Discontinuity: Indefatigable
by chaos_eternus One

This is a rewrite of Discontinuity: Indefatigable and is part of the Dawn of Thunder series

I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and / or concepts contained within which are not original.


"This is a somewhat unprecedented situation,"

"Perhaps," Picard replied slowly, "perhaps not. We have found artefacts before capable of universal and temporal transferrals."

Grunting, Admiral Travers shook his head, "not on this scale."

Nodding, the Captain conceded the point, "You could fit several notable starbases through the opening."

Nodding, the Admiral leaned backwards in his seat, stroking his beard thoughtfully, "do you think this 'Osiris' is as much of a threat as these 'Tau'ri' make her out to be?"

"I suspect she is worse," He leaned forwards in his seat, "the Tau'ri are used to be in the position of having better training and ships that are at least equal to the capabilities of the Goa'ulds. They are trying to adapt their Intel analysis to our level of technology but whilst we have several advantages over the Goa'uld the sheer power of their weapons…"

"The reports of the Ha'tak class ships blowing straight through the Enterprises shields are a bit hard to swallow."

"They are accurate," Picard replied calmly, "but for all the power those weapons represent they do not have the adaptability of Federation weapons or shields."

"Or their crews," Travers noted.


"There are many who are… uncertain over your decision to provide these Tau'ri with Impulse drives,"

Sighing, Picard leaned back in his seat thoughtfully; the tone of the response having told him quite clearly the Admiral was one of those 'uncertain' about his choice.

"It was not an easy choice," he replied finally, "I am still not sure it was the correct one myself but a decision had to be made. There was a clear and visible threat to the Federation which precluded destroying the Enterprise and forming a settlement but the Enterprise was damaged enough to need major repairs. Those repairs and indeed, 'upgrades' were not going to come cheap.

I needed something the Tau'ri could use, that they would be able to manufacture and develop themselves and which they would consider worthy enough to cover the cost of our repairs and replacement stores.

The Impulse drives provided that without the issue the Warp drive would have had of providing them a major and obvious gateway to other technologies. They saw more of the other technologies aboard Enterprise then I would wish as it is."

"Impulse drives are a technology that had been used as a bargaining chip in the past," Travers conceded, "but still, when the immediate danger is over, this will become a matter for a board of inquiry."

"I expected as much,"

"The main issue I have," the admiral mused, "is that they call themselves Tau'ri."

Picard blinked, "I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

"They define themselves around the Goa'uld, around being what the Goa'uld are not, they even use the enemies name for themselves,"

"That is troubling," he admitted, "but it is their choice."

"Yes," Travers sighed, "unfortunately it is."

Commander Ewing was not a happy Commander and to be honest, nor was much of his crew.

They volunteered because they knew the job had to be done, they knew Osiris had to be stopped in her tracks, she couldn't be allowed to raise the Goa'ulds particular brand of chaos on another universe.

But they didn't have to like it.

With the Intergate sealed, pending investigation into its effects on the dimensional walls they had no contact with home, no mail from family, no news of the war, and certainly no contact with anything they knew.

The universe they were in now was just depressing; it was everything they wished their universe was like. Humanities bad eggs largely weeded out, a united Earth that was protected by a strong military but one that seemed to be universally respected and admired.

A far cry from their Earth where they tended to be tolerated as something necessary but not particularly wanted with a visible minority that assumed military equalled rapists and murderers.

They saw little of that here, they saw a version of humanity that's had found its hope, its path and had seized it with both hands becoming something to be proud of. They had little hope of that, for this Earth first contact had meant hope, for them it had meant war, pain and suffering.

It didn't help that the Federation Admiralty appeared to have little idea of what to do with them, the crew had exhausted all the entertainment available in the Edonia region and were bored, fed up with just sitting around twiddling their thumbs whilst their officers were 'debriefed' by Starfleet Intelligence, searching not just for any and all information against the Goa'uld but on the Tau'ri themselves.

The Officers had gotten the impression somebody high up really didn't trust them, and the crew had picked up on it.

All in all, Ewing admitted to himself, it wasn't a good situation.

It didn't help that they had expected to be thrown straight into the fight, joined by a Federation/ Klingon Task Force as they moved straight onto Osiris, stopping her before she could really start to build up her forces, this delay was just playing into her hands.

No, Ewing was not happy at all, but he didn't see what he could do about it.

This wasn't his universe after all; he didn't know who to talk to to get things moving again.

Ewing pulled himself up from his slumped position in his Command Chair, but Picard would know…

"Powell, get me a channel to Captain Picard aboard the Enterprise. "

He should have done this a long time ago.