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"Phew." The blue-haired woman sighed as she leaned back in her seat. "Finally done writing down that theory. I'm glad you could help me, kid." She added as she looked at her black-haired partner.

Gohan, for his part, didn't look as nearly as pleased as Bulma was.

"Yeah, but even what we discussed today is right, we're still a long way removed from actually creating a usable application." The young half-breed said. "I mean, we finally managed to create a reasonably solid theory on increasing cellular regeneration, but this form is completely unusable."

"Don't be so gloomy, it doesn't suit you." Bulma said as she lit a cigarette. "Coffee?" She asked as she grabbed her own mug and handed it to the servant-drone.

"No thanks, I should be going home soon. I'm almost late for dinner as it is. See you next week?" The teenager said as he stood up from the chair. "I'll see if I can think about some means for allowing the cells to regenerate without causing the rapid aging. I'll let you know if I think of something."

"Gohan, we've already made a huge breakthrough with what we have." The experienced scientist said, stopping her godson in his tracks. "Let's first make sure our theory actually works before trying to improve it. If we're right, we're on the right way to creating Regenerative Pods of our own. Imagine what could be done if we could perfect them?"

"Yeah, the possibilities for the medical world would be nearly unlimited. We'd be able to cure people who've lost limbs, have permanent scarring and perhaps even internal injuries. With a little luck, the pods might even be able to fix neurological injuries like Parkinson's Disease…" the half-breed said with excitement. "But right now, it's still pretty useless. People generally want to live long and happy lives, not age twelve years in a couple of minutes just so they can regain a lost fingernail."

"Well, yes, that's true." Bulma admitted as she pulled her now full mug from the robot. "But still, we'll have to test if this theory is correct first, and then we can start improving it so that it won't increase the age of the subject. This would all be so much easier if we could just examine one of the Regenerative Pods from Frieza's empire…" she added with another sigh as she took a sip of coffee. "Aargh, sweet and strong, just the way I like it."

"Well, tell that to Vegeta." Gohan said with a laugh. "He's the one who had to go out and destroy Frieza's entire empire when he was out in space all those years ago, still trying to become a super saiyan. Add to that the fact that Trunks blew up Frieza's ship when he first arrived and all the Regenerative Pods that we could possible examine are all destroyed. And we can't even go and visit the race that had originally created them, because Frieza and his family had already destroyed all of them except for the ones who served him… Oh well; tough luck." He concluded with a shrug of the shoulders. "Anyway, Bulma, I gotta fly. Are the three of you still coming for dinner on Wednesday?"

"Of course, there's no way I'd miss out on a chance to catch up with Chichi and #18, and there's no way that Trunks and Vegeta would let one of Chichi's home cooked dinners escape. So I'll see you then?"

"Yeah, see you then. Bye-bye."

His business concluded, Son Gohan walked out of the Capsule Corporation and, once in their lawn, put on his coat before shooting off in the air.

"I gotta hurry if I still want to eat." The young hybrid said to himself. "If I'm not home soon, Goten will have eaten all the food."


Three and a half hours and a twelve course dinner later, Gohan was sitting at his desk. His mom had told him to go and finish up his homework, but he had already finished it weeks ago. The workload given by Orange Star High was nowhere near as high as the one his mother had placed on him all those years. High School was as much fun as his mother had always told him it'd be. He didn't really need to do all that much, he had made a couple of good friends and it gave him plenty of time to think on his research with Bulma.

In fact, in the year and a half that he had been at Orange Star High, he had been much more inspired for new theories and the like then ever before. In those eighteen months, Bulma and Gohan had successfully completed no less then three complete projects. Considering the fact that normally, their scientific projects took them the better part of a year, it was really quite an improvement.

Knowing that neither his mother nor Goten would disturb him -Goten had been taught from a young age to never disturb Gohan while he was studying, unless he wanted to face an annoyed Gohan and a very angry Chichi- Gohan leaned back in his chair and looked at his desk. Contrary to what most people thought of the eldest child of Chichi, his desk was not highly organized and clean enough to eat from. Instead, there was a healthy collection of stray pens, pencils and used pieces of paper scattered all over it. But the back of Gohan's desk was completely clean. On that part of the desk stood several photos of Gohan's friends and family.

