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Yay!!! This is a NaruHina story...All about Hinata's "love-shyness".
One-shot but still pretty long.

A house near a river...

"Mommy...Tell me about daddy again."

A small blond haired, grey eyed child sat in the lap of a youthful, blue-haired, grey eyed woman. You could tell they were mother and child...At least I could.

It was a mission. Kill the deceased 6th Hokage's wife. And if I could...kill their child. Right now, I was hidden in the blossoms of the sakura tree in their garden. I waited patiently, listening to the mother unravel a tale...

"It was when we were just genin…Not even chunin yet..."


A small blue-haired, grey-eyed girl at the back of the class. She was an average student, more talented in the finer applications of chakra use, but those weren't being taught yet. The students included her in their games and fun but she was shy and so slowly faded…

But then, always there to bring her back would be the class clown. His antics made her laugh and smile and like the others, she was entertained.

They were from different worlds though. Her, the daughter of a high-class family, one of the highest in fact, and wielder of a deeply secreted Kekkei Genkai.

Him, an orphan, hate by most of the adults in the village. He harboured a deep secret, a beast of legend, and though he was the class clown, he was not in the class…

Even when he graduated, wearing the teacher's headband, after saving the teacher from a life-threatening situation, they were wary of him. When he defeated a high-level assassin and his accomplice, the others laughed and said he didn't help.

But she did. She believed.

Over the years their sporadic meetings continued, with her always blushing, stuttering, and sometimes fainting, while he continued to gain fame.

When his best friend left, he was distraught. When he came back, she sent anonymous gifts, always things that he loved.

Years later, when her teammate proposed to her, she refused. He was still the love of her life, even when he had nearly forgotten her.

More years later. She was a high level ANBU and he, the 6th Hokage. Then his love married the Kazekage of the Sand.

He was distraught, torn apart…

And this time, after years of battling, hardened and braver, she comforted him.
First it was as a friend, and over time as more.

Finally, after years and years, they were married. All rejoiced, as everyone knew that these two were long due to be together…


"That's the end, sweetie."

I froze as the mother gazed at the tree.

Did she know I was there? Did I feel her gaze on me?

The gate swung open and a blond ANBU walked in.

"Ino, here! Come take Nata to the school."

"Alright… Come on!"

The child and ANBU left, but to me, it wasn't much of a loss. All I had t do was kill the widow.

That's when she looked at me and said…

"Come out. I know you're there."

I dropped to the ground, my eyes wary.

"I lost Naruto just a couple months ago. If you try to kill me, I don't mind…ife without him..Isn't really life at all."

That's when I hesitated..And then 3 ANBU jumped from the trees…


Strictly One-Shot but I like the cliffie at the end!

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