Through the months that you caught my eyes you have put me through so much. I would go to school just to see you because my day would be happy knowing you where there. Months past and I got sick of hiding from you, why because I'm scared. Scared of rejection. But I don't know what I really want from you. I just want to be friends but yet I'm still scared. Why it's not like I'm guy shy all of my friends are guys, so what's so special about you? Nothing and that's what makes you perfect. Well in my eyes.

Everything you do makes me want to be with you. And I try so hard to find a default but there isn't one.

So one beautiful sunny day you said "hi". My heart stopped and I swear I couldn't breathe. It seemed perfect like you where the kindest person alive and you made my day. But I am still shy. And then to top it all of you go and insult me a couple of days later. My heart shatterd but I didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. No pain no game.

But I'm not going to go as low as you. So I'm not going to insult you. A part of me says that the insult isn't really an insult. That's the part I hate.