The first picture was one of the oldest there was. It was an image of Gohan's father Goku, wearing his fighting gi. Next to Goku stood Chichi, nearly twenty years younger then she was now, smiling happily as she held up the baby Gohan. It was Gohan's favorite picture of his father, because Goku wasn't looking directly into the camera, instead being more occupied with tickling the exposed belly of his son.

The second picture in the line was the one picture that held the most memories for the teenager. It was a picture that had been taken the day before the Cell-games. Gohan and Goku stood in the centre of the picture, their hair gold and eyes green, while being surrounded by all their friends and family. Chichi, the Ox King, Krillin, Bulma – who was holding the baby Trunks- Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Oolong, Puar, Master Roshi, Dende, Mister Popo, the Trunks from the Future, the gigantic Android #16, Bulma's father and mother, Korin, Yajirobi, Turtle, Icarus, Baba and even Vegeta and Piccolo had shown up for it.

The third picture was taken about a year ago and had Gohan holding Goten and Trunks in his arms, while Marron sat on his shoulders with a fistful of hair in each of her hands. Combined with the two double punches he had just been given in the stomach, courtesy of the two half-Saiyans he was holding, Gohan's face looked both amused and slightly pained. Gohan knew the same picture adored the walls of all three youngsters. Vegeta had been highly annoyed when he'd first seen the picture on Trunks' wall.

The last picture was the most recent one, having been taken roughly two months ago. It was a picture of Gohan with his friends from school. Erasa and Videl were hugging on it, standing in front of Sharpener and Gohan. Sharpener had placed on arm around Gohan's neck, hanging on him as he tickled Videl's side. This had, in turn, caused Videl to nearly fall into Erasa, who threatened to topple over before Gohan caught and stabilized her. Thomas, a classmate of theirs, had taken the picture at that exact moment, when they were all in contact with each other. It was, by far, Gohan's favorite picture.

He couldn't help it, but every time he was near Videl his mouth would shut up and his stomach would start doing twists. He would always laugh at all her jokes, tease her every now and then like Sharpener did when she was in a sour mood, and generally enjoyed spending time with her. His mother had long ago noticed the change in his behavior and diagnosed it: he was in love.

On some level he agreed with his mother, but he wasn't really sure. Was he really in love with the attractive young Satan, or was it so that he simply desired her? That he only thought she looked really great and that he wanted to share his bed with her –in all the meanings of the word- because she was, as Sharpener so subtly put it, hot?

Switching on the TV in his room, the demi-Saiyan was thrown into a martial arts display by Videl. He had tuned in on the exact right moment too: the girl had just her left leg and was holding it completely parallel with her own body, showing a surprising amount of balance and flexibility. From there, Videl moved on to demonstrate a powerful axe kick, and went into several more stances and attacks for another twenty minutes before Gohan changed the channel.

Two hours later, as Gohan lay in his bed there was a stray thought in his mind.

'I'm pretty sure I'll be visited by Videl again tonight… wonder what we'll do now?'

Hoping for a dream that was at least as fascinating as the last one, the part-human closed his eyes and began drifting off to sleep.


Monday morning, half past eight, found one still sleepy Videl Satan wondering through the streets of her hometown. She hated waking up early on Mondays – in fact, she hated getting up early, period! -… especially since not even her dreams gave her any real rest lately. For the past couple of months, whenever she drifted off to sleep, she would have a visitor in her dreams. A tall, muscular, cute, spiky-haired visitor that she knew very well. And, although the dreams started out innocently enough- her first dream was of Gohan coming over to help her with homework- they were anything but innocent now. In fact, just last night…

As Videl let her mind stray to more personal area's -area's that not even Erasa had ever heard about- she let her feet walk the usual path to school, not even bothering to pay attention. She didn't need to, because she always walked the same route. Then, as she vividly remembered the kisses that Dream Gohan had given her all over her body, there was a sudden loud noise next to the World's Most Famous Daughter.

Shocked out of her fantasies, Videl quickly turned to the origin of the noise, only to come face-to-front with a large truck. Videl had crossed the road without watching and had stepped out just in front of the truck. There was no way she was going to be able to move aside, and the truck was too close to hit the brake either…

Before Videl even had a chance to close her eyes, there was a sudden pull on her shirt and she was roughly pulled back on the streets. Crashing into someone, assuming it to be her savior, Videl could see a flash of short, black hair before she fully opened her eyes.

