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Our Lives On The Big Screen

Bella's POV

It was one of the rare nights I was able to spend time with both Edward and Renesmee. We we in the living room of our cottage with Clarie De Lune as a soft whisper in the background. I was in Edward's arms on the couch as my beautiful daughter was nuzzled into my chest covered by my hair. I heard her tingling laughter fill the air as my hair tickled her rosy cheeks. Since the Volturi attack, these were the memories I was eager to remember forever. The moment was very peaceful and relaxed until Alice bursted through the cottage doors, excitement bubbling in her from head to toe. Edward groan, and I mimicked his response.

"OOo How rude! I am offended!" Alice playfully scowled at us, but Renesmee pouted and leaped out my arms in seconds. She floated towards Alice and jump lithely into her arms placing her hands on either side of her cheeks. Renesmee used her amazing gift and in seconds the room was filled with the musical sounds of Alice and Renesmee's giggles. Edward chuckled lightly, a crooked smile breaking across his face.

"What is it Edward?"

"Renesmee is showing Alice, Jacob after their little barbie session. I must say Jacob looks stunning in Rosalie's red dress." I couldn't help but laugh at mental image of Jacob in make up and a dress.

"How did it fit?"

"I never said it did." I knew Rosalie would be furious with Jacob for ruining her dress, but with Alice's shopping trips, and Renesmee's lovable nature it wouldn't be much of a problem.

Renesmee jumped out of Alice's arms and ran toward Edward in a blinding speed. She tackled him, "Hello Daddy!" she smiled sweetly as Edward pulled his little girl into his arms kissing the bronze curls that were identical to his. "Hello my sweet Renesmee."

Edward's love for his daughter could be felt by anyone who met them, they didn't need to have an empathic ability like Jasper feel it.

"Well do the two of you know what night it is?" Alice bounced towards the rocking chair next to the couch rocking anxiously back and forth.

"It's movie night, we know, but do we HAVE to go this night." I groaned. Edward chuckled at my childish behavior, "Yes you do there is this specific movie I want you to watch now get to moving Missy. Just because your a vampire doesn't mean I can't drag you to the theater."

"OK, were going. For you Alice."

"YEY!!!" Alice thrilled.

Edward,and I were in front of the movie theater ready to have our movie night. Alice already bought our tickets, yet she wasn't joining us, humph the nerve of her. We bought food as prop for ourselves, but bought little twizzlers to give Renesmee when we got home. To be discrete we sat in the back seat. I snuggled into Edward enjoying the previews of movies to come. The only one I was mostly interested in was 17 again starring Zac Efron, it was amusing to see Edward's face when I said Zac Efron was soo dreamy. Before the movie started a couple of girls ran down the isle giggling maniacally, holding books in their hands. With my vampire eyes I was able to distinguish the title and the author, Twilight by Stephanie Meyers.

"I can't wait to see Robert Pattinson," one of the girls enthused," he is so sexy!" The girls around her giggled in agreement. All the chatter in the theater disappeared as girls furiously shushed everyone around them. Edward stiffened as the move began.

I'd never given much thought to how I would die.

The opening scene began with a deer drinking from a small stream.

But dying in the place of someone I love...seemed like a good way to go.

The words spoken were so familiar, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion and Edward remained frozen beneath me not making a move.

The deer was being chased by something, and was soon attacked by what I assumed was a man. Then the scene shifted to the face of a girl that looked almost exactly like me in every way, holding a cactus in her hands.

..I would miss Phoenix.., the heat,.. I would miss my hair brain erratic mother.. a man spoke then telling them to hurry ... and her new husband.. but they want to go on the road.. so I'm going to spend some time with my dad. This will be a good thing.... I think. They were driving off and music began to play, as an over view of Forks was shown. The word TWILIGHT being to title of the movie.

That's when it suddenly clicked, the girl on the screen was suppose to be me, this was me leaving Phoenix and moving to Forks. This was my HUMAN LIFE!!!!!!! I was slightly tempted to jump up and leave the theater, but curiosity got the better of me.

"Did you know?" I asked Edward in a hushed tone, he shook his head, his eyes still intent on the screen. This movie was a movie of my life, it could possibly reveal all my thoughts, my feelings and reactions. This was the beginning of the rest of my eternity with Edward.

The movie continued on showing my reaction to having a new car, and meeting Jacob and Billy again. "That's not what happened! They have it all wrong!" I ran circles on Edward's palm hoping to releave my tension of these obvious mistakes.

They also showed my meeting of Eric Yorkie and Mike Newton, "He's still a puppy even in the movies. I still don't like him." Edward snarled, it didn't help when Jessica came into the scene laughing at a joke that wasn't even funny.

