It's F12

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Olivia's point of view

I've got to get out of here! They're finally going to kill me! I just know it! I can't open the metal door; the door in this room is a lot bigger though. The only other thing of noticeable difference in this room is a giant TV screen in the wall. That said F12: and had the blinking line you usually see on a Microsoft word when you're about to type.

This was just cruel; I don't know what to think now…

Oh wait! It's typing!

"L", the first letter is "L" I still have no Idea as to what is next for me though… "I", nope… still don't. "F", Hmmm



LIFE! Life is the ultimate death sentence! What does that mean for me? Are they just going to keep me here until I rot? I may live out the rest of what little time I have left staring at these same four walls. A bed, still no person in there right mind would sleep in. Of course there were still the unusable facilities, not to mention the door that I'm beginning to suspect is just there to give me false hope of some kind…

I honestly don't think I can't take much more of this… I might just crack. I can't take it any more!

I went very angrily towards the keyboard, and pressed the F12 key down. I closed my eyes tightly…

(The most important line in this whole story)

Bracing for the worst, but hoping for the best


No one's point of view

Olivia stirred and found that she was in some sort of hospital, hooked up to a whole mess of machines.

Peter was sitting in a wooden chair across from Olivia's bed face in his hands. He looked to have been there for awhile.

Olivia's Point of view

"Peter" I just barely managed to whisper,"what happened?"

Peter's head snapped up, "Olivia!" He laughed with relief, "You're okay…"



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