'Did Gohan just save my life?' she thought to herself, silently hoping for it. But as she opened her eyes, she saw that she was wrong. She was laying on top of an woman a couple of years older then she was, who had free-flowing, shoulder-length brown hair, who looked just as surprised to see Videl as Videl was to see her.

Meanwhile, the truck had pulled to a stop and the driver had gotten out, a pissed off look on his face.

"Missy," he started, pointing at the still dumbstruck Videl, "You really need to watch where you're going! Next time you might not be able to jump out of the way like that. Daughter of Hercule or not, I doubt even you can take a hit from a moving truck. Don't give me a scare like that."

"I'm sorry sir," Videl said as she got up, her face now resembling a gigantic tomato, "It won't happen again… I… I wasn't paying attention to where I was going… I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, her thoughts were taking a different route.

'Ok, I have got to stop thinking about Gohan and his sexual activities in my dreams… if this goes on, it'll get me killed. But he IS really cute, and muscular. And his butt is really great to see as well. Aargh, Bad Videl! STOP thinking those thoughts, they're only for when you're in bed!'

The truck driver turned around, accepting her apology, and was quickly driving once again. Videl turned around to see the woman that she had landed on and quickly thanked her, apologizing for landing on top of her at the same time, before the raven-haired fighter continued her way to school.

When she was walking away a few minutes later, she suddenly realized about her hallucination of her savior's hair. She had thought it was that familiar short, spiky black hair, while the woman that Videl had landed on brown hair…

'Ok, just because I like the guy, I'm beginning to see phantoms everywhere. This has got to stop.' Videl scolded herself, before realizing something. 'And these internal monologues have to go as well… I'm really going mental.'

Now sulking with herself slightly, Videl continued her walk to the school. Just as she reached the school-gates, though, another realization suddenly hit her.

'Wait a second, that truck-driver said that I'd jumped back…' she thought, 'But I didn't, someone pulled me back… but who could that have be-'

"Hey girl, how're you doing today?" Erasa suddenly asked as she jumped Videl from behind. The experienced martial artist could barely stop herself from an intimate nose-first meeting with the ground by stepping forward. "Whoops, sorry." The blond airily said as she dropped back to the floor. "So, what's eating at you? You're never that far away."

"There's nothing eating at me." Videl's venomous reply was. "I'm still tired and wish I was back in my bed, sleeping as long as I want." Despite the good, almost cheerful, mood Videl had experienced earlier, she was now at school and that always made her a bit grumpy.

"Erasa, I told you once and I told you a million times." Another voice, this one obviously male, said from behind the Orange Star Queen of Gossip. "Don't mess with Videl on Monday Moring. She's as grumpy and grouchy as can be on Mondays."

"And a good morning to you too, Sharpener." Videl said, not even looking up as she looked at the tall and muscular blond male. "And I'm NOT grumpy or grouchy!"

"Sure you're not Vi; you're always our little ray of sunshine. I mean; you never get angry or annoyed with someone, and you never attempt to bite someone's head off just because they're standing in your way…" Sharpener replied with heavy sarcasm.

"I do not try to bite people's heads off… and I only got pissed at Albert once because he was annoying me all the time with his stupid remarks!" Videl defended herself.

"Oh sure that's one time." Sharpener said, putting a hand on her head and ruffling her hair. He knew that, more then anything else would get her pissed at him but he enjoyed teasing her. "But how about that time that you nearly kicked Thomas, who I might add never makes an annoying remark, just because he sneezed too loud? Or when you nearly punched me at that sleepover? Or maybe that time that -"

"Alright, I get it; you've been keeping a close eye on me, now shut up! What's your point?" the black-haired girl replied. At the same time, she continued her walk towards the school, with the other two catching up and walking next to her.

"Geez Videl, what is it you want?" Sharpener teased. "Do you want me to shut up, or tell you what my point is?"

"Why are you so damn annoying on a Monday morning? It's way too early for you to be so sharp." Videl replied with obvious annoyance.

"It's all in the name babe." The blond smoothly replied. "Well, I also had a really good sleep, along with a nice dream. How about you, Vi? Any more nice dreams you wanna mention? Maybe some more dreams that include You-Know-Who?"

Instead of answering, Videl turned around and started glaring at her best male friend full force.

"I am NEVER going to let you anywhere near by house ever again if you keep this up. I'm telling you, I was joking back then. I knew you were still awake and I wanted to mess with you…" Videl valiantly tried to keep up her old lie, but it was no use. These two had known her for far too long and knew her far too well.

