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Join the Dots Ch2

Spock winces as he lowers his arms, "evidently," he shakes his arms, opening and closing his fists to restore blood flow, pins and needles tingling in his fingertips. He steps forward, inches away from Kirk's hanging body. He has a feeling he knows what kind of game Jim Kirk wants to play here. But is he brave enough to continue what the Captain has boldly started?


"Now, Captain, what should I do with you?"

Kirk raises his eyebrows, "well you could help me get down, for a start!"

Spock crosses his arms, raises an eyebrow "I believe it's my turn to ask a question."

"… Spock, what's gotten into you? Get me down!" then he pauses, distracted, as always by the promise of flirting, "and you never answered my question, so it's still my turn!"

"You never actually asked. Thus, I have invented a new rule for the game, and your question is forfeit as it did not stand on its own."

"You can't just invent new rules!"

"You did."

"That's… different! I made up the game!"

"So, Captain, why the questions?"

Kirk glares at him, attitude and rebelliousness. And is that almost a pout on the lips of the great Captain James Tiberius Kirk?

"You wish not to answer? That's one forfeit down."


"Do you find me attractive, Jim?"

The use of his first name appears to put Kirk off balance and Spock takes an uncharacteristic gamble, stepping closer.

Jim can feel the heat radiating from Spock's skin, and he feels his cheeks prickle uncomfortably. Blushing! He hasn't blushed since he was about thirteen! Not the handsome, cocky Captain of the Starship Enterprise. And certainly not over his stoic First Officer!

"Blushing, Captain? That's your second forfeit, by the way"

That knowing tone, the smug quirk of that god dammed eyebrow only makes it worse and his cheeks burn – half embarrassment, half humiliation. "Get me down, Spock! That's a direct order."

Spock appears to consider this. He cannot, in good conscience, disobey a direct order, but seeing his commanding officer like this – chained, stripped to the waist and with enough cocky attitude to rival all of the first year Academy cadets combined – it makes Spock want. It's a new feeling, one he wants to investigate further. Stalling technically isn't disobeying, he decides.

"Do you find me attractive, Jim?" Spock repeats. He's close enough now that their skin is bare centimetres apart. He leans forward, into him – can't help but inhale that unique, personal scent that is his Captain.

Jim's gone rigid still. Barely breathing. Spock can hear Jim's heart pounding in his chest, practically see the cogs turning in his head.

"That's three forfeits, Sir." His nose brushes the tender skin of Jim's neck and Kirk jumps slightly, a quick intake of breath. "you've reached the agreed upon limit."

"You can't ask the same question twice." Jim's voice shakes a little, as he tries to force it steady, "That's against the rules."

Spock huffs a silent breath of laughter, and Jim jerks against him in reaction. "My apologies. Allow me to rephrase. What do you want?"

"Galactic peace? A million credits? You to get me down?" He tries to be brash and fails.

"Is that really what you want?" Spock brings up one long fingered hand, still trailing his chains, brushing his fingertips along Jim's naked side. "You said, no lies."

"I'm not lying" he points out as he forces himself to stay still, to not arch into the touch as his brain travels at warp-speed. He smirks, not looking a gift-horse in the mouth and all that and turns his head into Spock's, his breath brushing the tip of a sensitive Vulcan ear. Spock shudders, almost imperceptible and Kirk grins. Two can play at this game. He leans forward, pressing their bodies together as much as his chains will allow, and takes Spock's ear between his teeth.

Spock pulls him forward with a gasp, warm skin on warm skin, the blissful sensation of wet heat suckling on his ear. He presses his mouth against Jim's throat, a reverent kiss before turning his face to capture Jim's lips with his own.

Jim has to admit, he's thought about kissing Spock before. What person with a pulse hasn't? He's so indifferent most of the time, the thought of breaking that icy façade and forcing him to show emotion is, well, compelling. He'd always thought their first kiss would be chaste. Gentle even. Not this forceful, aching battle of mouths and tongues. Hot and slick and Jim suddenly desperately wants to touch. He wrenches his mouth free, staying close enough that they're breathing each other in inhale for exhale. "Spock," he demands, breathless, "let me go."

Spock actually smirks and pulls away far enough to admire, a blatant up and down of Kirk's suspended body. "I think I like you where you are, Captain."

With that statement, a jolt of want goes through him and Jim is suddenly, painfully hard. He'd always had this fanciful notion that Spock was… virginal. Inexperienced. At least, with men. He'd assumed Spock would be hesitant and wary, not this commanding, demanding creature in front of him. And heaven help him, he doesn't think he's seen anything sexier.


"It's still my turn, Captain."

"No it's not." He argues "I answered your question."

Spock leans forward, teasing, his mouth brushing Jim's as he speaks, "my mistake, by all means then, please continue with your query."

Jim tries to move forward, kiss Spock again, but the Vulcan is faster, keeping just out of reach. Kirk groans, frustrated, leans back to smack his head against the wall. "I suggest a change of the rules."

"How so?"

"It can be a question, or a … request."

"Will the respondent have a chance to … decline the request?"

"mmm" Jim agreed, closing his eyes as Spock leans forward, kissing the hollow of his neck "but it counts as a forfeit."

"You only have one forfeit left."

"Then I should do as I'm told then, shouldn't I?" Jim's almost breathless with anticipation, "Kiss me." Kirk demands, "that's my request."

