Not Mine. Again.

This was a first.

It was far from the first time he had lied to her, but he hadn't ever like this before.

And that look on her face... it was all worth it.

He had done the impossible today, somehow gaining a date with Genevieve, the tall, blonde, office Ice Queen but right now he had no regrets about walking away from it to sit out on Christina's steps in the dark waiting for her to come home so he could take her out instead.

"You have that steak yet?"

"No," she gave a tiny hint of a smile and tilted her head slightly, "Chinese."

Smiling, Brian reached down to the small bag in her hand. "C'mon, let's go eat," he told her throwing the bag in the trash as they began to walk.

Christina's eyes lit up and she smiled shyly.

'No regrets at all.'