My devoted readers,

For the past 6 months I've been dealing with alot of things, things that could heavily impact my future.

I know how disappointed you all are in me, but the truth is, I'm not myself anymore.

I've been so busy; I've forgotten who I really am.

I'm just so tired all the time; I've lost my passion and flair for reading and writing. It used to be something I worshipped but now it's a chore.

I may lose your respect, for that I am truly sorry, but I need to sort myself and my life out.

I'm also under heavy pressure from my family to quit messing around and think about the future.

This may sound like total garbage to you, I can't help that.

It's with deep regret that I say my goodbyes. I will keep my account active and may finish the stories I started in due time.

I need the time to get my life and health back on track.

Please, show a little understanding and don't bombard me with hate mail. Know that no-one is more disappointed in myself then I am.

It is with a heavy heart, I say goodbye. I wish all of you luck in anything you strive to achieve.

Your sad friend,