"Yeah sure girl." Erasa said, catching up on the teasing. "You where moaning Gohan's name just to fool us? So not your style."

"What's not Videl's style?" a fourth voice suddenly asked from behind them. Videl and Erasa instantly went rigid with fear. Both their minds were racing with the exact same thought.

'How much did Gohan just hear?'

"She's trying to lie by telling us that she's just a bit tired and that's why Erasa got the jump on her this morning." Sharpener smoothly lied, not missing a beat. "And now she's trying to cover it up by switching subjects, which is not her style."

"Yeah," Erasa quickly added, knowing that Gohan would by the lie anyway, "But she's not telling us anything about what was really on her mind. What'd you think it was Gohan?"

"I'm telling you, I wasn't distracted, I was just tired!" Videl nearly shouted as she opened her locker. Gohan, Sharpener and Erasa did the same, since their lockers were all next to each other.

"Oh well guys, I don't know." Gohan said as he looked over his schedule. "I didn't see Videl so I can't judge it at all. Maybe she really is tired? Oh, by the way what subjects do we have first? I forgot."

"What's this?" Sharpener asked in mock shock. "Did our Walking Book forget his classes? That simply cannot do! What will happen to you if you can't even remember something as basic as that, Book-Boy?"

"And why would I want to remember it myself, when I have you: the Walking Timetable. You have the entire timetable completely memorized for some reason." the black-haired hybrid replied.

"Yeah, so I at least know what classes I should go to and what I can skip." Sharpener replied as he looked into his locker. "Anyway, first we have a double hour of your favorite subject."

"What, math?"

"No, Book-Boy, physics." An annoyed reply came from the locker, followed by a more muffled "Where did I leave that notebook? I know it's in here somewhere…"

"Oh great, I could have just skipped the first two hours then. I could have had a lie in. you should have told me that earlier, you Talking-Time-Table." Gohan nearly whined. Physics was, to him, an extremely boring subject because he was already working with far-above-master-level physics for his projects with Bulma.

"Oh, can it Book-Boy." Sharpener's voice was muffled, followed by a quick, and much more muffled, "Ah, good found it. Aargh, that hurts. Why do the damn things always collapse when you get something?"

From inside the locker, there was the definite sound of a tower of books and notes collapsing as Sharpener re-emerged, now rubbing a red point on his hand.

"You're always talking about skipping classes, but you never do. If you did, I'm pretty sure your mom would flay you alive. So don't act all that tough, you do-goody, wannabe-saint Book-Boy."

"Ehm guys, we're kinda drifting away from the subject here." Erasa interrupted as she watched the antics between the male best friends. "We were talking about Videl and her reason for being so absent-minded." This return to the original subject was enough for Videl to start glaring at Erasa full force, but before the raven-haired fighter had a chance to speak up, the conversation already continued.

"I still say she's thinking about some boy." Sharpener instantly replied. At once, all three placed their full attention on the long-haired man. Because he was now watching Sharpener, Gohan missed the terrified look that was displayed on Videl's face, and he didn't see the shock on Erasa's face either. Unabashed, the blond man continued.

"It's easy, she had the same look in her eyes as almost every girl in this school does when they're thinking about me!" he arrogantly proclaimed in a joking tone. "That Look of being totally smitten, absolutely love struck and what-not. I get it all the time."

At this point, both Videl and Erasa where making very vocal displays of an imitation of throwing up. Gohan, on the other hand, merely laughed at the behavior. As the school bell rang, signaling the beginning of their class Sharpener and Videl were walking side-by-side, while Erasa and Gohan took the lead.

"You owe me for that one." he told the dark-haired girl. "Not only did I save you from some serious embarrassment, I've now got some evidence that Gohan likes you back. Did you see the look on his face when I said you were thinking about a guy?"


After yet another uneventful week at school, Erasa was walking down the streets of Satan City. She had just left the Satan Mall and was now headed to the Star Shopping Centre a little ways down the road, hoping they would have a cute top she could buy and wear while it was still nice weather out. According to the weather reports, it would stay nice for a bit longer then expected, which meant that she wouldn't have enough nice and fresh looking outfits to last the entire summer.

So, Erasa had chosen this very nice Saturday afternoon to do some shopping. Sharpener was out visiting a relative of his, Videl was still training and Gohan always had work to do in weekends, so the bubbly blond was all alone in her shopping for the time being.

