimmjow panted, "and you're it berry…….."

Ichigo growled. "you're the ENEMY! Why should I bend over for you?????" Ichigo demanded.

"Because if you don't… I'll make you bend over." Grimmjow growled. He licked his lips eagerly, burying his face in Ichigo's hair.

Ichigo closed his eyes, focusing on his spiritual pressure. He made it spike, the energy lashing at Grimmjow in an effort to throw him off. Please, somebody hear it. SOMEONE!!! Ichigo thought of Renji, Izuru and Shuhei, safely at home watching horror movies. Come on guys!!! Feel my aura and HELP!!!

"I /need/ this Berry. I feel like I'm going to go MAD. You're a horny teenager, you understand."

"What did they… do to you… even I know this isn't like you…"

"SHUT UP." Grimmjow growled, fumbling with Ichigo's belt and fly.

"HEEEEY. HEEEEEY!" Ichigo thrashed at Grimmjow. If I don't do something fast, this guy is going to do something I really really don't like. What can I do? He /sounds/ off. Like there's something wrong with him. "Alright, alright. GET OFF." Ichigo growled. "If you can find someplace more private, I'll make a deal with you." Ichigo felt a serious burning tinge of self loathing. "It's the weekend, I don't need to go to school for two more days."

"I'm listening…" Grimmjow's hands were still wandering Ichigo's body. But the glint in his eyes was predatory.

"I'll sleep with you for the weekend. But you have to give /me/ something?"

Grimmjow's face was instantly in the back of his neck, breathing in his scent, sucking at the skin. "What?"

"Tell me all about your Espada friends. Did any of them survive the battle at Los Noches? And what are their powers? Their abilities? Who did Aizen replace the casualties with?"

"In other words you want me to sell them out."

"Actually… think of it as getting to run off your mouth." Ichigo said coldly. "Think about it Grimmjow. If you can find somewhere private, then you have my ass for the whole weekend. To do whatever you please with, as long as you don't kill me."

"Oh I don't think violence, in a manner of speaking, has to come into this." Ichigo flinched as Grimmjow's hand /finally/ found its way into his pants. Ichigo gasped as the man's huge calloused hands grasped the shaft of his penis and began to stroke, possessively, lustfully. "And you're so fortunate, I have a crash pad." Suddenly, Ichigo was being scooped up bridal style, and slung over Grimmjow's shoulder.

As Grimmjow leapt off into the night, he /barely/ missed Renji. The lieutenant had felt Ichigo's panicked release of spiritual pressure, which was attracting hollows all over the place. Hollows too terrified to attack Ichigo /or/ his attacker.

He saw the annoyed expression on Ichigo's face as Grimmjow carried him away. "Rukia is going to /kill/ me." Renji groaned. Then as he watched them leap away he saw something that made his blood run cold, Grimmjow was licking his lips, smacking Ichigo on the ass as they flew away.

"oh god no." Renji groaned. "Damnit Grimmjow……… I WANTED TO BE BERRY'S FIRST!!!" He bolted after the two of them, he had to at least see where Grimmjow was taking Ichigo.

Grimmjow's crash pad was a small abandoned office in the warehouse district. It had a bathroom, with a shower, a bedroom with a bed that had been abandoned somewhere. And it had a kitchen, which was a good thing. He'd have to convince Grimmjow to let him eat at some point.

Grimmjow set Ichigo down on the bed, "STRIP Ichigo. I've gone without sex for two months, and I NEED that ass!"

Ichigo didn't hesitate. He undid his belt, tossing his jeans and shirt aside, his underwear too. Grimmjow stripped, setting his Katana on the nearest table his face curling into a sneer as he leered at Ichigo. "That… looks exceedingly fine…" He purred, closing the distance between himself and Ichigo. He pushed Ichigo back onto the shabby mattress, sealing the substitute's lips in a kiss.

Ichigo surrendered utterly, opening his mouth to allow the hungry arrancar's tongue inside. He was only slightly hesitant as he twined tongues with the Espada. As their mouths parted, Grimmjow began to kiss his way down Ichigo's neck and shoulders. He sucked on the skin, making sure to leave a mark on Ichigo's shoulder.