When it switched to the cafeteria I knew what was to be expected, this was when I first saw the Cullens. They introduced each couple one by one, they chose the right actors and actresses to play my family except Alice. She looked and acted like Alice in every way, but she was a little too tall.

Then Edward's actor finally came on the screen and the entire room was engulfed in high pitched screams and squeals. " O MY DEAR GOD IT'S EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!"

I giggled at their reaction to my husband, some of the girls looked as though they were about to die. This Robert Pattinson character was no doubt sexy, he did look like my Edward, but since he wasn't a vampire he didn't have that beauty my Edward had. Imagine if he did. I swooned for a moment at the thought.I looked up to see Edward's reaction, his face was comical. He looked confused, and uncomfortable.

"These girls are worst than Jessica Stanley, such vivid images. Their imagining things I've wouldn't dare ask you at the risk of dying of embarrassment!!."

If I was still human, my cheeks would have been a flaming red at this point.

"Well we could try some of them, I'm sure you would enjoy it more if it was me." I purred seductively into his left ear, he shivered so I knew I did my job right.

I continued to pay attention to the movie, they showed the biology scene between Edward and I. The moment I stepped in to the room and the fan blew my scent, Edward's actor looked like he was in pain. Covering his nose and mouth, clutching the desk for dear life.

I laughed lightly, "The irony of my thoughts at that moment, to my thoughts right now is amazing, you falling in love with me was the last thing I expected at that moment." Through my dim human memories I remembered how it really happened, I faintly remembered my thoughts that day as well. I was almost convinced that he hated me, and the days of his absence confirmed it for me. I leaned up and kissed him briefly but passionately on the lips, content with the electricity that still passed through our kisses.

There were also scenes of my having dinner with Charlie and talking to my mom.

"I've never met that man in my life." I growled frustrated by this Waylen character.

"I don't like the way he was looking at the actress that's playing you either." I nodded in agreement.

The mistakes they made in the movie made me both angry and relieved, I wasn't sure if I wanted everything about me to be revealed to the national public but this was my life and they were getting it wrong.

I'd plan to confront him, and demand to know what his problem was....Emmett and the rest of my family came into the parking lot in Emmett's truck, minus Edward.....but he never showed.

They flashed through the days that I spent sans Edward.

And the next day... another no show. More days past, things were getting a little strange.

The scene changed to a construction worker, being attacked by three vampires.

"No, it's...that's James, Victoria, and Laurent isn't it." Edward nodded confirming my suspicions. "That poor construction worker."

The movie progressed and I pointed out the subtle mistakes made about my human life, I was still in shock that I had a books series and movie made about my life with the Cullens. When it came to the scene with Tyler's car almost killing me I couldn't help but gasp. Edward jumped a little beneath me and clutched on to me a little bit harder. I was able to see how that event looked from the eyes of others, and now I was able to understand the looks of disapproval from Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie.

"Looking back on it now I acted atrociously towards you at the hospital. I'm so sorry."

"H mm, well you can make up for it later tonight." I smirked leaning up to kiss his perfect nose. I leaned back into his marble chest getting comfortable again.

It was rather amusing to feel Edward's chest rumble as Mike attempted to ask me out on a date to the prom. "Poor Mike." Edward scoffed, "I don't feel sorry for him in the least. He's still irritating ,and this actor portrays that constance annoyance perfectly."

The Port Angeles scene was very entertaining to watch, Edward was paying very close attention to the scene with me figuring out his secret.

"When did I ever bite you like that, did you have a dream that I sucked your blood?"

"Yes Edward, I was such a masochist to yearn for you to drink my blood." I sighed sarcastically.

"Your right, they've made such pointless mistakes.

The following scenes were when I revealed to Edward that I knew what he was, it was completely different than what really happened. A compilation of many events in one, the meadow, and the ending of the Port Angeles scene.

"The actor makes you look constipated!" I giggled, "Can't happen, Vampire remember!" he poked me in the ribs making a loud giggle escape my lips. Several girls shushed us violently.

"These girls are crazy, laughing isn't a capital crime punished by death."

"Let's just watch the movie Edward."

We sat through the movie in silence watching my life continue on the screen, I was becoming accustomed to the mild silence until the kissing scene.

Robert Pattinson, and the girl who was playing me, Kirsten Stewart were about kiss. It was painstakingly slow just like how I remembered, the scene reminded me of the countless times Edward came to my room at night. When their lips finally met screams erupted, girls wishing death to Kirsten, some wishing it was them, and others oohing and awing.

"I know the book is good and all, but why on Earth are all these girls acting so stupid. Edward is gorgeous, but no matter what he will stay with Bella. It's sad to see these girls thinking it could be them." One of the girls sitting in front of said this with amusement and frustration in her tone.

