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Prologue: Summons

Wake Up…

I hear a calling, always persistent, always calling. So soft in its summons but instant none the less. A calling that is made up of more then one voice. They cry out in unison begging me to head there call.

Wake Up…Hero…

I shift in my semi-conciseness trying to fall back into that blissful darkness of true sleep, instead of this mock sleep that I find myself every time I hear The Calling.

The time has come…

Again the calling is insistent.

Take up your sword…Child of Goddesses…

I shift again, the call is getting harder to ignore.

Find the path…

I can feel myself struggle to block out the voices.

To another world…

I'm at my breaking point, I feel it. Like an electric plus the need shoots through me and I'm left helpless at it commands.

Wake Up…


All will return to Darkness…

Why? Damnit tell me why?

The path…find the path…


The worlds will end…

Something explodes behind my eyes and I jerk up with a soundless cry. Panting I try to recall what tore me from my sleep. The soft light of the rising sun teased my senses as it crawled across the floor delivering no answers to my plight. Then I remember, the Call, I can no longer ignore it.

I place my head in my hands and squeeze my eyes shut at the invading light of dawn. Every night since my last journey it has called to me, telling me that all is not finished yet. That something more is coming, something that will shift the order of the universe if it is not dealt with.

I bit my lip and try not to give into the frustration I can feel building inside me. Always there is something more for me to do. Some task I need to fulfill, some duty that needs to be performed. When will I get to rest? Is it not enough that I have saved the world more times then I can count? Will I always be stuck being the Hero?

Now is not the time for self pity, it never is. I shove blond hair out of my face and gaze out the window. The sun is just rising over the tops of the trees and it's warm light softly drowned out the shadows of the night. A small smile plays at my lips. Midna would have a fit at the display of the conquering sun. She always did dislike how the sunlight overtook even the deepest of shadows, and she made sure her dislike was know to everyone that could hear her.

She was forever going on about the beauty of twilight and shadows. A bitter sweet look crosses my face as I remember the little imp. Always jumping on my back and telling me what to do and where to go. I snorted as I recalled on of the mishaps that she lead me into while we journeyed together. It took me along time to get that tree sap out of my hair, though the look on her face when she got stuck was priceless.

The memories faded away and I jerked again as I felt the pull of the Call again. Blowing out an air of frustration I changed. I grabbed one of my traveling tunics and pulled it over my under shirt. It was nothing elaborate but did remind me of the Zoran tunic that was given to me by the dead Zoran Queen.

I then pulled on a pair to light tanned pants, lacing up the sides as I went. I quickly put on my leather belt which already had my traveling pouches attached to it. The pouches were small and mostly unremarkable if you didn't open them. They were in fact, magical by nature allowing me to store and hold various items without become heavy or full.

They were actually filled with various traveling gear, well everything that I had picked up on my travels not including my bow and quiver, nor my sword or shield. My bow and quiver was actually next to Epona's harness and tact. While my sword and shield were hanging on the wall. A place that I was hoping to never take them down from.

I refused to look at the blade as I took it from the wall. There was too many memories of killing and blood infused in the blade. Memories that I did not wish to remember, but still rushed through me as the familiar weight of the blade settled in my hands. Flashes of the past rushed by my eyes, struggling against unstoppable odds, killing hundreds as they got in my way, countless battles to the death were among them. As more memories assaulted me the blade felt as if it was getting heavier.

Almost making the sword unbearably heavy, chaining me with the knowledge of how many were slain on the edge of the blade. It was a shock that I didn't let out a bitter cry as those battles played in my head over and over again like a tune played at a summer festival. Bitterness stuck to the roof of my mouth as I buckled the sword to my back. Next came the shield, its glossy surface chipped and scared from the battles that it had been through lately. Though it had less the shield still held painful and bloody memories. One in particular assaulted my brain, a recent one.

Heavy rancid breath aggressively permitted through the air as the beast tried to bite my face. The only thing keeping it from accomplishing it's task was the shield that I had shoved sideways into its mouth. I had lost my sword earlier on in the fight and was just barely holding my own against the wolfos. I was tired, weariness dragged at my frame as I tried to gain the upper hand. Claws racked at me, leaving my shoulder a bloody mess. I let out a cry of shock and pain, Midna in the background was uselessly trying to give support that she couldn't in her shadow form.

With a soundless cry I gathered my energy and shoved forward. The sharpened edges of the shield mercilessly ripped into the gaping maw. The wolfos let out a terrible cry, one that resounded through out my head as my sensitive ears were assaulted with it. I could feel the headache already forming, one that if I lived through this encounter was going to pound through my brain for hours. the grip weakened as I continued to push. Soon it was weak enough for me to shove the beast off. I got to my feet as the wolfos glared at me blood dribbling down it's mud covered fur. I glanced around quickly and spotted my sword. It was behind the beast. I cursed in my head, there was no way I could get to it. I would have to finish this fight without my trusted blade.

The beast grinned, blood flowed freely at the move. It leapt at me. Eyes widened I moved swiftly to one side, and felt paws slice through the air of where I had just been. I had no time to celebrate the miss, because the beast barely touched ground before it leapt again. Once again I moved to the side, but not nearly fast enough this time. Claws grazed my side, and I chocked on a cry. I almost gave up then. There was nothing more right then but to lay down and call it quits. A mocking laugh broke through this feeling. I glared the damn wolfos was laughing at me, in my moment of weakness it had the gall to laugh. That was all it took. In a rage I flew at the foul creature. We rolled across the ground grunting in a mix of anger and pain. I quickly pulled my way onto it's filthily back, and tried to hold on with my quickly sapping energy.

The wolfos cried out in rage, and tried to twist it's head to get a hold of me. Still seeing red in my battle rage I tore the shield off my arm. Then in quick succession I brought it down with all my might. Once, twice, three times. The cry of rage turned into one of pain on the third strike. Blood and brain matter splattered every where as I continued to slam my shield into its skull. On the sixth strike the wolfos shuddered and fell on the ground. I sat there stunned as blood ran down my face. My eyes stared in shock at the damage that I had caused. There was nothing left of the wolfos' skull it was a complete mass of destruction. I felt my stomach heave, and I rolled away from the body...

I viciously shoved that memory away and buckled the shield on as well, not want to get immersed in more memories. I walked over to my bow and quiver and put them on as well. Grabbing, Epona's harness and tact, I looked around my home once more. I already knew that it would be a long time before I laid eyes on it again if I ever do. There was an impending feel of doom that is coming a long with this journey, as if I won't become back.

There was a glint in the back of the living area that caught my eye. I moved toward it. Upon reaching the area I held back a small gasp. It was an Ocarina, a blue one in fact, it was the one that set me up as being the timeless hero. It was a wonder at all that I even saw the instrument as immersed in the shadows as it was.

Picking it up I balanced it my hands. Years of being untouched and the instrument still looked good as new, as though it had never been played. I hadn't touched the instrument once since placing it there in the darkened corner when I had first moved in. It was one of the rare items that I had that didn't plague my memories with battles or pain. Instead it held sweet remembrance of my childhood and promises that were made so long ago that I can scarcely remember them any more. A bittersweet smile touched my lips as I held it a moment more, then without a second thought placed it in one of my magical pouches.

Swiftly I walked backed the door. Ignoring the rest of my home, the feeling of urgency grew ten fold after I had picked up the Ocarina. I quickly jerked the door open and without a second glanced shut it behind me with a sense of finality.


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