Ichigo groaned, his head rolling back on the pillow. Grimmjow purred, licking his way to a nipple and licking at the nub before sucking on it. He rolled it around with his tongue, and Ichigo realized Grimmjow's tongue was rough, like a cats. The arrancar twisted the other nub with his fingers, Ichigo hissed. That was going to leave a bruise.

Grimmjow began to lick his way down Ichigo's chest, dipping that sinful tongue in Ichigo's navel for a moment "You know what they say about fellatio? That its about /worshipping/ your partner. Kneel before him like a supplicant before the gods, show appreciation for every fold and crevasse of skin." Grimmjow purred in a soft, but decidedly lustful tone that sent shivers down the young shinigami's spine before he took Ichigo's length in his mouth.

Ichigo cried out, his eyes rolling back in his head. That was… just incredible. Grimmjow's tongue was rough, like a cats, and he was rubbing it up and down his length, sucking on the now erect and weeping member. Grimmjow pulled back just enough to dip his tongue in the slit, making a show of teasing the head. Ichigo yowled in pleasure, a yowl echoed by Ogichi in his head. Yet despite his master's enjoyment of the act, he could tell that Zangetsu was crying inside their inner world.

It was so confusing, Ichigo's inner hollow was excited by the act, whooping and hollering in excitement. Ogichi was writhing on the ground in his inner world, sharing in the pleasure. But Zangetsu was grieved, depressed, almost ashamed at his Master's actions.

It wasn't long before Ichigo came, screaming Grimmjow's name into the night. Grimmjow purred, licking his lips and swallowing the cum eagerly. He stood. "Be right back. Gotta get some lube or it will hurt like a bitch."

Ichigo shivered in anticipation, his flaccid erection returning with the mere thought of what he was about to do. Grimmjow snickered, returning with a small clay pot of massage oil. "come here… on your hands and knees, turn around and…" He guided Ichigo into a kneeling position on his hands and knees, then turned his hips up. The sight of that virgin entrance, all his for the taking, made Grimmjow's aching cock twitch.

"Relax your muscles or it will hurt more." Grimmjow growled as he slipped an oil slicked finger into Ichigo's entrance. Ichigo did his best to relax. It felt a little strange. Grimmjow's fingers were huge. Ichigo turned his head, and he caught sight of how large Grimmjow's erection was. "Yes, beautiful iddn't it?" Grimmjow snickered as he pushed a second finger in. "You haven't had sex before have you?"

"No." Ichigo felt stupid.

"Arrancar are… unusually rough, much more so than a human or shinigami. I can't stop what I'm about to do… my instincts are already that out of control. If I hurt you, I'm sorry." Grimmjow began to stretch the ring of muscle, scissoring his fingers carefully. "The best I can do is try to make it feel good."

Ichigo nodded, "I need this… by now I think I'm too far gone." He panted. He could sense Ogichi on the ground in his inner world, growling and hissing and writhing in pleasure. His Inner Hollow's insatiable desire was fueling his own. Ogichi wanted this as much as Grimmjow did. I'm sorry King. My lust is kinda… unruly… and arrancar are… NOT gentle lovers. Your ass is gonna hurt on Monday.

At least its semi voluntary instead of… being thrown on the ground and raped.

That's what has the Old Man so upset. He's not sure if it's the best thing for your well being. And the fact that Grimmjow's power to choose was compromised only cinches it for him.

Well right now… I don't think I could stop. Ichigo growled, "hurry up already!" He growled.

Grimmjow snickered, pulling his fingers out. "Do you want this on your back or your stomach?" He purred, a hand running over Ichigo's hip.

"On my back. I want to /see/ you." Ichigo panted, rolling over and raising his legs eagerly. Grimmjow carefully lifted Ichigo's legs onto his shoulders. And Ichigo got a /good/ look at how big Grimmjow's erection was. Man I'm going to hurt at the end of this. He was thick, he was large, and he had barbs on his erection, like a cat. Ichigo felt his cheeks color and his own cock twitch.

Grimmjow carefully nosed the head in, leaning down so that he was right over Ichigo. Ichigo shivered. Grimmjow kissed Ichigo, slipping his tongue into Ichigo's mouth while he carefully pushed a little further, and a little further, distracting the human while he entered.

