Title: Join the Dots

Author: pikasafire

Rating: Overall R – probably!

Summary: Kirk/Spock. Spock and Kirk find themselves tied up. Kirk finds a way for them to entertain themselves.

A/N- This story contains explicit sex between two consenting adult men. Don't like it then please don't read it.

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This is a blend of TOS and Movie-verse. Movie!Jim for sure. Not sure about Spock…

TomCat is being written still – I'm having a few issues with the action of Chapter 4, so this was a bit of a break. Smut of not to Smut – it's up to you!





Jim jerks his head up, winces when it whacks into the wall behind him with a dull thud. "Ow! What?!" He glares at his first officer, who mirrors his stance on the wall next to him, bare-chested and shackled like himself.

"You were falling asleep, sir. I do believe that it is prudent to stay awake until you have seen a medical officer."

Kirk sighs, "Which won't be anytime soon."

There's silence for a moment. Interrupted by the jangling of chain on stone.

"Sir, I do believe you have tested these shackles eighty-seven times since we were bought in 2.3 hours ago."

"What's your point?"

"No point. Merely a statement of fact."

Kirk remains still for another thirty seconds before shaking the chains again, "god damn it, my hands have fallen asleep in this position." He clenches his fists, "and my shoulders are going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow."


"After Scotty and McCoy come fetch us."



"Yes, Captain?"

"… I'm bored."

"I'm afraid I find myself unable to entertain you sir. The chessboard is aboard the ship. And I do not believe you could play it mentally without cheating."

"Cheating?! I've never cheated!"

Spock raises an amused eyebrow, "On the contrary, Captain, I have established that you cheat approximately 42.56 percent of the time."

"'Moving illogically' is not cheating Mr. Spock."

"I am not referring to that. I am referring to the movement of pieces when you believe my back is turned."



There's another brief silence.

"God, forget torture, I'm going to be bored to death. Spock?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Want to play a game?"

"That would depend on the nature of the game."


Spock considers this for a moment, "I do not believe I know it."

"It's easy. I ask a question, you answer. Then you ask me one, I answer. No lies, and you can only refuse to answer three times."

"It… seems simple. How many questions are there?"

Jim shrugs, the movement making him wince, "Til we get bored."


"I'll start. I'll even give you an easy one. Spock, what's your favourite colour?"

"My favourite colour?"


"I… don't have one Captain. Why would I have a preference for a colour? It is not logical."

"Oh for Christ sakes. Alright, say you've gone to buy some clothes, what colour do you pick?"

"Is this a second question?"


"Black, sir."


"It is the most practical. But there are some dispute as to whether it is a colour."

Kirk rolls his eyes, "alright then, what other colour do you pick?"

Spock appears to think, "I wear a lot of blue."



"Alright, so, ignoring the fact that you only wear blue because it's your uniform, your 'favourite' colour is blue. That wasn't so hard now was it?"

"I object to the phrasing of 'favourite colour'"

Kirk ignores him, "Your turn."

"What made you join Starfleet?"

If Kirk is surprised by the question, he doesn't show it, instead a small smile curves his lips, "a dare."

"A challenge?"

"Yeah, Captain Pike dared me to do better than my father."

"Fascinating…" Spock leans his head back against the wall, shivering slightly.


"It is considerably colder here than I prefer."

"Tell me about it, your quarters are like a furnace."

"It is comfortable, for a Vulcan." a pause. "My turn?"


"You just queried me about the temperature of the room."

"That wasn't part of the game!"

"I am finding these rules rather perplexing."

Kirk ignores him again, "Right… what's the deal with you and Uhura?"

"There is 'no deal', as you say. No agreements have been made."

"You know her first name."

"It is on her file, Captain. As First Officer, personnel reports are part of my duties."

"She kissed you."

"I still have no comment on the matter."

"Then you won't answer. That's one refusal."

"I believe I answered the question sufficiently: No agreements between Lieutenant Uhura and I have been made."

