Starts with goodbye

Hey guys, second fan-fic! As soon as I've gotten 5 I want to do beta reading, so be watching out for it ok? Italy didn't happen, the vamps never came back in New Moon, Bella let's Jake down easily, and looks for Edward so here goes!

I do not own The Twilight Saga. The great and wonderful Stephanie Meyer does.

Chapter 1: Move Along

It has been almost one year since I left home for college, and even longer since Edward left me. It still stings. After Edward left, I didn't think I would ever truly be myself ever again. I had ditched most of my friends. They didn't know whether if I was ok or not. Angela, Ben, and Mike were the only ones to pay me any mind throughout that painful time.

Then there was Jacob Black. He was the one best friend that I would ever have in the world; no matter what. He understood me to the highest degree. He tried to understand the pain that I was going through, although no one could even start to understand. Our relationship was more than the human infatuation, or so I thought. As it stands now, he just didn't want me anymore. Despite what he said, I still didn't believe him. In the woods that day, his eyes flickered with emotion. There had to be more to that story, and I tried desperately for one year to find it. I tried to find him, but how do you find a vampire family who just didn't want to be found?

That's easy enough to answer so I'll answer that for you... You don't.

So I gave up after a year, and my bank account was empty. I had moved back home, to work until I had enough money to go to school.

So here I was, empty as ever, working another empty shift at Newton's. It was more boring than usual since Mike had left last year for college.

I was just letting my mind take over, reviewing how wrong the path of my life was...

"Bella??? Is that you?" It was Jacob Black. His hair hung just past his shoulders and was pulled back into a loose ponytail. He was more bulky and muscular than the last time I had seen him, if that was possible. Shortly after the Cullen's disappearance, Jacob had joined the pack of werewolves on his reservation. It explained many things about the legends that he had told me that one time on the beach when I had asked about the Cullens. I wasn't shocked or upset because I love Jacob like a brother. What he was didn't change that.

"Hey Jake! How's it going?" I asked. I hadn't realized how much I missed Jake. I smiled. It was a real smile that played off of the rays of sunshine radiating off of Jacob's warmth. That gave me hope.

"I'm great! I saw your truck out front so I had to stop by! We were just at Charlie's, he mentioned you'd be coming back soon! It's to bad though, I'm going off to college in a few months." He said. This made sense, now that the vampires were gone, they could go to college.

Did he know me at all? Did he think I was going to sit here in Forks to rot? "What you think I'm staying here forever? No way!" I said laughing along with him.

"That's awesome! What college are you going to then?" He had me there; I wasn't planning on signing up for classes until later this week.

"I have no idea, I was already accepted to a few colleges, and I'm going to sign up fir classes this week though." I told him. His eyes lightened up just a bit.

"Same here!" he beamed "We should go together!"

It was a great idea; at least I wouldn't be alone.