The cool autumn air blew through the docks, bringing with it not only a salty, briny smell, but also the scent of a young girl. I silently strode my way down the boardwalk, making sure not to capture her immediate attention. She was long and slender, possibly around the age of 15. Why would she be here at this time of night? I had no time to ponder that though, as I had reached the girl. Her sweet scent was like pure, wholesome honey, my fangs unsheathed involuntarily. She only had enough time for her body to stiffen from my close proximity before I imprisoned her in my arms and latch my teeth onto her neck.

Ahh… her sweet blood filled my mouth, and soothed the dull ache in my stomach. Her terrified screams began to fade into quiet whimpers and soon enough I was sucking the last drops of life from her. I dumped her cold body into the bay and watched it sink slowly to the sandy bottom, a peaceful ending to an otherwise grim death. I needed to hunt again I quickly realized as my stomach clenched uncomfortably. I needed to find someone more… appetizing in a different manner too. Someone who would fight me till their death, someone who would struggle. Not just have common fear painted on their features as they submitted to me.

No, I craved for a challenge.

The breeze picked up a soft floral scent downwind making my mouth water. The already slight hazel in my eyes quickly disappeared as the red dominated it. A wicked smile crossed my face.

Time to hunt…