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Chapter inspired by; Daisuki Da Yo by Ai Otsuka

Chapter 9: Reunion

Such a small hotel, the general thought to himself. But it was one of the most expensive in all of ShinRa. Right across from the grand theatre, auto shop, museum, and the best restaurants in town, it was a hefty price to be so close to the action. He had his silver hair tied into a low ponytail, his bright aquamarine orbs switching around as he went along the road.

The male had looked around himself then, noticing that no one was around to watch him slip inside the building. He had sighed softly as the warmth of the hotel surrounded him, the heater turned on high as he felt the cold breeze follow him from behind the door. There was a girl behind a small wooden desk, talking on her cell phone. He went up to the counter, looking down at her before he found the small envelope with the dark S written on it. He snatched it away before she could see him, moving away as he opened the small letter.

You remember the room, don't you, Sephy?


Come find me, Sephy.

I'm waiting for you.

With his heart pounding in his chest, he looked up at the stairs. Could his angel really be up there? He sighed and went up silently, making his way from the second floor to the third.

It was a quiet hotel, not many people coming in to stay. Most just staying for the night before leaving, going on. Sephiroth's head tilted as he looked up at the door, the small golden numbers.

Room 313.

He slipped the key out of the envelope, the light blue card sliding over the slot. The door opened with a whoosh. Of course the room was dark. Nothing could be seen but the flicker of a candle on the nightstand and the soft light of the moon that flickered through the window.

His aquamarine gaze flicked over to the bed, where the blankets lay flat, soft blue against white. He shifted only as the door closed behind him, the soft murmur of a voice making him look behind him.

Only darkness.

Then who was it behind him. A brush on the skin of his hand sent him turning again, the flame on the candle on the nightstand flickering slightly.


"You came…"came the soft murmur. A soft, gentle melody in the night. Had he really forgotten what his angel sounded like? Such a lovely voice should never be forgotten, he chided himself. He looked behind him again, seeing a dark figure standing beside him. He was covered in what seemed like a robe, and as Sephiroth reached forward, he could see that spike of hair. Smell that gentle fragrance of lavender, or roses.


A soft chuckle came from the figure as he stepped forward. Soft blue silk covered his small frame, only hiding the skin of his torso and hips. Sephiroth frowned at the soft bruises on his skin, but stepped forward, taking the blonde into his arms.

Oh, he would have sobbed if he could have. But the wave of pure possession hit him, the wave of pure hatred for the damned Wutai came. But when he leaned down, his finger softly tracing over Cloud's jaw, tilting his head back, and his lips touched his, he fell.

Thousands and thousands of feet. But he stayed there, floating, flying, whatever this feeling was. He loved it. He craved it. And as Cloud's thin arms came to wrap around his neck, his small body pressed against his, he fell faster. Until he could feel nothing but him. Smell nothing but him. Hear nothing but the shuddering breaths that came from him.

That warm heat beneath his skin, under the flickering light of the candles, seemed to glow, to come alive.

Sephiroth wasted no time, grabbing Cloud's body from the floor. He cared for nothing now. Not for his job. His reputation. His life. He would hand it all over to him. Should he ask of it, he would strike a dagger through his chest, and offer the beating organ that kept him alive, only to have him close.

"S-Sephiroth…" He heard the gentle murmur and looked up at him, not knowing how he got to be atop of him on the bed. Beautiful blue eyes clouded with confusion, pale skin flushed to a soft pink.

"Y-You still…want me?" He whispered, his bruised skin a stark comparison to the soft peach in the light.

But that question sent Sephiroth reeling. Of course he wanted him. He needed him. His body craved him. His mind cried out for him. His heart beat for him. And with a breathtaking kiss, he pressed the blonde angel onto the bed, reaching out to put out the candle.



For so long he craved for him. Pined for his monster to touch him. And there he was. Atop his frame. Touching him. Loving him. Wanting him. Even though he saw his face. Knew his name…

Sephiroth loved him still.

Yes. He loved him. They loved each other. And for once, Cloud didn't feel alone. Didn't feel as though he was just another person among millions.

