A/N: A lot of Spock's attributes in this story may possibly be based off the Spock from the original series, mainly because he's the one I'm most used to. Hope you enjoy.

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Captain James T. Kirk sat relaxed in his chair on the bridge. The only thing that had been coming towards them for the past forty-eight hours was stars. The quiet of space was nice for a change. But as all nice things do, it was bound to come to an end, sooner or later.

"Captain, we are detecting a planet, 400,000 kilometers, and counting, ahead."

"Thank you, Sulu. Are there any life forms that we are able to take note of?"

"We detect no life form, but the air is breathable." Sulu told him as he looked at the scan that came back of the planet.

"Thank you. Mr. Spock, prepare to beam down." Kirk stood from his chair. Since being named Captain of the Enterprise he'd visited every planet they'd been to. The visits were usually the highlights of his day or week, sometimes. Some times they came across a race that was friendly enough to not try to kill them on first look, some times planets were empty of life and on the exciting, rare occasion, they got a planet of killers and those were always exciting, though McCoy often disagreed when Kirk was sitting on a bed in sickbay.

"What do you expect to find, Captain?" Spock asked as the two stepped onto the transporter platform.

"Not sure, but figured there's gotta be something down there of interest."

"Hm, I see." Jim always fascinated Spock. Most times he did things just to do them instead of doing them because there was a logical reason behind doing so. On occasion he would wonder if that's how he had been as a child and what would have made him behave in such a fashion. It was knowledge to him that after the death of a spouse, while still young and with a child, humans often remarried, so Spock was sure that his captain, although without his father, had some sort of male authority figure. If that were the case, then it became even more an anomaly the reason behind Jim's cocky attitude to those above him.

"Scotty, we're ready."

"Aye, Captain." Scotty turned a couple dials and then pressed a button. He watched as the Captain and his First Officer started to fade. His brow furrowed when the two men briefly appeared again before disappearing for good.

Kirk fell to his knees as he and Spock appeared on the planet. That factor actually disturbed him as beaming was always easy. All you did was stand on the platform and then you're on the planet in the same position you were in before beaming. This time, though, he was on the ground and trying to calm the storm in his stomach that had accompanied his fall to the ground.

"Do you need assistance, Captain?" Spock questioned, from his still standing position. Kirk envied him.

"I'm fine." He stated with a wave of his hand. Taking a deep breath, he slowly stood up.

"Now tell me, Spock, what just happened there?" he demanded of his science and First Officer.

"I do believe you were on the ground." Kirk swore he saw the faintest hint of a smirk on the Vulcan's usually stoic face. He narrowed his blue eyes at the green-blooded man.

"What I meant, Spock, was why was I on the ground?"

"Perhaps there was a malfunction in the transporter." That actually made sense.

"Perhaps." He replied with a nod before reaching into his back pocket to pull out his transmitter.

"Kirk to Enterprise." He frowned when there was no response. He tried again.

"Kirk to Enterprise." With an aggravated sigh he put his transmitter back.

"Now what?" he wondered as he looked over the terrain in front of them. The ground was flat and empty…it reminded him of home.

"We could walk. Maybe in doing so we will find what is happening." Spock suggested. Kirk glanced over at him.


"As always, Captain." Kirk suppressed the urge to laugh. Whoever said that Vulcans had no sense of humor didn't know Spock. Often times it was just him and McCoy that picked up on the Vulcan's subtle jokes or teasing nature, but each and every time it put a smile on his face. Whatever strain had been their relationship in the beginning was gone. This wasn't to say that they were the best of friends, they just understood each other.

Vulcan and human started forward in hopes of finding something that could help them make contact and get back to the ship. Spock, who could find no logical reason for making what humans called 'small talk' kept silent, waiting for his usually cocky captain to say something. Kirk wasn't entirely sure what to say, actually he was trying to wrap his head around where they were, what had gone wrong in transport and the marching band in his head. Something had definitely gone awry when they beamed down. McCoy was going to have a field day with this one when they got back.

"There is a vehicle coming toward us, Captain." Spock told him, pulling him out of his thoughts.

"It's Jim." Kirk said absentmindedly as he looked in the direction of his First Officer's gaze. He was surprised to see that it was a car and not just any car it appeared to be one of the older ones his uncle used to own.

"Put out your thumb, Spock." This earned him a raised eyebrow.

"And what would be that purpose of that…Jim?" Kirk rolled his eyes.

"Just do it, you'll see." He said as he put his own thumb out. He was given another look before Spock slowly reached his hand out and protruded his thumb. The car veered at a dangerous pace, to the side of the road.

"Guys need a ride or somethin'?" a boy, no older than fourteen asked from behind the wheel.

"Maybe. Where'd you get a ride like this, kid?" Kirk asked with interest as he poked his head into the open window, his body leaned heavily on the car as he talked.

"Pulled it off a friend of my uncle. Hop in, unless you've got lots of water, you'll die walking." The boy flashed them a grin that Spock found remarkably similar to that of Jim Kirk.

"Ya heard what the kid said, Spock, hop in." Kirk started opening the front passenger door. He was midway in putting the seat down to get in the back when Spock's voice stopped him.

"What do you mean by 'hop in' and how can we be sure that this is not a trap?"

"Hey, a Vulcan, didn't notice your pointy ears there, man."

"I like the kid, just get in Spock." Spock reluctantly got into the front seat of the car. He glanced briefly in the backseat and noticed his Captain lean, with his eyes closed, against the cushioned seat.

"It would probably be best to find medical facilities or supplies." Spock said with his eyes facing towards the front.

"What for?" Kirk questioned while opening his eyes momentarily.

"You appear to be unwell, Jim."

"I'm fine."

"Actually I think you're friend's right. Don't be hurling back there now, either." Kirk ignored the kid's comment as he changed topics.

"So, what's you're name?"

"James Tiberius Kirk."

To Be Continued...