AUTHOR'S NOTES: I hadn't intended to finish this story since the end of the last chapter kinds put a nice little cap on things. But then I decided to just put a brief little epilogue for the hell of it.

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5 Years Later

Leaning against the rail over-looking the NCIS squad room, Jenny Sheppard smiled as she observed her agents.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo sat at one desk, smiling across the way at his wife, Ziva who, thankfully, bore very few physical scars from being held hostage by Somalian terrorists 5 years ago. While Ziva had been recovering from her injuries, she and Tony had grown closer and once out of the hospital, Tony had brought her to his apartment. The two had only moved once, finding a bigger place after getting married a year later. And even though the former Mossad officer had become a mother of twins only a year ago, her figure was as slim and svelte as ever.

But as much as Ziva had changed from hardened Mossad assassin to a warm, loving mother, Tony had hardly changed at all.

In fact, he'd almost gotten worse, since he now had an excuse to revisit all his favorite cartoons and now had a new range of movies with which to annoy his wife and co-workers.

At the other end, Timothy McGee sat facing his girlfriend, Kelly Gibbs.

At first, Jenny had been surprised that McGee was interested in Gibbs' only daughter, but watching the two work together, she could see that they worked as a perfect unit, reminding Jenny of the days when she'd been a field agent working with Jethro.

And although Tim McGee and Kelly had never spoken about long term, Jenny had heard from Tony that McGee had been secretly shopping for an engagement ring.

Seeing Kelly laughing at something, Jenny's smile faded ever so slightly. Knowing what she knew now, she'd wished she had told Gibbs that his child was alive. Who knew what changes it might have made to how Gibbs worked?

But even now when Jenny saw father and daughter working together, she was happy to note that whatever distance there had been seemed to have closed.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was the only member of the team absent from the room—presumably downstairs talking to Abby about evidence on a case or about autopsy results with Ducky. Once things had been resolved with Ziva's father, Gibbs and Hannah had begun seeing each other, although Gibbs seemed reluctant to get married again.

Watching the team, Jenny was happy that things had finally settled back to the way they were supposed to be. Thinking of something Gibbs had said to her long ago, Jenny smiled as she headed back towards her office. These may have been modern times, but at NCIS Jennifer Sheppard was queen of the kingdom and hopefully, as long as she reigned, there would be peace within her realm.