This May Comes As A Shocker And All But They Do Not Belong To Me.

Christina wasn't suprised when he showed up. She wasn't suprised he knew how hard this whole shaken baby case had been on her. Not that he knew Steele had just threatened to fire her a few moments ago.

She wasn't suprised that he knew exactly how to make the pain of it a little less.

And so much more.

It wasn't that he didn't know because he did. And she knew he did. There was always that small look in his eyes, a soft regret in his tone.

He knew when he hurt her. And he knew he did it quite often.

But, in his defense, he always did try and hide these type of things from her. At least when he remembered.

Either that or he would just lie about it.

It was just too bad that she always seemed to know anyway.