Diary entries from Hassan's point of view

*Hassan can not read or write for many years after some of the entries were written, but if he would this is what he would have said*

Entry 1- It was sunny, but bitter cold. The snow covered the ground in big puffy flakes and the wind whipped so hard I was sure that I would get blown away. Yet, still I was outside, preparing to run. To run a kite for Amir jan. Today, I would prove to Amir January that when I say 'for you, a thousand times over,' I truly mean it.

Entry 2- My Father and I had just returned from the market where we had gotten all the food we would need for the rest of the week when Amir jan's Baba walked out of the house. He approached my Father and told him that they needed to talk. A minute later my Father turned to me with wide eyes. He pointed to the door of our house. I walked in, wondering if Amir jan was ok.

"Did you take money?" my Father asked me. I shook my head, wondering what money he was talking about. My father walked over to my bed, and lifted up the corner of the mat. Under it was a stack of Afghani's.

"You didn't take this?" he asked me again.

"I have no idea how that got there!" I insisted; appalled that he thought I could steal from those who had treated me so well. He dropped his head.

"We aren't welcome here anymore," he said. "If you didn't put this here, somebody did. They no longer want us," he finished.

Instantly I was stung with regret. What had I done? Ever since that day in the alley where Assef had… wanted the kite Amir jan had not been the same. He was distant and always on edge.

Though I could understand that he no longer wanted a servant that was as tainted as I was, I wish he would have told me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that my best friend, my master no longer wanted me.

My father noticed, and he asked what was wrong. So I told him. I told him everything from that day in the alley, up until now.

Entry 3- I had thought that it wasn't a problem. It was just a mere reminder of what he had gone through as a child. I had diluted myself into thinking that my fathers limp wasn't a problem. How wrong I had been. I had been more wrong then I knew.

Two days ago, my father was returning from a grocery store when his leg began bothering him. Suddenly, it cramped up, causing him to fall. He landed on a land mine. I haven't seen his eyes flash with understanding since, and I never will again. I am alone

Entry 4- I may not be alone for the rest of my life. Today I met a woman who was so soft spoken that had we meet in Kabul, I would not have been able to hear here with all the planes flying overhead. Her eyes were almond shaped, and when she smiled they lit up. Her family too had been lost in the war. Only her eldest brother remained to take care of her. She is sweet, and we talked for more then was absolutely necessary. I found out that she goes to the market on no specific day of the week, just when her brother is in need of more food and can afford it. Her name is Farzana jan.

Entry 5- I was visited by an old friend today. He came with the purpose of asking me to move back into the house of my childhood, in Kabul. I was reluctant until I learned that he was unable to take care of it himself, and that Baba had died before he could return to the old house. When I asked of Amir jan, Rhaim Khan didn't know much more then where he used to live, and that he was in America, married to a respectable Afghan Woman.

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