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Chapter 1: Memories

Rays of faint sunshine touched the creaky wooden floor of my bedroom at Wammy's House, causing me to stir. My black eyes opened to take in this encouraging sight. Then, further joy seeped into my soul; my brother had planned on visiting here today. He rarely set foot in the place where he was raised, sadly, for he had moved out a year ago to mold himself into something great.

Determinedly, he had set his always high ambitions on becoming the world's greatest detective, the one who would enshroud himself in mystery with his single letter name

L, better known as the quietly doting older brother I had with me until age seven, when he moved away. I could recall that we both loved to indulge in sugary sweets, our only sustenance.

Normally, L and I refused to eat anything else, even when, at the age of three, I received a light lecture from Watari to partake in more nutritious foods.

"Victoria, I'm sure you don't want to dine on foods with artificial sugars, do you? There are delicious fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains to enjoy. Why won't you give them a chance?"

"Ice cream! That's all I want!" I had shouted in my childish lisp, stamping one foot.

My brother shuffled awkwardly into the room at that minute, as if he knew what had troubled me that day.

"I'm afraid there's no convincing my sister, Watari." He smiled ruefully at my indignation as he acted older than his then eleven years. "It appears as if she wishes to copy my pleasure for sugar. And since we are related, I'm afraid she will most likely inherit some of my other habits as well."

"I suppose you are indeed correct, L. Though must you set a terrible example for young Victoria?" Watari inquired, though his eyes glinted from amusement behind his spectacles.

L shrugged his slumped shoulders. "I sincerely apologize for that, of course."

I ran up to my brother, wrapping my small arms around him. "Hiya, big brother! Can I get some ice cream? Pretty please?"

"Well...I suppose I see no harm in that."

"You're the best!"

As the years went by in the orphanage, I ate my beloved ice cream (preferably chocolate) as much as L wolfed down his cake that was usually topped with luscious red strawberries. I also had taken to spending time with my two friends Mello and Matt, who hardly minded my company. In fact, they tolerated it perfectly.

Despite having two close friends at my disposal, it didn't take the emotional agony I felt in my sensitive heart when L deemed that he had reached the age to abandon Wammy's House.

"Hey, V, L's about to leave. I just thought I should tell you that," Matt told me gently on that day.

"Why does he have to go?!? Oh...sorry, Matt. I didn't mean to snap at you like that. I guess...I guess I should say goodbye."

Matt nodded at my response as his fingers padded the buttons of his handheld.

I rushed outside, where rain proceeded to fall softly on the asphalt pavement of the driveway. There, Watari's limo waited for its departure. L slouched near the back door, his pallid hands shoved into his jeans pockets casually, as if that day hardly contrasted from all the others. With shaky, trembling legs that felt like Yorkshire pudding, I urged myself to come to him.

"You do comprehend as to why I'm doing this, do you not, V?" he asked quietly, almost incoherently. And for good reason; his black eyes that matched mine spoke of reluctant misery, but also of a sense of duty.

"I—I think so. It's about justice, right?"

A delicate, minute smile graced my brother's lips before he patted the top of my disheveled head of shoulder-length raven hair.

"That's right. I will bring justice to the world by solving all sorts of cases. Maybe, you'll hear of me one day and make you proud."

"Of course, L. I will always support, no matter what." I grinned, revealing tiny baby teeth, as well as developing adult ones.

"V, I usually don't divulge my emotions, but...I will miss you. After all, I got accustomed to the way you picked up most of my habits. And now, your friends and I address you by the first letter of your name. You always were quite the imitator."

"Yeah, I suppose I always will be, big brother!"

Giggling after my answer, as all typical seven-year-olds do, I embraced L one last time; not accustomed to such affectionate gestures, his entire body tensed before wrapping one arm around me in a brotherly manner. The rain fell more rapidly than ever, soaking us both, which reminded me that this was the last time I would see my cherished brother for a very extensive period of time. This made me profoundly sorrowful and upset. Tears suddenly glowed at the corners of my eyes, and I found myself trembling to suppress anguished sobs within me. L sensed this, for his arm gripped my abdomen even tighter to show his sibling love.

"Y—you're th—the only f—family I—I have, L," I stuttered in a weak whimper to explain my abrupt tears. I felt his chest heave with a sorrowful sigh as he deliberately released me from his one-armed embrace.

"I know that, Victoria. But, I will contact you often, I promise. I simply feel that justice needs to be done, and I can use my deductive skills to aid in the cause. Do you fully understand that?"

Gulping down yet another sob, I whispered, "Yes. But, I'll miss you."

L only bestowed me one more reassuring smile before pulling the car door handle; the sound of that door opening echoed excruciatingly in my ears.

