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Ryoutaro has a different attitude here….

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Ryoutaro's POV

"Ryoutaro!" mother shouted for the fifth time.

I crawled out of my bed, its just 6 in the morning. There's no school, so what does she need? I climbed down the stairs slowly and found my mother at the foot of the stairs looking furious. "Yes?" I grinned sheepishly.

"You finally heard me, I told you that 'she' is coming here today, so please be prepared by then. Hurry." She said. I rolled my eyes and dragged my feet as I returned to my room.

Great, just great. "She" is coming. "She" as in the fiancée my parents got for me. Our families are rich people, so to unite both wealth, their heirs are destined to get married, in short, me and "her". Our parents are childhood friends. Pretty close. I've seen "her" a couple of times already and there just aren't any sparks between us. She isn't that beautiful anyway, I got no interest in her, my current girl is prettier, but I'm definitely going to break up with my girl already. I can't stay with one girl for 2 weeks, right? So not cool. Time to move on to a 6th girl this school year. Oh, time to escape before "she" gets here.

I opened my bedroom window and jumped to the nearest tree.

Goodbye stupid fiancée.

As I got down from the tree, I heard my mother gush, "Kahoko! You've grown so much! My, you are so beautiful!" I ran as fast as I could then. I'll just face mother's wrath later.

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I just made it clear here that Kahoko is the fiancee...sadly hated by Ryoutaro and that Ryoutaro is a playboy.