26 year-old Freesia Yagyu believes that she managed to sever ties with the people of her past when she left the quaint village 7 years ago, but a cheerful brunette somehow manages to constantly come up in her thoughts. When Freesia is sent back by her boss for a work vacation, will she be able to cross the divide of her own pent up emotions?

And this is quite clearly girl girl. If you didn't figure that out already, and you don't like it, then leave.

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Freesia Yagyu, a woman who was renowned for her prowess in business and envied for her graceful beauty, gazed around her small, single bedroom apartment with something that bordered on distaste. Although she rarely complained aloud about the current state of her life, the reason was because she rarely confronted herself with it, but here…here was where it culminated. A small lounge area, which doubled as a dining room when necessary lay in front of her. At the far end of the room was a mediocre kitchen, not as small as some apartments had, but she would have preferred one with at least slightly more room to move. On the left there were two doors, one to her bathroom, and the other leading to the bedroom. If forced to, she would admit that it wasn't too shabby, but she couldn't help but feel a certain something lacking. A certain something she remembered very well, even after all their years apart…

The blonde shook her head frustrated. Now was definitely not the time for that. Sighing, she kicked off her shoes before sprawling along the full length of her dark blue couch. Fumbling, she reached beneath it, tugging out a lap-top case.

"I really should get some work done before going to bed." She mused aloud. But after pulling out her lap-top and setting it up, she simply stared at the screen in front of her.

"Jiyu…I wonder how you're doing these days?" Her soft words fell lightly upon the passive air, and for a while longer she merely looked at the image in front of her.

It was one of a photo she'd managed to save after her and Jiyu's last fight as Jubei. She'd taken it with her when she left, and somehow a co-worker of hers had managed to get it on to her lap-top. He hadn't questioned the beautiful blonde about it, but she was sure he'd wondered.

Freesia examined the younger her with a critical eye. She'd done a lot of growing up since then, and actually looked remarkably similar to how she had when she'd worn the Spade Eye-Patch, although she had rather taken to tying her long hair up in a pony-tail again like when she lived with the animals. Jiyu, however…Freesia sometimes pondered whether or not the other girl had also followed, physically speaking, in the footsteps of her alter-ego. Thoughts like this were always cut short though. They always brought back certain memories.

Freesia's right eye twitched, and she snapped the lap-top shut.

Looks like I'll get no work done tonight. She barked wearily at herself as she unplugged her computer and took the battery out, so as to avoid having to shut it down properly.

Putting away the lap-top, Freesia moved into her bedroom and changed. Surprisingly, her choice of pajamas hadn't changed much, still that delicate shade of lilac, only now she just wore her panties instead of those awkward shorts. Perhaps later, she thought as she slipped under the covers, I'll swap the singlet and occasional T-shirt for something a little…sexier.

When Freesia awoke, she knew she'd done it again. The light streaming through the gap in her curtains was sign enough of what she already knew. No longer was she in the habit of waking up during the pre-dawn haze, to have a few minutes of contentment while a certain brunette slumbered on, but instead her alarm clock lay where she had thrown it not two hours ago, in the pile of dirty laundry in front of her closet. Groaning, she rolled over to bury her face in her pillow, only to wrench herself up seconds later. Jumping out of bed, she ripped open the curtains, her cerulean blue eyes hit harshly by the full light of day. Eyes watering, she rushed over and hurridly consulted her alarm clock.

"Oh, no," She muttered "shit, shit, shit!"

As fast as she could manage, Freesia tossed on some well-matched clothes, grabbed her lap-top, and was eating a non-descript bar on her way out of her apartment.

Taking the steps two at a time, she stuck her tongue out.

"What kind of healthy bar tastes this disgusting?" She asked aloud, and promptly threw it in the nearest trash can outside her building.

She arrived at work panting, uncharacteristically short of breath.

"Hey, Freesia!" A dark-haired, tanned man greeted her as she reached the elevator "Hold the door for me, will you please?"

Nodding, Freesia waited for him to get in.

"Michael, you are late for work as well?"

"No, not at all. But I'm surprised, you're usually so…well, not late." He laughed.

"I am sorry Michael, I've just been having…trouble lately." The words couldn't have sounded any more forced than a cow being pushed into a meat grinder without being knocked out first.

"So I've noticed. As your friend and boss, Freesia, I'd say you need some time off." The older man (by about two years, maybe more) said seriously.

"But…but I have this presentation today, and, and surely the people above you will not approve!" Freesia protested. This was almost exactly what she didn't want.

"Freesia, you have worked so hard here. You can do your presentation for today, but tomorrow you will officially begin your time off. Do I make myself clear?" His firm voice brooked no opposition.

"But Michael-!" She tried once more.

"No buts. And it'll just be written off as a paid work holiday, I'll send you somewhere nice."

"You don't have to send me anywhere-"

The elevator dinged, and Michael smiled generously at her "Well, this is our stop," he said "You have some friends at your home town you'd like to visit right? I'll send you there, ok? You'll have the tickets by this afternoon!" And before Freesia could protest, Michael had winked at her and vanished down the corridor.

This was definitely not the direction she'd imagined her day going when she woke up that morning.

Freesia dragged her feet as she walked into her apartment, high heels in hand. Carefully she slid her lap-top case off her shoulder, placing it beside the couch, her tired muscles crying in protest. Dropping her shoes beside it, she wondered at her weariness. Maybe Michael is right, she thought, a holiday could do me good.

The only thing she had a problem with was where she was being sent.

Jiyu…it doesn't look like I can run so far anymore.

Her brow furrowed as she moved into her kitchen and grabbed a microwave meal from her fridge.

"Why do I keep eating this? I can cook better things." Despite her words, she still ate it after heating it up. The faint foul taste in her mouth was barely noticeable beside her nervous glances towards her lap-top bag. Chucking the remainder of her food in the trash, Freesia meandered over to it and opened a side-pocket. She eyed the plane ticket she pulled out, her mouth tugging into a slight frown. Two days…she had two days to get ready for her flight.

She abandoned the ticket on the coffee table and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth before going to bed. She would start packing the next day, and maybe she could cram in a few more hours of work before Michael caught her and shooed her from the building. As for her last day…

Maybe…I'll do some last minute shopping or something…She thought drowsily as she drifted off to sleep.

As the male air-hostess walked past her, preparing the passengers for their flight, one of Freesia's hands twitched on her armrest. Clenching said hand, she tried to calm herself. Even if she felt that right now, the last thing she wanted to do was go back to that village, she knew that it didn't give her a good enough excuse to punch the steward in the face. It wasn't his fault his annoyingly pitched voice aggravated her frayed nerves. However, hearing it again, Freesia was seriously reconsidering her generosity.

Her sharp ears picked out the sound of his footsteps as he walked to the back of the plane, unwittingly saving himself a broken nose. Freesia gritted her teeth. No matter how much of a thrill she'd had during those aerial fights with Jiyu, being on a plane was a whole other deal. For one, there was no massive adrenaline rush. She heard the engines power up, and the plane started moving. Secondly, she thought in the farthest corner of her soul, there's no Jiyu.

And as she felt the not quite startling jump in her stomach at the feel of the ground falling away beneath her, Freesia felt her heart pound a little faster at the thought of finally seeing the kind brunette once more, despite the circumstances that forced it upon her.