Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto (and probably not the clichés either)
Pairing: NaruSasu (and perhaps some others too)
Genre: Romance, Humour (hopefully), Parody and Drama
Summary: Sasuke is so in love with Naruto - his hard-on even poked the blond's spine... too bad he's socially handicapped. Sasuke now has to go through every cliché in the book to make Naruto his! Help Sasuke on his way to love! Romance! Drama! Parody! and Humor!

A/N: Hello everybody. I started writing this fanfiction two years ago, but lost my inspiration to continue it. Now however, I've gotten more inspiration than I'm able to use, so I've decided to continue writing this fanfiction! I've planned for a total of 22 chapters, and it's all based on the ideas I got from you guys back in ´09. But even though I've already planned the whole fiction, you still might be able to get your idea in it! What I want from you, is the stories you hate, the stories you loath, the stories that makes you think; come one, make up something new for fuck's sake! when you see them! I want all the clichés ever written, and those clichés will help Sasuke to get Naruto. Help Sasuke when you still got the chance! I won't guarantee that I'll use your suggestions, but I will try my best!

I hope you'll enjoy the story!


An Uchiha's Striving

by bevino
beta'd by Akiru-chan


With such a perfect ass it was impossible not having the hots for Uzumaki Naruto. Combined with his personality and the fact that he was Sasuke's best friend, Naruto had turned into Sasuke's number one.

Yes, Sasuke, as in Uchiha Sasuke; Konoha's number one heartthrob, was actually in love with someone. In Naruto nonetheless. But shouldn't he have seen it coming? Their rivalry, their weird friendship, their trip back to Konoha after Naruto had dragged him back at last (...with Sasuke riding on Naruto's back with a hard-on, and when Naruto complained, lying through his teeth that it was a kunai)?

But it wasn't until recently (today) that he actually realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the stupid man. He had briefly looked at Naruto whilst training when the thought came crashing down, resulting in a quick lie and a spring home to get his act together. But the images of them having sex together, cooking dinner together, watching a movie together and sharing their deepest thoughts (having sex) together wouldn't leave his mind.

No, Sasuke had to do something about this. He had to confess his love to Naruto before he turned grey-haired.

Ten minutes later (after jerking off) he sat at the computer, typing in the words:


Yes, with such a perfect ass it was impossible not to have the hots for Uzumaki Naruto. Too bad Sasuke was too socially handicapped to just tell him.

To Be Continued

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