That meant that the shopping wasn't nearly as fun as it could have been, but right now she was shopping for a reason, not amusement. She needed to get some new clothes again, and fast. After all, what if someone else, like Angela or someone, would suddenly have more variation in clothes then her? The rumors that would start flying around…

Just as Erasa was lost in the horrible thoughts of the rumors-that-could-be if she didn't manage to get some more new clothes, she didn't notice the slumped man that suddenly bumped into her. Being the very light, teenage girl that she is Erasa was instantly pushed aside and started falling. For one terrible second, she thought she was going to fall on her butt, which would really hurt, before someone started pulling her up.

The pull, instead of lifting her entire body, only lifted one arm however, causing Erasa to suddenly rotate as her purse was lifted from arm. In that one millisecond before she hit the ground, she realized that the man who had bumped into her must have been a purse-snatcher. On pure reaction, she turned to her side, allowing herself to fall on the ground with minimal damage done to her body. At the same time, she could see a shadow darting past her. Looking in the direction of the thief, she was surprised to see a muscular arm in a white coat shooting out grabbing the thief's collar before he even made three steps. As the thief was suddenly pulled back, someone jumped on the law-breaker as soon as he landed on the ground, effectively pinning the arms of the thief to the side.

"Are you alright, Erasa?"

Looking up in surprise, Erasa was face-to-face with no-one other then Son Gohan. But he looked quite different from how she normally knew him. Normally Gohan wore a yellow sweater or long-sleeve shirt and red pants at school, making him look very cute but geeky. This outfit was much more fitting.

Gohan was now wearing some white pants, along with a fitting jacket. The pants looked something like jeans, but were made of a much softer fabric, which looked very good on the spiky-haired youth. The jacket was made of the same material and reached a bit past his waist. With the sleeves rolled up to half-way up his lower arms, it looked very nice. Completing the new look was a simple black shirt that covered his body. The shirt was cut a bit deep, showing a teasing look of Gohan's chest by revealing only his clavicle and a bit of his sternum.

"Wow, Gohan…" she began, too shocked to say much more. "Where'd you come from?"

"I got the day off, so I decided to go and look around town a bit." Erasa's savior quickly explained, his eyes darting between his captive and Erasa herself. "Anyway, are you alright?" Gohan repeated the question.

"Yeah, yeah I'm ok. I just got a bit of a scare, nothing big."

Satisfied with her answer, Gohan didn't say anything more until the police had already come by and picked the thief up. The testimony from over twenty people standing around was enough to guaranty Gohan's safety from the course of law, so Gohan and Erasa were free to go as they pleased. It had taken the police a mere five minutes to interrogate both teenagers, saying that they would probably be called if there was any need to hear their story again.

"So ehm, Gohan…" Erasa began, having already thanked him many times during their wait. "You wanna go and drink a cup of coffee or something?"

"I'd love too." the handsome male replied with a dashing smile. For some reason, Erasa could feel her cheeks glowing ever so slightly.

Nearly half an hour later, the two of them were still seated a nearby coffeehouse.

"Man, I can't believe my luck though." Erasa said as their conversation drifted back to the near-robbery. "What're the chances of you being around when something like that happens?"

"Well, I was actually shopping for some new clothes." Gohan admitted with a small blush. "I was on my way to the Satan Mall after I'd checked Star Shopping Centre and not finding anything I wanted."

"For real?!" Erasa exclaimed right away, her eyes alight with happy lights. "Me too! Wanna go shopping together for the rest of the day? We can help each other out with choosing clothes and stuff. It'll be so much fun!"

"Yeah, sure; Sounds like a plan." the young hero said with a smile. As he stood up to pay for their coffee's, insisting that he pays instead of splitting the bill, a stray thought entered Erasa's head.

'I could definitely fall for a guy like Gohan. He's good looking, physically fit, smart and well mannered. He's almost the perfect guy…'


The next Monday, after yet another day of boredom at school, Videl was walking home by herself. Erasa had a job interview to go to, Sharpener had gone to the gym to work on his muscles some more and Gohan had left quickly because he had a long trip home. So, now the daughter of Hercule was strolling down the street on her own, enjoying the nice weather as she went. According to the weather forecast, it would start raining pretty soon, so she'd have to treasure these last couple of days with excellent weather.

'Speaking of excellent, Erasa was in a particularly fine mood today.' The martial artist realized as she rounded a corner, entering the Satan City Park. On such a nice day, she'd enjoy as much nature as she could.