"At least someone in this room is sane."

"I Christy Victor wish that Edward would be with me, but I wouldn't be happy, I would just slap him silly for leaving Bella again." This girl gave some hope for the female kind, I was starting to like her.

When the Cullens were playing baseball it was even better than the first time I witnessed them play, the song Supermassive Blackhole was perfect for this particular scene

Then the happy theme of the movie changed, the nomad vampires were coming. The scene was shorter than the memory I had of the actual event, Edward let out a snarl when James was about to attack me. Christy turned to see where the sound came from,she blinked momentarily and looked back at the screen shaking her head as if to make a thought disappeared. She had chocolate brown skin, with classic brown shoulder length hair, her face an oblong shape. Her lips were full, her nose like a button, with almond eyes. She was very pretty, probably 14 years old.

Edward remained tense through this part of the movie, when it came time for the ballet scene I was afraid that the snarls escaping his lips would be heard by everyone in the theater.

Kirsten Stewart was being attacked by the actor that played James, Edward's control was lost when he bit her. A spine chilling growl escaped his lips loud enough to be heard by everyone in the theater. "That BASTARD!!!! How dare he touch you that way Bella, I wish James suffers to the pits of Hell!!" he snarled.

"Edward sit down before we are noticed!!" I screamed. VERY BAD THING TO DO WHEN YOUR TRYING NOT TO BE NOTICED.

What happened next could only be described as complete mayhem. The movie stopped and the lights turned on, girls were adjusting to the sudden light as they stared at Edward and I. I was wrapped securely in his arms standing up on the seat with him. The look on the girl's faces made my instincts scream one thing to me. RUN!!!!!

We were out of the theater in seconds, me holding onto Edward's hand as a large group of girls chasing after us.



Girls were screaming, we were running in vampire speed yet it would take a good amount of time before we completely lost them.

"Help, can anybody HELP ME!!" With my vampire hearing I was able to hear Christy's cries for help. I turned and in a snap decision I ran to save the kind young girl, she was on the floor and was apparently trampled by the hundreds of girls. I picked her up in my arms and carried her, I bolted for the theater doors to meet with Edward again to run home. When we arrived home Alice was sitting on the love seat. We bursted through the doors Christy still in my arms, Edward plunged on Alice holding her arms down in a deathly grip.

"What ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING ALICE!!!!!" Edward bellowed, Christy cowered into my chest, frightened by Edward's anger.

"I thought it would be amusing if you figured it out this way; but I am just as shocked as you are. I have no idea how she got all this information, to make a book about us and everything." Edward scowled as Alice squirmed under his grip on her arms, she seemingly gave up after many failed attempts of escaping. In a blinding speed she placed her petite foot on Edward's chest and shoved him off her sending him crashing into the living room wall.

"That was hardly necessary." Edward growled as he dusted bits of the wall of his clothes.

"When a homicidal vampire is about to kill you tell me what you would do!" Alice spat, "Ooo you baboon, you ruined my blouse!! It was a gift from Jaz." she huffed as she examined the tear on each sides of her arms wear Edward had dugged his nails in.

Edward slowly walked towards Alice pinching the bridge of his nose. "Maybe that was the wrong way to approach the situation." he sighed " Would you mind joining me on the couch Alice?" he gestured to the couch and they both sat down.

"Now you demonic little sprite, Would you mind explaining why a massive group teenage girls came running after Bella and I, HELL BENT on 'doing the nasty' with me, and tieing Bella up to make her watch!!!!"

Alice, Christy and I bursted out laughing. I placed Christy on the couch in our fits of laughter, she was gripping onto her sides gasping for air.

"Laugh now, but they meant it. Fans can be so crazy!!"

"I'm not crazy!" Christy inputted into the conversation, "I think your perfect, but I'm not crazy. Wow I come to Forks for a little vacation and this happens! I had a feeling this would happen. Ha I feel like Alice! Next thing you know tomorrow, all the designer stores will be empty because I practically bought everything."

A large smile of disbelief came across Alice's face, I knew she was starting to like this Christy girl like me and Edward. I was starting to like this human, she was fascinating and very unique.

Wait, this girl was human and was sitting in the living room with 3 vampires whom she believed only existed in books!!!

"Umm Edward!!" I opened my mind to him.

How is she handling this so well, she knows what we are!!

"I know Bella, this is weird for me too."

We stared at Christy for a long moment wondering why she was handling this so calmly.

She felt the intent stares on herself and her head snapped left and right examining our faces.

"What!!" she said throwing her hands in the air.

TO BE CONTINUED....................... MAYBE!!!

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