"You're deliberately misunderstanding my questions, Spock."

"Yet, I have answered them regardless."


"Got a question for me, Spock?"

"I confess there is nothing I wish to know."


"Nothing that comes to mind at this moment in time."

"I'll go again then."

"Is that part of the rules?"

"It is now."

Spock frowns, but remains quiet.

"So, apparently, I have to be specific if I want a real answer. Have you and Uhura slept together?"

Spock represses a smile "We have slept on the same ship at the same time, certainly."

"That's not what I mean and you know it. Same ship, same time, same bed?"

Spock cocks his head to the side, "I believe it is my turn, sir."

"Answer my question first."

"I have answered sufficiently. You did not specify."

"I'm specifying now."

"But your turn has already passed."

Kirk thumped his head against the wall in frustration. "My god, you're more annoying than a Rubik's cube. Can't you give me a straight answer?!"




"Wait, yes you slept with her? Or yes, you can give a straight answer?"

Spock tries not to smirk.

"You're lucky I'm chained up, or I'd hit you."

"I don't believe violence against your first officer would endear you to your crew."

"I believe they'd understand."

"Do you have an attraction to Lieutenant Uhura, Captain?"

"I have no comment on the matter" Kirk mimics, irritated.

"Are you refusing to answer?" Spock's eyebrows are raised, "your refusal answers my question."

"No! I am not attracted to Uhura!"

"Very well." Spock leans back against the wall.

"My turn. Spock, have you and lieutenant Uhura had sexual relations?"

Spock thinks for a moment, unable to come up with a way to avoid the answer. "Yes."

Kirk gives a 'HA!' of triumph.

"If I may comment, sir, it was hardly a mystery." He thinks of his next question, "why so interested, if you have no attraction to the Lieutenant?"



"No reason. Just… good to know what's happening amongst the crew."

"You said the rules of this game precluded mistruths."

"I'm not lying!"

"…If you insist, sir."

"Right, how about this one. Spock, how many women have you had 'sexual relations' with?"

"Why so interested in my sexual history, Captain? You cannot say that it is for professional reasons"

"No reason! It's just… people on the ship seem to think you're completely asexual." He shrugs "I think they're wrong."

"You would be mostly correct in that assumption."


"I am afraid I cannot tell you much more without betraying the confidences of my race. However, my human blood is what gives me a sexual drive." He hesitates, "Captain, these questions are rather … personal in nature."

"Am I making you uncomfortable, Mr. Spock?"

"I don't think it is a particularly appropriate conversation for a captain and subordinate to have."

"How about friends?"

Spock shifts slightly, the jangle of metal echoing in the room, "I do not know." He looks upwards, tests the strength of the chains as though physical escape could get him out of the awkward conversation.

"Alright, here's a different question: McCoy, Me and Uhura – marry, shag, throw off a cliff?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me – it's an old earth question. If you had to choose which one of us to marry, shag and throw off a cliff, who would you do what to?"

Spock blinks, confused. "It is not a realistic scenario, Captain."

"That's not the point."

"I wish not to answer this question."

"Why not?"

"I do not think it appropriate, considering I would rather 'throw myself off a cliff', as you would say, than have any sort of sexual relations with Doctor McCoy."

"Ah-ha! So you'd cliff McCoy! So, Me and Uhura – shag or marry."

"This is not a fair line of questioning."

"Why not."

"Because… the answer is not … appropriate."

"The answer is pretty much the same either way, Spock."

"Only because you picked someone utterly repugnant to me for the third candidate."
"Alright, change it to me, Uhura and … I don't know, that cute girl from engineering. I've seen you look at her."

Spock tries to resist the blush he can feel creeping up his neck. His human lust is not something he revels in and that his Captain has seen him looking at a subordinate in an appreciative manner is not acceptable.

"C'mon Spock."

"I wish not to answer."