I shivered in my damp yellow T-shirt and my oversized denim jumper over it as freezing droplets of rain trickled down the nape of my neck. Why did it insist on raining that fateful day? The weather mocked my pain at having to say goodbye to my sweet brother L. It took all the courage I had just to shout, "Bye!" upon his entrance in the vehicle. To add to my cheerful façade, I waved one tiny hand consistently. L smiled yet again as he started at my forlorn form out his window; afterwards, I watched his lips to move to inform Watari that he was ready. The limo soon purred like a kitten as our guardian proceeded to turn the keys in the ignition.

As soon as the vehicle maneuvered toward the pair of open silver gates, I snapped; I could no longer continue my ruse of bliss.

"Wait for me! Big brother, take me with you! Please! Why can't I go, too?!?" I wept as I vainly chased after Watari's limo, praying that it would pause, so that a door would allow me entrance.

Sadly, no such thing happened.

My diminutive legs could not reach my desired destination. Soon, the shiny black limo drove through the silver gates, those unforgiving metal contraptions. Just as I attempted eluding Wammy's House, those cold gates slammed shut.

"No...No! NO!"

Collapsing hard on my knees, the tears that had managed to only shiver in my ebony eyes before slid down my face. And the unsympathetic shower still persisted. I don't know how long I sat crying before warm, comforting arms grabbed me from behind. Emitting a terrified squeal, I turned sharply to face the child who did this.


"M—Matt, wh—why are y—you hugging m—me?" I inquired as my sobs gradually died down.

He blushed, which caused his face to look as red as his messy mop of hair. "I know I never go outside that much, but you were crying. You'll catch a cold, you know."

I nodded as a faint smile appeared on my lips. "Thanks."

Matt raised an eyebrow in confusion, though managed to help me stand up after he offered his hand to me. Even though I was merely seven at the time, I sensed then that that warm yet clammy touch felt right. Together, we trudged through the pouring rain and back to Wammy's House, where an odd event had taken place.

In the den that included a toasty fireplace that aided in dispelling chill caused by merely staring at the windows that day, Near worked on a puzzle that lay on one of the tables. Even if the albino child meant well, I didn't really care for him. There was just something about him I could scarcely grasp, and it definitely disconcerted me. It also didn't help that he possessed the same blank black eyes that my brother and I shared.

A plate of cookies sat next to the puzzle that Near currently constructed so deliberately, but these were quickly being devoured by none other than Mello. I did like Mello's spirit and ardor, though when it came to Near, it seemed positively ridiculous. For, the blond chocolate lover thoroughly disliked him, even declaring him an arch-nemesis. And to think, Mello only surpassed his loathed enemy by a year. I shuddered to think what would become of this rivalry when they grew older.

"You don't deserve these cookies, Near!" Mello grumbled through a mouthful. "I do!"

Shaking his head his best friend's way, Matt decided to intervene.

"I know that you don't like him, but go easy on him, will you, Mello?" he implored while still enraptured with his latest handheld video game. I always believed that Matt preferred to escape reality by landing himself in the interesting virtual world of gaming. It served as his sinful obsession, whereas ice cream served as mine.

In the mean time, Mello paid no heed to his friend's entreaty. "He's not even eating the stupid cookies! See?"

As if to disprove his point, Near reached out to obtain the last cookie, but Mello wouldn't let that happen; he slapped Near's hand, which the owner retracted almost robotically.

I shoved my hands in my denim jumper, somewhat displeased at this scene that had lain out before me. Sometimes, I wondered if Near did receive the treatment he actually deserved. I doubted that he cared, though, for he proceeded to build his thousand-piece puzzle as if nothing had happened.

Mello pouted and heaved a huffy sigh, which caused an unruly strand of his blond hair to drift upward before landing back on his forehead.

"Near is never any fun!" he complained as if the eerie child was out of the room. "He always ruins it, of course!"

"Well, we can play my latest console video game," Matt suggested one he replaced his green handheld in his pants pocket.

He looked toward me to listen to my opinion; his green eyes that I could barely see behind his goggles appeared genuinely interested to hear it.

"Sure, I bet it makes for fantastic gameplay," I replied in my normal, eloquent phrasing.

Matt grinned eagerly and raced upstairs before Mello or I could think twice.

"Hey, wait for me!"

Running after Mello after he shouted this, I permitted a smile to come to my lips.

Even though my dearest brother L had departed from Wammy's House, I realized I still had my two best friends to cherish. No possible way could exist to wreak misery upon my spirit, as long as I had them by my side. Surely, they would cause me to be devoid of complete and utter loneliness. These memories that filled my mind as I gazed out the dirty, smudged window couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. Now, a little more than a year later had passed, and today marked my eighth birthday. Better than that, L had contacted me via my computer the night before to inform me of the aforementioned visit. I had barely gotten over my excitement, however, before he told me of another reason.

He wished to discuss an important matter with me that would come into play later on.

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