Ichigo clung to Grimmjow's shoulders, burying his face in the other's skin. He felt one of Grimmjow's arms go around his waist, pulling their bodies flat together as Grimmjow came to rest firmly inside of him. Ichigo wrapped his legs around the other's hips. It felt a little strange, but not unpleasant. "Whenever you're ready…" Grimmjow husked in Ichigo's ear.

"Now." Ichigo said softly. "now do it."

Grimmjow started to move, beginning slow. The barbs on his erection dragged against Ichigo's walls, eliciting a shiver of pleasure. Ichigo clung for a few moments more before moving against his thrusts, arching against the other's body.

Then Grimmjow hit a tiny bundle of nerves in Ichigo's body, and Ichigo screamed in pleasure. White spots danced before his eyes as Grimmjow shifted his angle and began to pound on it. Ichigo gasped, calling Grimmjow's name. Grimmjow growled, the other arm winding around Ichigo's waist as he gave himself over to the desperate need overriding all caution in his mind.

Ichigo felt himself nearing the edge of release. "G… Grimmjow I…" He panted, then screamed the Espada's name into the night as he came.

Grimmjow growled, speeding up his thrusts to help Ichigo ride out the pleasure before he too came. Ichigo felt Grimmjow's seed burning into him. Then Grimmjow sank his teeth into Ichigo's shoulder, marking him as Grimmjow's. Ichigo heard Ogichi writhing in orgasm in his inner world, sharing in the animaline pleasure his King experienced.

Renji sat outside the open window, listening as Ichigo surrendered himself to Grimmjow. "Now what, on all three worlds, possessed you to hunt me down for sex. I think I deserve an answer." Ichigo said softly, his voice had the odd quality that someone who had just had /very/ good sex has.

"Aizen had Szayel make this… weird drug, with the help of their new idiot medic. He dosed us all with it. Its some kind of fertility drug but I have no idea what its for. And then /my/ mate doesn't give me sex for weeks before sleeping with STARK. Of all the SCUM he could have cheated on me with."

"You realize that what we do this weekend can't be a lasting engagement."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry to… impinge… on your weekend. I won't bother you after this."

"I hope you don't." Ichigo frowned. "I can't figure it out for the life of me, Ogichi /liked/ what we did, but Zangetsu thinks I'm being stupid."


"My zanpakuto."

"aaah, then ogichi is…"

"My inner hollow. Oh Gods, just before you… ambushed, me I walked in on Shuhei giving Izuru oral. Ogichi was chanting this stupid song in my head, giggling like an idiot because he thought it was funny."


"It's a cheesy pop sex song from the 90's. Something about 'I'm too sexy for my shirt.'"

"Well you are…" Grimmjaw purred. "I think you're /very/ sexy. Even undrugged. But sleeping with somebody I /fight/ on a regular basis is too awkward. Ooooh I'm going to SKIN Ulquiorra for cheating. At a time like THAT."

"Ulquiorra????? THAT'S your mate?"

"Well yeah. He is… exceedingly sexy. Even /nympho./ When he's not being a total prick." Grimmjow growled softly.

"You know, he may not have been able to resist. You didn't give me many options, but what Aizen did took away your ability to /choose/ who you sleep with. That has to upset you."

"All that upsets me is that someone else slept with MY mate. MINE!" Grimmjow seethed. "So… sorry… arrancar are possessive, even vicious lovers. They think nothing of clawing, marking, slapping or even worse." He shivered. "I did my best to… hold back… while we were doing that but…"

Ichigo said softly, "I forgive you Grimmjow. I forgive you for everything. Aizen is the one I can't forgive." He said softly.

Renji couldn't take it anymore. "Ichigo you idiot." He said softly before leaping off the roof and out into the night.

1. Readers of Heartsbond will recall that Zephly and his followers are based loosely on House and his team members. Arisu Kitty=Lisa Cuddy and Pythias Warren=James Wilson. I'm trying to make Zephly more like a younger looking version of House. There are serious differences in ideals. Zephly is devoutly a worshiper of the 12 Olympians. House is a dedicated Atheist/Gnostic.