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AN: Well, this idea wouldn't leave me and I have the REALLY bad habit of starting something that I don't finish. However, I do intend to finish this and most of my other stories… providing I can get the inspiration to.

Anyway, this is a crossover between Firefly (one of my favorite Television shows, even though they never had a full season aired) and Mass Effect, one of the best video games I have ever played, aside from Final Fantasy VII. This story will be set after the events of the movie Serenity and after the ending for Mass Effect. In this story, it will be assumed that the Reapers from the game will have been destroyed. The Shepard from Mass Effect will be a female with the colonist/war hero background and will be a Vanguard, a biotic warrior with a specialization in sniper rifles and her name is Hana. I know that you can choose only one in the game, but I'm also going to have my Shepard with electronics and decryption for the story. As for pairings, I'm not sure yet…but there will be some romance in this…just not with Kaiden and Shepard. In here, their relationship will be of a brother/sister type… you know, biotics sticking together.

On the Firefly side of this story, yes, both Book and Wash will remain dead. I'm not sure about how to portray Inara, but I will be keeping her in the story as a Companion is needed. River will be essential to the storyline but that will be seen as the chapters go on.

And now, on to the story…

Edit 12 March 2012: I will be editing some of the chapters to reflect Mass Effect 3 and the effects/actions that Hana Shepard took to defeat the Reapers.

Edge of Heaven


A woman around the age of 32 stopped in front of a window that was showing some sort of news broadcast. She ran a hand through her short reddish-brown hair for a moment, listening to what the woman on the screen was saying.

"These are just a few images we've recorded. As you can see, it isn't what we thought. There's been no war here and no terraforming event. The environment is stable."

There were a few gasps from some people on the street, watching the same broadcast as her. Idly, she fingered the pistol hidden under the cloak she was wearing. She wasn't surprised that a government was willing to hide something that could potentially tear said government down. Especially with what she considered a corrupt government as this Alliance. She heard familiar footsteps come up behind her and she turned to see a dark haired man, dressed similarly as her, come up.

"We're good to go, Commander…I found a couple of jobs for us on a cargo ship leaving for Persephone in about thirty minutes."

The woman sighed and looked at the window screen once more. "Alenko, we're no longer in our own ship, let along our 'Verse. You don't have to call me Commander until we find a way back home."

"It's the Pax. The G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate that we added to the air processors. It was suppose to calm the population, weed out aggression."

"What's going on, Com…Shepard? People all around are acting funny…"

"SHH!" Shepard hissed at her lieutenant. "Something's going on here and I want to hear that broadcast."

"Well, it works. The people here stopped fighting. And then, they stopped everything else."

Shepard narrowed her brown eyes. She figured out that someone must have gotten a hold of some classified information and decided to do the right thing and let everyone know about it…

"They stopped going to work. They stopped breeding, talking, eating. There are thirty million people here, and they all just let themselves die."

Kaiden watched his commanding officer's face and was surprised by the anger he saw there. Then he realized why; it was because of the broadcast that was currently showing on the window screen of the shop they were in front of. He saw the woman in the broadcast look over her shoulder a few times and he saw the look of fear in her eyes.

"I have to be quick. About a tenth of the population had the opposite reaction to the Pax. Their aggressive response increased beyond madness. They have become…well, they've killed most of us. And not just killed…they've done things."

"My god," Kaiden whispered softly, only Shepard hearing his soft words. "What kind of people inhabit this 'Verse?"

"I…won't live to report this, but people have to know."

Shepard closed her eyes. It was almost like Admiral Kahoku and Cerberus all over again. She heard the mental pain the woman was obviously feeling. It was nearly overwhelming…

"We meant it for the best…to make people safer…"

She opened her eyes again and now saw the raw fear in the woman's eyes. Kaiden watched the broadcast as well, his own heart pounding hard in his chest. Both of them took in a sudden deep breath at what happened next.

"Oh GOD!"

The woman on the screen screamed out loud and pulled out a pistol, firing it a few times before trying to shoot herself in the head. That was when it was pulled away from her by a couple of people with madness in their eyes. Her screams turned to shrieks as she was practically pulled apart before the broadcast went dark.

"Shepard…Hana…we need to go before that ship leaves," the dark haired man replied softly, gently shaking his companion.

Shepard shook her head for a moment, trying to free her mind from the disturbing images she had just seen. She then turned to look at her friend and fellow officer. "Okay," she answered slowly as she was led away from the window and towards the docks on Greenleaf. "Remember, we don't.."

"We don't show off our biotic abilities and not to let others get a close look at our weapons," Alenko finished, a small smirk appearing on his face. "I know the drill, Commander." Mentally, he laughed at the look on her face when he called her using her rank instead of her name. "However, once I get a hold of the ship's computer terminal, I'm going to see if I can get some more info on this government's Alliance."

"They call it a cortex here, Kaiden. We need to learn to use more of their slang to fit in better. Do you want to run into those creeps again back on Ariel?"

Kaiden shuddered. "No, I don't. I guess I'll also try to pull up some Chinese while I'm at it…"

When they got closer to the docks, the woman tilted her head to one side to look at her fellow biotic. "So, what sort of jobs did you get for us? I am not going to look after a bunch of illegal dolls again…"

Alenko chuckled for a moment. "Well, the ship needed a pilot and a hired gun. So, I'm the pilot and well, you're the hired gun. You're a crackshot, ma'am, with the sniper rifle and you've never missed before…But to let you drive or even pilot? Every time you drove the Mako, you always have a knack in crashing it…"

"HEY! It's not MY fault that it landed upside down!" The pair continued to bicker like siblings all the way down to the docks...


2 weeks later…

Mal sighed as he entered the kitchen area of Serenity and grabbed a glass of water. He wanted something stronger, but the ship didn't currently have any alcohol and Kaylee's engine hooch wasn't ready yet. He sat down at the table and began to ponder on the recent events. Both Wash and Shepard Book was dead and it hurt. He was surprised by the amount of pain he was feeling. He missed Wash's comments, especially when they were at Jayne's expense and the fact he did view Wash as a brother, and Book's gentle words and wisdom. He closed his eyes and let himself wallow in his misery for a little while.

"The Shepard and the Brother are coming."

Mal opened his eyes quickly and frowned when he saw River standing there, her eyes staring at him. "No they ain't, albatross. They're dead, remember?" he harshly remarked, anger rushing in.

River gave him a cryptic smile as she ignored his tone. "Not them, Captain Daddy. The 'Verse brought new ones to fill the void. They are both Leaves needing the Wind to take them home. There, they will find the serenity they both yearn."

The older man stared at the teen girl. "What the hell do you mean?"

"Not only are they the Shepard and the Brother, they are also the Spectre and the Sentinel. They are broken, like me, but they are stronger than they appear…Nothing in the 'Verse can stop them…"


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