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Jacob's POV

The fight had brought an uncomfortable awareness to the tribe. It was truly unsettling. The elders had decided to hold a gathering to discuss security matters, although only half of the attendees would really know the extent to the situation.

My dad and I arrived together to the meeting, taking inconspicuous seats near the back. Good, an easy escape, I thought. This was the least of times I wanted someone addressing me or noticing me.

The vision from the night before had been burned into my brain, pain residing there where it made me want to scream. The look on her face when HE showed up. It was all just too much to bare.

I made my escape before my body could recognize the anger and trembles forming within, my dad would understand.

I ran until the forest came to the beach where a few large drift wood pieces lay. I chose the biggest one I could find and sat atop it while laying my head in my hands on my knees. I sighed.

"Too much for you to handle as well huh?" A female voice came to me. It was a sweet sound, one I had never heard before. I turned to face her.

That's when it happened. The most curious, yet pleasurable feeling, coursed through my vains. I stared at her in awe of her beauty.

"By the way, I'm Madison, but you can call me Maddy. What's your name?" She asked. I wasn't even sure I would be able to speak.

"I… I'm Jacob. Um, but you can call me Jake. If that's alright. Ha" Oh man, way to go Jake. Pull it together man, let her do the talking if you can't handle it, I thought. What is happening, why am I so starstruck all of the sudden?

"Take a walk with me." I told her. Any person in our tribe who knew our legends well enough had heard these words in our stories, I had hoped she would understand. I had hoped she would understand; and join me.

"I'd love to." She said point blank. She knew.

We took off along the beach together, hand in hand.

All of my thoughts of the fight and my college life faded in a mere 5 seconds. Anything I thought before had changed. I was completely and irrevocably in love with Madison. I had finally imprinted.