As he felt those strong hands slide up his sides, beneath the soft silk shirt he wore, his body arched, shuddered, his lips parted in silent moans as the general tended to his body. This was how it was supposed to be. No one else. Just them.

Those two bodies that would move together, love together, and hold each other close.

That soft silk was taken off his frame, and though he was conscious of the bruises, Sephiroth moved to gently kiss each one, his lips a soft brush against his skin, making his body break out with goose bumps.

Cloud's back arched as that long tongue swirled around the nipple that was now exposed to the night air, his hands resting up on Sephiroth's shoulders. The general stripped, revealing those tanned muscles, skin stretched tightly above them. Long silver strands were soon pulled free of the tie that bound them back, and aquamarine orbs hazed with lust, clouded with love, could only stare forward as Cloud removed his slacks.

It was as if it was all happening for the first time.

The soft touches and kisses. The soft mumble of words passed through wetted lips. The gentle gasps that came from lovers whom could only crave for more and more.


The blonde moaned out, his hips raised as the general placed himself in between his parted legs, a long finger invading the sweet warmth of his body.

Sephiroth felt the small ring of muscle tighten on his skin, his teeth lightly nibbling on his skin as he curled the digit, earning a loud moan from the soldier. With that beautiful body curved, arched off the bed, he slipped another finger inside him. Toes curled, fingers clenched in the sheets as a gasp slipped into his lungs.

It had only begun this sweet making of love. This slow affection that would pass between them. It was only just beginning. And he knew, with just the first thrust of the general's hips, he would be lost.

To him.

To his love.

To his pleasure.

And God, it felt so right to be taken again by this silver haired monster. Because as his fingers slid out of his body, and his hardened member replaced those long digits, he could only groan, legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck.

But when he felt him penetrate, when he felt the male consume him, his named passed his lips in a beautiful call of pleasure, eyes clenched shut as he was claimed.



His member slid deep inside that tight frame and all was lost. His mind was surrounded, his eyes closed shut as he nuzzled into the neck of his love.

Into his Cloud.

He lips traced over his neck slowly, his hips still as the blonde adjusted to his size. He could feel the soft hands of his angel moving over his skin, his back arched as his thumbs found the dimples just above his waist.

His hips pushed forward, the long rod between his legs shoving deep inside him, making Cloud groan in delight. His vision blurred as he kissed his skin and inhaled that heavenly scent.

Sephiroth purred then, the small hole twitching as he began a slow pace, his hips bucking in between Cloud's legs.

Yes. Yes. This was what heaven felt like. This slow glow of warmth in his body, his heart pounding in anticipation as his love gently begged for more. His hips began to give him what he asked, his pace only quickening slightly as he thrust his member deep inside his body, unable to help himself as he hilted the long rod.

Once. Twice. Again.

Oh, yes. He bit his lip as his thrusts grew harder, Cloud's head thrown back as he let out loud moans, his breathing coming in pants as he cried out for the general. His hands slid over that silky soft skin, gently torturing them both with his slow thrusts.

"Ahh! Y-Yes, Sephiroth…J-Just like-Aahhn!"

More. He wanted more. And so he gave. He gave and gave, feeding him, only taking light sips of him as he gently kissed and sucked at his skin.

When it grew, the pace, the sweet need to take him, he began to move harder than before, skin slapping loudly against skin as he buried himself inside him. He could hear his own groans passing his lips, beneath the gentle whimpers of his blonde's.

So close.


Yes. Already.

He could feel his hands clinging to his waist as his hips pumped forward, his length sliding deep as he brought a hand to stroke the blonde's member along with his thrusts. Things got hotter. Their breaths melding together to make the air a thick, warm breeze against their faces. Sweat formed like a soft sheet atop their skin, sticking their hair to their faces.

The bed creaked, groaned, slammed against the wall. Pictures clattered on their nails. He was not just taking him. No. He was claiming him. Marking him as his own.

Cloud was his. No one else would have him. No one.

And with a growl, their orgasms burst through their bodies, loud cries of pleasure coming from them both as they clung to each other, released into each other.



And that was how it went. How it was supposed to be. Because they were meant for each other. Meant for only each other. And the general would go through anything for his angel. And his angel for his monster.



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