Kirk sighs, "oh, all right. Just tell me you won't cliff me?"

The blush has strengthened as Spock looks away, embarrassed, "I would not 'cliff you' Captain." He hesitates, "May I return the question?"

"… alright. With who?"

"Doctor McCoy, Lieutenant Uhura and … myself."

Kirk laughs, "easy!"

"Easy, Captain?"

"Cliff Uhura –" he looks at Spock apologetically, "Sorry, but she's not my type. Besides, you two are my best friends." He thinks for a moment more, "I'd shag McCoy, because I don't think I could live with him in a long-term relationship." He laughs, "So, I guess you'd be stuck with me to marry, Spock. Reckon you could take me?"

Spock's taken off balance and his blush has returned full force, his ears burning.

"Why, Mr. Spock, are you blushing?"

"I think I would like to cease this game, Captain." He says stiffly.

"… alright."

They stand in awkward silence for another ten minutes before Kirk heaves a sigh. "Bored," he complains, pulling at the shackles again. "Spock, try your chains."

"To what purpose?"

"You're stronger than I am." Kirk shrugs, "also, it can't hurt. They're pretty old."

Spock looks up as he pulls experimentally. "There seems to be a slight weakness in the left hand chain."

"Pull" Kirk urges him.

Spock complies with a raised eyebrow, pulling harder as the concrete holding his shackles seems to bow to his strength, suddenly releasing with an ominous *crack* He uses his now free arm to shield his head from the rubble that falls with the chain, striking his neck and shoulders painfully. He shakes his head to dislodge the stones in his hair, looking triumphantly at Kirk, who grins at him.

"Try the other one!"

"Thank-you for that, Captain," Spock comments wryly, "I wouldn't have though of that." He pulls his wrist down, grasping above it with this other hand and using all his strength to yank it free from the ceiling. He stops after a few seconds, shaking feeling back into his free hand. "It's not moving."

"Keep trying!"

Spock gives his Captain an unamused eyebrow, "if you would give me a minute to recover, I will try again momentarily." He flexes his hand, rubbing where the chains have dug in.

"Alright, we'll keep playing while you're 'recovering'… So, Spock, tell me – what's your type?"

Spock frowns, "I'm not familiar with this terminology."

"Y'know, what kinda people are you attracted to?"

"Kind of people?"

"Yeah, like Uhura – she your type? Dark skin? Dark hair? Mouthy?"

"… I appreciate her intelligence," Spock says stiffly, "and I do not understand the relevance this has to you."

Kirk shrugged the best he could, arms twinging from being stuck in the same position for too long, "curiosity."

Spock tried not to smile, "if I were anyone else, Captain, I would suggest that you were trying to discern whether or not I find you physically attractive."

Kirks mouth dropped open, "Blunt, Spock. Real blunt."

"I do not understand the human need to, as you would say, 'dance around' the topic." He leans against the chain for a moment, rotating his sore shoulders.

"… So?"

Spock blinks, "so, what?"

"Do you?"

"… I think I have recovered sufficiently to try these chains again." He ignores the question and pulls with all his strength, heartened by a slight weakening of the concrete. "I think it's getting loose."

"You're avoiding the question."

Even without looking, Spock can tell Kirk has a smug grin on his face, "I've almost got it."

"aaaaaaaaaans-weeeeeer meeeee," Kirk sings, and Spock frowns, pulling harder, if only to resist the strong urge to slap his Captain. The concrete trembles, crumbling under Vulcan strength, and the bolt holding the chain falls free.

"Yes!" Question momentarily forgotten, Kirk wriggles in a celebratory manner, "you did it!"

Spock winces as he lowers his arms, "evidently," he shakes his arms, opening and closing his fists to restore blood flow, pins and needles tingling in his fingertips. He steps forward, inches away from Kirk's hanging body. He has a feeling he knows what kind of game Jim Kirk wants to play here. But is he brave enough to continue what the Captain had boldly started?


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