I couldn't take it anymore! Mom started dated as it turned out, someone called David, and he was there every freaking minute, I even heard them going at it down the hall. I hate it, its weird. Ella agreed. But she didn't want me to leave, which, I mean come on, isn't to hard to understand. But as reluctant as I was, given her constant nagging me to stay, I was ready to leave. My head stopped hurting anyway and my flock needed me.

"please come back soon!" Ella moaned again. David was on the porch with his hands around mom's waist. I glared at him. Mom gave me a weak smile and disengaged herself. She came over and squeezed me tight.

"I'll miss you darling," she said in a whisper. I sighed, I would miss her hugs. Ella hugged me again.

"don't you dare miss my prom on Saturday," she warned. It was only Sunday so I don't see why she was stressing.

"see you," I said briefly. I walked forward about twenty steps, breathed in and out and ran into my flight. This is Maximum ride flights, the exits are here, here and here, if there are any complaints please, keep them to your damn self. Your welcome. I loved the feeling of flying, the Sun on my face, my wings beating up and down, the noise of…computers? I turned. The flying M-geeks were back. This time they caught me off guard though and so as I turned there was a massive sack around me and I was trapped, finding it difficult to breathe. I struggled hard.

"time for bed, birdie," one said.

The M-geeks dumped me carelessly into a cell. I had no idea where I was, all I knew was I was dizzy, and confused, and dizzy. I coughed a few times, still recovering from the stale air inside the sack. I registered everything in the cell. No window on the wall, single door with window, outside the door was a large double door and two hallways. There was a vent above the cell door. I grinned and jumped up, trying to open it. Bad idea. It turned out to be much harder than I thought. It was made of something very slippery, or maybe it was coated in like, ultra grease or something. I took hold of a bar finally, triumphantly. Then fell back down on my butt pathetically. I used my elbows to support me and puffed stray hairs out of my un-barfed chocolate eyes. I sighed, jumping up. I casually looked out of a window in the door. No one was around. I guess they were gonna leave me here until I started begging to be let out like in those obviously fake sci-fi movies. My head hurt badly, so I sat down in a corner and thought about the flock. Where were they? What were they doing? Would they be trying to find me? How many times will Fang murder me when he finds me?

Fang POV

I was going to murder her twenty times! Idiot Max why are you such a dofus? I cussed madly. I don't know why I was suddenly so annoyed at her. She being gone was making me go soft. Nudge was watching me.

"are you okay Fang?" she asked. I blinked. That was about the shortest thing I'd heard her say, ever. I nodded though.

"fine, tired that's all," I lied. I didn't really properly know the direction of Dr Martinez's house but I knew we were going to be in Arizona in about twenty minutes. I could tell from all the desert. I was just going to go by instinct. Instinct told me I was hungry. I shook my head and kept going. Iggy shouted.

"Fang!" he said. I turned. "Angel is moving," he hissed. I flew over. It was true. Angel was fidgeting. Her eyes were squinting. I told everyone to head for ground. We lay Angel down and I held her head up.

"Angel?" I cooed. Angel groaned in discomfort. She opened her gritty eyes and rubbed them.

"what's going on? Where's Max?" she moaned. I shushed her.

"she's not here, we're looking for her," I told her. After a few minutes she sat up on her own, holding her hurt arm. I took a long sleeved shirt from my bag and wrapped it round her arm, into a sling. Angel giggled at this.

"it feels funny," she said.

"think you can fly to Dr Martinez's house? It's probably just a few miles away," I asked. She nodded. Then Gazzy was hugging her tightly, sobbing. He looked uneasy and upset.

"I'm okay Gazzy," Angel said softly. She hugged him back. Soon we had taken off again. Angel was still struggling, her wings slightly out of practice. Dr Martinez would know what to do. We were flying over a large dry forest now. And near the end was a house. It was kind of lazy looking and just by looking slightly at it a few metres more I knew it was Dr Martinez's house.

"landing soon guys," I called. We flew further till we were a reasonable distance away and landed in front of the house. I knocked on the door tentatively. There was a moment of silence and waiting and then the door opened. Dr Martinez stood there. Her eyes lit up when she saw us. She hugged each of us in turn and fussed over Angel lots.

"well, the sling looks kind of quick, I'll get her a proper one," Dr Martinez said calmly. She passed me the shirt and went through her first aid kit. Nudge was talking with Ella and Iggy and Gazzy were just watching Angel. It made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"is Max here?" I asked. Dr Martinez stopped foraging and looked at me.

"well she was, she's left now," she said. I nodded. I was hiding my utter burning anger.

"what way did she leave?" I asked stiffly.

"Northwards." I nodded and walked into the kitchen. I checked the cupboards. I knew it was wrong to take from Max's mom and she would murder ME later, but I dropped cans of food into my bag anyway. I grabbed a few bottles of water from the fridge as well. Then I headed for the living room. Nudge was still talking to Ella.

"Nudge, we're leaving soon," I told her. Nudge looked alarmed.

"we can't go what about Angel?" she said firmly. I shook my head.

"it's the smartest thing to do, Max will just get further and further away if we don't leave now." I said. Nudge glared.

"you're just thinking of Max, Angel is injured, she's got like, a broken arm and you want to make her fly with weak wings and that? What is your problem?" she cried. I knew there was no point in arguing.

"we are leaving tomorrow morning, if you don't like it don't come," I finished as calmly as I could.