Spock complies, lips hovering for a second before brushing gently across Jim's lower lip. Jim moves forward, tries to deepen it, an embarrassing noise emerging from the back of his throat as Spock moves back again, just out of reach once more.


"You did not specify how you wanted to be kissed. I decided to err on the side of caution."

"You decided to err on the side of being a tease." Jim mutters.

"My turn." Spock says. He steps back, looks at his prize. He wants many things, but most of them require Jim to have the use of his hands and he's not ready to give up control. Not yet. "I have a question." He waits for a nod of acknowledgement, "What do you want me to do to you, Jim?"

Jim stares at him, blue eyes startled and wide. Spock can see the internal war of pride and desire.

Jim struggles to find some words. He wouldn't have an iota of trouble telling Spock exactly what he wanted if he was one of the many girls Jim romanced all over the galaxy, but this is Spock. An equal. A superior in intelligence and strength. And if there is anything Jim Kirk hates more than anything, it's being perceived as weak. "Anything," he says after a moment, embarrassed by the pleading in his voice, "whatever you want."

Spock steps away. "That isn't an answer."

"It's the only answer I have, damn it!" Jim can't hold that knowing gaze and drops his eyes, feeling that hated flush creep up his neck. Then there's heat against his front, blessed flesh against his own and hot hands creeping to the back of his neck.

"Tell me what you want me to do, Jim." Spock knows he's being just a little cruel and softens the demand with a kiss. Open mouthed and wet and so good. He draws Jim hard against him, yanking him off balance so he's held up only by the chains around his wrists and the strong planes of the Vulcan's body. Spock can feel Jim hard against his hip and jerks him harder, so he's straddling his thigh.

"Tell me."

"God, Spock. Touch me."

Spock kisses him again, moving so he's supporting Jim with one arm, the other trailing innocently down his back. Soft, feather light touches. "Like this?" Spock teases.


He moves his hand around, scraping blunt nails over hardened nipples with a gentle pinch, "like that?"

"Spock!" Jim's frustrated, arching his back as much as his position allows, attempting to push his hips against Spock's.

Spock kisses him again, biting at his lower lip, hand caressing the skin of Jim's stomach, toying with the waist of the Starfleet regulation trousers. "I cannot know if you do not tell me."

"You're a bastard, you know that?" Kirk hates how he sounds so needy.

"Actually, my parents were married at the time of my conception."

Jim groans, "Please, Spock. Don't make me say it. You know what I want." He cants his hips forward, groaning. He can feel that Spock's hard too and it only heightens his want.

"I cannot know if you do not tell me," Spock repeats, dexterous fingers twisting the clasp of Jim's trousers. "there is no shame in asking, Jim."

"Jesus, Spock, is now really the time for a lesson in humility?"

"Tell me."

"Touch me."

Spock unbuttons the clasp. "Where?"

"I want you to-" Jim swallows, humiliated, "touch my…" he fumbles for the word, "my… cock."

Spock leans forward, kissing Jim fiercely as his hand plunged into the front of his Captain's trousers, encircling the hard length and squeezing.

"Fuck!" Jim bucks against him, "God, undo these chains Spock. Please."

Spock nods, his own heart is racing and he stands properly, withdrawing his hand. He reaches up, grasps the chains just above Kirk's wrist and tugs. The metal grates and groans beneath their combined strength and succumbs with a screech and rainfall of pebbles.

"Quick, the other one," Jim murmurs, sounding desperate. He wraps his free arm around Spock's waist, the chains icy cold against fevered skin. The second one is a little harder, hindered by Jim's wandering hands.

"Jim," Spock breathes, "it is difficult to free you when you're touching me like that."

"You'll cope," is all Jim says, his mouth occupied with the smooth skin of Spock's shoulder, his hand creeping to the bulge at the front of Spock's trousers. "c'mon Spock." He urges and squeezes his prize as Spock pulls, the chains tearing free with a clatter, drowning out Spock's surprised gasp.

Suddenly free, Jim turns, shoving the Vulcan violently against the bricks and pressing their bodies together, "You're a fucking tease, Spock."

"A 'tease' would assume I didn't plan on following through," Spock points out and Jim kisses him to shut him up, fingers busy at the trouser clasp and shoving the material down Spock's hips. Spock mirrors the action, wrapping cool, manacled hands around Jim's waist and tugging them into contact. Hot silk sheathed hardness against like. Jim reaches down, wraps a hand around the both of them, and pulls.

It's not going to take either of them long; it's been too much of a build-up, too much teasing.

Jim's back is slick with sweat, mouth open and panting, hips canting into each other, thrusting and gliding and striving to reach that elusive pinnacle.

"Fuck!" Jim thrusts forward, hot against the feverish warmth of Spock's skin, spurting wet streams over their combined fists, burrowing his face in Spock's neck.

Another tug and Spock follows silently, mouth open and wet. Green blush on his cheeks.

They stand there, trousers around their ankles, bodily fluids dripping over hands and stomachs. They're breathing hard and neither of them wants to move.

"Is this usually how the game of Questions ends?" Spock asks breathlessly a few minutes later.

Jim laughs against Spock's collarbone, pressing a sloppy kiss against his skin before straightening, "Depends if you play it right."

"And did we… play it right?"

Kirk grins, "Well, I think we both won. So, I'm thinking that's a yes."

Spock can't help but smile in return.


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