One day Konan took a precgency test . . . It came back positive. " Dang how didi this happen" Konan said madly.

She was on her bed thinking about how she should tell Pein when Zetsu came through the floor.

" So your're pregnant . I'm going to tell every one that your a slut." Zetsu said with an evil laugh.

" Tell and I'll tell every body about you and Orchimaruo's love fest." Konan said getting up and walking towards the door.

Konan walked to Pein's room were she fouind him and Diedara in the bed together."

"What the {bleep}! Your gaywhen did this happen?"Konan was stunned to see her her boyfriend and Diedara together in bed.

"Well maybe I should go Diedara said as he fell out of the bed.

"Look what do you want Diedara was helping me ecrise." Pein said grabbing Diedara's arm to get him back in bed.

"Well guess what Pein your the first gay daddy ever." Konan said grabbing thr knunai from the floor . As she was walking to th the door.

"Wait don't kill me! Please we should be celebrating !" Diedara said trying to run to the door.

Konan grabbed Diedara's hairand yanked it back.

" Prepare to die Diedara!" Konan said raising the knunai to his neck.

"Tobi wants wants to ask . . . . Oh did Tobi interupt something?" Tobi said seeing Konan and Diedara.

"Tobi go away please."Konan said in the sweetest voice she had.

"ah ah ahhh."Diedara yelled as loud as he could.

"Shut up you {bleep} pansy." Konan