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Hinata's Secret Mission

Hinata was going to faint she was sure of it. NO! She couldn't she wouldn't if she fainted her mission would be ruined. She tried to calm herself saying she had done this before. She was an experienced kunoichi who could probably pull this of in her sleep.

Taking a deep breath she pushed the door open and stepped into the bookstore. Making her way to the back feeling a blush making its way to her cheeks. With determination she stopped the blush from appearing after all she was a man. Men don't blush or so she thought. She caught her reflection in a mirror and smirked watching the handsome young man in the mirror smirk back. She was going to have to treat Naruto to ramen for teaching her the sexy no jutsu, because it sure comes in handy.

Finally she arrived in the back she looked around spotting the book she had gone through all this trouble to get. She smiled when she realized it was the last one. Reaching out she grabbed the book at the same time as a gloved hand grabbed for it. Refusing to let go Hinata turned her head to discover the owner of said gloved hand. She felt her eye twitch when she came face to face with a sadistically smiling Hatake Kakashi.

"I believe I had the book first." Kakashi said in an overly sweet voice.

"Gomen senpai but I was here first." Hinatas smooth male voice sounded.

When she refused to release the book Kakashis blue eye lost its disinterested look and turned into a glare. It was an impressive glare Hinata had to admit but in her short life she had received many much more fearsome glares. Hell she had survived the glare of a very pissed of redheaded Kage without fainting now that was a glare.

The glaring contest continued for what seemed like hours to her. Kakashi getting tired of putting so much effort into his glare went to remove his hiate and expose his Sharingan eye. Hinata seeing her opportunity to strike took it.

Humming happily Hinata walked to the counter and paid for her new book before ducking into an alley and releasing her henge. She returned to the Hyuuga compound and locked herself in her room. Smiling happily she took out the book and read the title giggling like an excited school girl. Icha Icha Paradise 2 she couldn't wait to see what had happen to the two lovers.

Meanwhile at the bookstore in the center of Kohna an employee poked a twitching Kakashi who was slowly regaining conscious.

This little pointless story is for those out there who are waiting for an update that I know I keep promising. I will finish all my stories only I don't know when. I keep getting distracted especially since I just got a pile of books. Hehe I can't stop myself from grabbing one and immersing my self in them. I'll update soon I promise I already got half a chapter for each one and I'm almost finish with the stories that were requested. Since its summer vacation and my kids are out of school I should be able to write more. Not to mention that my oldest has two hours of therapy ever two days that will give me plenty of time to just sit down in the waiting room and work on them. So there I think I got my schedule ready and hopefully my beta will come back soon and all those horrid spelling and grammar mistakes will be gone.