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"We never did get that date, did we? You and me?"

Those words kept repeating over and over in my head, the agony which they caused, increasing each time. Owen, my Owen was gone. He'd said that it was alright but it wasn't, he was gone and I was left alone.

Through the haze of anguish coursing through me , I could hear Jack calling my name, feel the blood from the gunshot wound in my abdomen seeping through the bandage that I was clutching there, but none of it mattered, the pain of Owen's last words making me numb to everything else.

Suddenly he was there, pulling me into his arms, his hand held against my own, desperately trying to stem the blood which was still flowing. I heard Ianto's voice, talking about the Nuclear Plant, about how Owen was still there and breathlessly I spoke the awful truth, he was trapped, it was my fault, I'd failed. At my words, Jack turned his face from mine, glancing around at the others before once again turning to look at me.

A gentle prick against my leg and Gwen's gentle voice, frantically trying to get me to look at her, allowed me to centre myself again for a brief moment, and after rolling my head deeper into the comfort of Jack's shoulder for a moment, I lifted my head and let my gaze roam. I smiled. I wasn't alone after all.

Dropping my gaze to look back into Jack's blue eyes, I allowed my smile to widen a little, warmth spreading through me as I saw his returning grin, even as I recognised the pain that had taken a hold of his handsome features.

It would be alright after all.

I sighed happily, squeezing the hand, which had finally regained its warmth and that was now holding mine, tight.

"So how about that date?" A teasing voice asked, and I laughed cheerily and gazed up into his warm brown eyes, loosing myself in their depths.

"Yeah that would be great." I replied and then paused, gazing around at my surroundings one last time. "Just give me a minute, ok?" I asked.

Owen smiled and nodded, squeezing my hand reassuringly. "No problem."

As my eyes travelled across the bits of equipment that littered the room, I sighed heavily. An important part of my life had been spent here, I had lost and gained so much within these walls and yet I felt no regret in moving on. It was time. Idly I wondered if they had found my goodbye message yet and whether it would give them any comfort, I hoped that it did.

"You ready?" Owen asked.

"Yeah, yeah I am." I said, turning around to face him once again. Moving closer to him, I slipped my arms round his neck, holding him close as he wrapped his arms around my middle.

"Owen?" I murmured after a while.


"Thank you for coming back for me." I said, as I remembered how in my last moments, as I had gazed around me, I had seen him standing behind Jack, his presence helping to soothe all my pain and ease my fears. In that instant I had known that I wasn't alone at all and as I reached out to him, I had smiled at Jack and breathed my last.

"Always." Owen replied, pulling away slightly and smiling down at me. Joyfully, I looked up at him before slowly leaning towards him and placing my lips against his.

So I was watching the season two finale and decided that Tosh and Owen deserved to have their moment together, so voila here it is. Hope you all enjoyed it. Please Read and Review. Toodles. A xxxxx