'Maybe she has a new boyfriend or something?' Videl opted, listing the things that would make her best friend even more cheerful then normal. 'I know she went clothes shopping this weekend, but that's no explanation that she's this cheerful. There must be something else that's also going on. Maybe it has something to do with that strange savior that everyone is talking about?'

Ever since about five weeks ago, there had been rumors flying around at Orange Star High about some 'mysterious, handsome guy' who was saving girls left and right, but never revealed who he was. None of the guys really believed in it, claiming the man to be an imaginary savior, but he was the subject of conversation amongst the girls.

'Maybe Erasa had to be saved from something as well and met Mr. Mysterious?' yet another theory that could work…

Completely absorbed in the newest theory concerning Erasa, Videl didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to her surroundings anymore. After all, she knew this route just as well as all the others. And there was no chance of getting hit by a truck, or even a car, because they where forbidden in the park.

So, as Videl was thinking of possible-future-would-be-boyfriends-that-Erasa-might-like, Videl never saw the small, green projectile that was coming her way until it actually hit her.


In an instant, Videl's white shirt became soaked, along with her sport shorts and even her face as the water-balloon hit her straight in the chest. In the same instant, the loud cheering that had been going on around her suddenly stopped.

As Videl, still dumbstruck, looked down at her now-soaked shirt, a young boy of around seven, wearing swimming trunks, shyly walked up to her.

"Ehm, ma'am, I'm sorry." The boy said, unable to look her in the eye. "I… I didn't see you there, I'm really sorry I hit you with that balloon. Are you alright?"

Noticing the scared look, along with the apologizing sound of his voice, Videl couldn't be angry at the boy – it was, after all, her own fault for not paying attention.

"No, it's ok. Don't worry about it. I needed something to cool me off anyway." she quickly said, cheering the boy up again. With another quick apology, the boy turned around and quickly returned to the game of warfare he was holding with his friends.

Taking another look down her thoroughly soaked and now see-through shirt, Videl released a sigh. 'Guess I'll draw some attention on the way back home…'

The thought had barely been finished, when suddenly someone placed a new piece of clothing, a few sizes to big for Videl, around her shoulders. Looking up, Videl was surprised to see Gohan standing behind her, having placed a white jacket over her shoulders. She instantly noticed the difference with how he normally looked: not only were his clothes very different, but there was a smooth and amused look on his face that she had never seen at school.

"I figured you wouldn't want to go home with the entire city being able to see through your shirt." Her classmate said with a laugh as he saw Videl's questioning look. Nervous, Videl glanced down quickly and saw that she now had a clear view of her own bra. She quickly pulled the white jacket closed and buttoned it up.

"Yeah thanks." Videl answered him as she stood up. The jacket, while nice and warm, was far too large for her. Even though they were rolled up a little, the sleeves still fell far past her hands and the jacket itself nearly fell past her knees. All in all, it must have looked quite humorous, because Gohan was barely stopping himself from laughing.

A quick glare from Videl did shut him up, and it allowed Videl a better chance to check Gohan out. Now that he had given away his jacket, Videl could see the loose black t-shirt that he was wearing below it. It was cut deep to show a bit of his chest, but what really caught her attention were his now-bare arms. She hadn't expected Gohan to be quite that muscular before…

"You approve of the new look?" Gohan teasingly asked her as she kept staring at him. At once, Videl turned completely crimson as she turned her head away.

"Ye-yeah, it looks good. Why don't you wear that to school?" She quickly asked, trying to buy some more time. She really didn't want to be seen by Gohan while she was that beat red…

"Yeah well, don't tell anyone I said this but…" Gohan started, leaning in a little closer so Videl would hear his whisper. "My mom told me I shouldn't wear such distracting clothes at school, it'd distract me from my studies…"

Now, it was Videl's turn to nearly laugh. Here was Gohan, straight A+ student extraordinaire, who was almost six feet tall and had enough muscle to take on Sharpener in arm-wrestling, and he was forced to look dorky in school by his mom?

"Hey, I'm serious here." Gohan defended himself as they continued walking. "My mom told me not to dress to flashy because that would only distract me. Of course, I'm free to change into something else when school's over."

"So you decided to quickly change into a completely different outfit, follow after me and offer me your jacket in the record-time of twenty minutes after school?"

At this Gohan merely shrugged.

