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A=πr2 +2πrh is the sum to work out the surface area of a cylinder. The sum to work out a spherical shape is.....blah blah blah blah.

"Argh" I grunted, taking my frustration out on a nearby pillow.

It was a Friday night and instead of going out to that party Alice was practically begging me to come too, I chose to stay inside and study. That's right, I have no life.

I sighed and fell back onto my bed, kicking off my books in the process letting them fall to the floor with a loud thump.

I knew that if I had've gone to that party I would've stayed for a maximum of 2 hours then given an excuse so I could get the hell out of there. Alice is constantly telling me to just be myself and mingle, but the problem is I'm shy and if a guy shows interest in me I immediately back off for fear of getting hurt. It's a problem I've been trying to deal with.

It's not going too well. I'm 17 years old and never been kissed. Take a brief moment of silence and grieve for me.

I sighed and looked out my window into the house next door to mine. The lights were out. I knew where he was. At the party that I should be at. With his girlfriend.

Tanya was the girl everyone else in school wanted to be. Popular and totally gorgeous. She was even captain of the cheering squad. Girls loved to hate her. The fact that aggravated me most was that she knew she was all these things, and she constantly flaunted it in everyone else's face. Especially mine.

I didn't care that she was prettier than me or more popular than me. I really didn't care about her at all except for this one little detail; she was currently dating the guy I've been in love with since 5th Grade.

Edward Cullen.

Every time I hear that name my stomach does flips. I had it bad. And the worst thing? Everyone knew it. Except him.

I've been friends with him for years, we used to play together when we were little. He, his brother Emmett, his sister Alice and I have been inseparable since they moved in to the house next door when I was five. Yet I've never actually had the courage to tell him how I feel.

I got off the bed and tied my long brunette hair up into a messy bun. I knew I wasn't going to get anymore studying done for tonight so I walked over to the corner of my room and picked up my acoustic guitar. She was my baby, and I'd worked a whole year at Newtons Camping and outdoor store so I could buy her and a bunch of new computer software to help me edit my songs.

I'd been working on a song for a while now but was having some troubles with the lyrics. I sat down in my rocking chair and started strumming, letting my emotions run into the words.

You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset

She's going off about something that you said

She doesn't get your humour like I do

I'm in the room; it's a typical Tuesday night

I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like

And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find

That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time----

I was about to start the chorus when I saw a light flicker on from the window across from mine. We always left our curtains open until it was time to go to bed. It was like an unspoken rule for us. I watched as he stomped in the room and slammed the door.

He looked agitated and I felt the instant urge to go over and comfort him. I walked over to my desk and grabbed a piece of cardboard and a permanent marker. Sending messages like this was not uncommon for us because I was hopeless with technology. Charlie gave me a phone for my birthday last Christmas and I accidentally left it in the pocket of my jeans, which I then washed. Since then my phone stayed on my bedside table and was only used for emergencies and conversations with Alice because Charlie got mad when I spent hours on the landline.

I wrote my message and knocked on my window until he looked up. I help up the cardboard.

"What's wrong?" it said. I sat down on the corner of the bed.

He disappeared for a minute and then a flash of bronze was back at the window. He held up a card.

"Tanya problems."

I nodded and put on a sympathetic face. I didn't even understand why he was dating her. She was a blonde. I always thought he preferred brunettes.

I took longer replying this time, thinking about what I was going to write.

I held up the cardboard.

"Was the party any good?"

He shook his head and replied,

"Why weren't you there?"

I didn't want to tell him that I hadn't wanted to go in the first place because I didn't want to seem like a loner.

"Studying." He nodded. He didn't say anything else. He knew me too well.

I had a feeling he was going to tell me more about his problems with Tanya and to tell you the truth I really didn't want to hear them so I turned the cardboard over and started writing.

"I'm tired. Goodnight. Hope you work things out." I gave a smile and a wave and reached forward to shut my curtains.

I walked over to my mirror and gazed at my reflection. I had horrible eyesight so I was forced to wear these black rimmed glasses that unfortunately did nothing for my complexion. I had round, chocolate brown eyes and long, wavy chocolate brown hair that accentuated my heart shape face. I was unlike most of the tanned girls in my year as my pale almost translucent skin gave me a sort of washed out look.

I wasn't extremely hideous however I was plain. Nothing about me screamed special. And as much as I hated it, I was invisible to most of the guys in my school, nothing more than a friend.

I sighed and turned away from the mirror, picking up my cosmetic bag and walking toward the bathroom.

I hopped into bed and made myself comfortable. It wasn't long before I drifted off to sleep.


One night to be confused

One night to speed up truth

We had a promise made

Four hands and then away

Both under influence

We had divine scent

To know what to say

Mind is a razorblade

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me, no

One night of magic rush

The start a simple touch

One night to push and scream

And then relief

Ten days of perfect tunes

The colours red and blue

We had a promise made

We were in love

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me, no

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

And you, you knew the hands of the devil

And you, kept us awake with wolf teethe

Sharing different heartbeats

In one night

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me, no

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me, no

"Mmph". I reached over with my head still in the pillow and fumbled around with my hand trying to locate my phone. I managed to get a grasp on it and pulled it to my ear hoping I hadn't woken up Charlie.

"Hello". I answered groggily pushing myself up into a sitting position.

"Bella! Why do you sound so depressed?" Came a cheery voice from the other end.

I sighed and stretched glancing at my clock to check the time. It read 7:30am.

"Alice, for heaven's sake. You've just woke me up at 7:30 in the morning. I have a definite reason to be grumpy." I huffed clearly expressing my agitation at being disturbed.

"Alright, alright don't get your knickers in a twist." Replied Alice, still disturbingly cheerful.

"Today's Saturday and you promised Rose and I could take you shopping for supplies to decorate your room. Its either you come with us or we turn your whole room pink."

I immediately shot up at the mention of 'pink'.

"Fine Alice, I'll be ready in 5 minutes." I snapped.

"Good. Rose and I will meet you outside your house. Love Ya." She hung up the phone before I could bite back with a remark.

I grudgingly got up and got ready not bothering to open my curtains. I hurried my shower and didn't bother to dry my hair leaving it to dry while we were shopping. I put on my favourite pair of black skinny jeans and my comfy brown striped cardigan. When you were shopping with Rose and Alice it was best to wear your most comfy clothes. I quickly grabbed by Gucci Sling Handbag (a Christmas gift from Alice) and ran to my door stopping to grab my comfy Red High Tops.

I yelled a quick goodbye to Charlie, waiting to hear a reply before I grabbed my keys and a red apple from the kitchen counter. Just as I was about to open the door I heard a honk of a car.

I threw open the door and ran towards Alice's yellow Porsche, my hair flying everywhere. I miscalculated the amount of steps I had run down and managed to trip just as I was on the last one.

I blushed and quickly got back up, instinctively looking around and hoping no-one bar Alice and Rose had seen.

I finally made it to the car and threw myself in letting out a huge breath as I plopped myself down onto the back seat.

"Well it's about time" Alice laughed and Rosalie turned the music on.

Before we drove away I looked up at the Cullen's house and could've sworn I saw the curtain move in Edwards's window. I shook my head and told myself I was being stupid. I probably hit my head when I fell down.

As we drove away, I prayed to God that I had imagined what I saw. I embarrass myself enough on a daily basis; did I really need to give Edward any more reasons for him to not want to be my friend?

I closed my eyes and listened to the music blaring in the car, letting the lyrics of the song wash over me.

I was in for a long day.

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