You Are My Sunshine

Hey all! I know what you're all probably thinking from the summary I wrote "what? That's like the total opposite to Bella!" Well that is my point. In this story, Bella is a teenager who lives on the coast, and is not AS clumsy as you know her as. Please give this story a go, I know the first chapter is quite short, but the others will get longer! Thanks!!


I woke up Saturday morning with the sun shining brightly in my face. I quickly glanced at my alarm clock: 7:00am. Perfect. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. I studied the beautiful coastal town of Sunshine Beach from my second-story window. There were quite a few cars already driving around with their windows down (it was a hot climate in Sunshine Beach), and shopkeepers setting up for the hot day ahead. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Perfect. I then slowly turned to the big, blue ocean to the left of my window. The first thing I saw was a big wave, about a metre high, crashing down into the sand.

"Yes!" I said. I then sprinted to my wardrobe, slipped into my wetsuit, and sprinted down the stairs.

I knew my mother heard me coming down the stairs when I heard her shout "would you like some breakfast first, Bella?" from the kitchen. I could smell omelettes cooking. I stood at the front door with my hand on the handle. I was hungry, but I so badly wanted to go surfing. But if I ate I would have to wait another half an hour, and the swell hasn't been this good in weeks. Breakfast can wait.

"No thanks mum!" I shouted back. I slipped on my thongs and walked over to the garage where my surfboard was kept.

I opened the big roller door, picked up my surfboard, which was leaning against the wall, went back outside, and pulled the big roller door back down again. I then set off on the two minute walk to the beach. It was hotter than I thought it would be today. It didn't take long for my hands to become clammy, which made my surfboard begin to slip through my fingers. I quickly re-gripped it as I hit the hot sand. I dumped my thongs in my usual hiding place – in an old pipe on the sand hidden by bits of grass – and ran towards the sand. I ran because one: I wanted to surf as soon as possible, and two: the sand was HOT!

I hit the water in a flash. It was so nice and cool compared to the blazing hot sand.

I began to paddle out quickly. The big waves were starting to come in. I paddled about thirty metres out, then turned around and waited. I only had to wait about ten seconds when the perfect wave came. I kicked off quickly, my arms moving smoothly but powerfully through the water. I was at a great speed when I quickly swung my legs from under me, and stood on top of the board as the wave rolled out underneath me. I rode it until all that was left was the bubbly white foam.

This went on for about ten minutes, the awesome waves just kept rolling in. I was finally too tired and hungry to do anymore surfing at the moment, so I just relaxed in the water for a few minutes.

I took a deep, relaxed breath as I floated next to my board. I could see another wave coming, so I quickly pulled myself up onto the surfboard so my board wouldn't escape too far away from me. This wave was a big one, and I wondered if anyone had caught it, there were quite a few others out here.

As I turned around on my surfboard to see if anyone had caught the wave, I was soon back in the water, coughing and spluttering, and feeling around with my hand to find my surfboard. I had salt water in my eyes and in my lungs. Not the most comfortable position to be in.

I finally found it and climbed aboard. I blinked rapidly, clearing the water from my eyes, and began to paddle back to the shore, still coughing at random moments. What had just happened?

The last thing I remembered seeing was a man on a surfboard, and a flash of golden bronze as I plunged into the sea.

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