Chapter 2 Written by vampirefaiy09

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Boiling hot tears streaked down Blooms face. She was on her own; with five children running around. Looking around Bloom realised it was Erakylon
palace! Spinning around she saw children coming at her from all angles, all boys, and all with the same face… Sky's. Bloom started running. The walls
were closing in on her, smashing a window she jumped out of it. Landing on the ground she started sprinting. Out of the gates. Down the road. Through the trees. Out into a meadow. Coming to a halt she heard his laugh. Spinning around Bloom kept looking. She saw him and started to run towards him. But no matter how fast or how far she ran Bloom couldn't reach Palladium. Panting Bloom kept running; calling out his name, crying. Now she was running through darkness. She couldn't see anything but she could hear him calling her name, running. That's all she did. Run…
I can't make it on my own.
Can't do it by myself.
you made me a woman.

Bolting upright Bloom boked. Sweat made her all clammy. Gasping she cried, hard. Her hand ached- hurt. That wasn't why she was crying though. Bloom's heart ached. Ached for the one she loved, but could never have! That nightmare showed that. Bloom swung her legs out of bed sitting up straight. Just letting the pain and grief take hold of her for a few moments. I would do anything for him. Die for him; and I can never share my feelings with him. With anybody. He won't even share my feelings. It hurts. More than anything in the world it hurt so much. I just… I love him, I guess since I can't be with him; the next best thing is to be near him, I should be grateful for that! Getting up Bloom made it shakily over to her closet, choosing a long sleeved top to cover her red inflamed hand. Hearing the girls
go Bloom sped up a bit. Once finished, she picked up her bag and walked out the door.

Every one stared at her as Bloom walked into the hall, even the teachers. She looked dead. Like she wad there but only just, like there was a
part of her that was missing. Walking over to the window she sat down next to Flora.

"Bloom sweetie are you ok?" Flora put a gentle hand on Blooms arm.

"I'm fine. Thanks for asking." Forcing a smile Bloom picked up a spoon absent minded and started stirring her tea. Stella, Layla, Techna, Musa and Flora shared a look.

Palladium's POV.

Bloom looked awful. All I wanted to do was go and comfort her. My heart hurt constantly, and I knew what it was. But I couldn't act, because I didn't want to be rejected, to scare her, to hurt her. Even if she felt the same way she would be looked down upon and maybe only her five closest friends would talk to her. It wouldn't be fair of me to do that to her.

"I wonder what happened." Miss Faragonda's concerned voice broke through my reverie.

"Maybe it's that Sky boy from Red Fountain." Griselda was frowning but she was secretly worried- I could tell.

"What ever it is it's shaken her. Badly. She looks almost dead, as if a part of her is missing." Avalon and Wizgiz agreed with Du Four. "It seems like she won't tell the winx. Maybe one of us should talk to her?" Faragonda was undecided. Every one of them turned to me.

"Why me?" I asked panicking. Would I be able to help her? How would I be able to help her without my feelings being shown?

"Because number one your sensitive, no pun intended, and number two you're her last class yesterday." Miss Faragonda answered my question. I couldn't argue with either of those. Looks like I'm going to be helping her, or trying to at least. And I the process getting hurt myself…

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