"What can I say, I'm a fast changer and I needed to come to the park anyway."

"Well, I'm glad you did." Videl replied before she knew it. "If you hadn't shown up, I'd make front page news tomorrow morning; 'Daughter of Hercule streaks across the streets!'" she turned her voice a bit lower as she quoted the would-be headline.

"Yeah, although that would have been hilarious; Imagine how Sharpener would react to it…" the son boy said back, biting back a little laugh at the idea.

Neither said anything during the remains of their walk to Satan Manor, but when they reached the large gates, the two teenagers stumbled around for a bit. Neither really knew what to say.

"So ehm, you want to come in?" Videl asked shyly after a few seconds. She quickly continued, stumbling all the while. "Ehm, just so you can, you know, ehm, get a drink and- and talk a bit, yeah talk a bit while we wait for, ehm, for your jacket to get cleaned, because it's gotten pretty, I mean quite soaked… Wha-what do you say?"

"Oh, ehm, yeah, sure, I guess, I mean, I don't want to- you know- impose or anything or intrude or something like that and – well I guess a cup of tea would be nice…"

So, some ten minutes alter, both teenagers were sitting on the coach, each shifting around uncomfortably. The two cups of tea that had been brought hadn't even been touched yet, since both teenagers seemed hesitant to move. Finally, it was Gohan who broke the silence.

"So, back in the park, you took it pretty well. I mean, getting hit by the water-balloon of course."

"Well, he was a kid who was just playing around; he should be out and about playing. It was just a little accident, nothing really serious, and he apologized right away. I couldn't get angry at him over an accident. And I wasn't really paying all that much attention either." Videl answered before she realized what she'd just said. "I mean, I was still pretty surprised about being hit and all!" she quickly added, waving her hands in front of her.

"Aah, I thought so. But what was it you were thinking about when you were walking? I could see you coming ahead and you were really absorbed in your thoughts. You're never like that; you're always pretty sharp for what's going on around you." Gohan said, now looking Videl in the eye. It only served to make the Satan girl more nervous

"Oh, you ehm, you saw that?" Videl nervously asked. Gohan didn't say anything, instead nodding his head. "Yeah, well I was thinking about why Erasa was so much more cheerful then normal today. I mean, normally she's active, but today she was just hyper! Do you have any idea why that'd be?"

She purposely left out her suspicion of Erasa having a crush. No matter how much of a good friend, and hopefully soon boyfriend and lover, Gohan was, Videl wasn't going to sell out any unneeded facts about her best friend. And besides, what if she was completely wrong and Gohan assumed Videl's words for the truth? That could go horribly wrong in so many ways…

"Really, I didn't really notice it." Gohan answered, his smile reducing a little as the genius thought about it. "No, I can't think of any reason why she'd be more active and cheerful then normal either. You'll have to ask her about it tomorrow."

Just at that moment, Velicia, Videl's maid, walked into the sitting room carrying Gohan's jacket.

"Sorry to interrupt Videl, but I've just finished cleaning up your friend's jacket." She said as she handed the piece of clothing back to its owner. Gohan, for his part, accepted it with a word of thanks then pulled it back on. Videl was slightly disappointed that she'd lost the display of sculptured muscle, but Gohan still looked extremely good in those clothes.

Quickly draining his tea, Gohan excused himself and almost immediately left, with a quick "Goodbye Videl, see you tomorrow."

Just as soon as he'd left the room, being escorted to the exit by one of the butlers, Velicia turned around and winked at her charge.

"Wow, Videl, what a catch! I knew you had it in you. Just make sure to use protection while you're at it, I bet he could go on for hours with a body like his…"

Videl quickly left the room, leaving the twenty-something year old maid to her own fantasies as she moved to her own room. She let herself fall on her bed, belly first, and scanned the room for a bit. Her eyes stopped on the picture on her bedside table: it was a picture that showed Sharpener tickling Videl, who in turn caused Erasa to fall over and Gohan stabilizing Erasa by holding a hand on her back. It was definitely her favorite photo of her friends because it wasn't posed or anything. It was all pure, one hundred percent real.

As she looked at the small grin that was on Gohan's face in the image, she couldn't help but agree with Velicia's comments on Gohan.

"She's right: he is a great catch. And I wouldn't mind going at it with him for hours on end… Dear god, is this what I'm reduced too now? Fantasizing about having sex with Gohan? I really have it bad!"

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