Dudley POV Deathly Hallows

Just after the Dursleys leave Privet Drive.

"Why isn't he coming with us?" I asked the man who called himself Dedalus and the woman who called herself Hestia

"Who Harry?" Hestia asked.


"Why, I can't believe you don't know." she said with a shake of her head. "Well when Harry was just a baby, on Halloween he was attacked by a dark wizard. This dark wizard wanted to kill Harry. He killed Lily and James but for some reason couldn't kill Harry. He was destroyed that night."

"But then how come we are leaving?" I asked, confused.

"I'm getting to that!" she said a little bit impatiently.

"Sorry" I said. I looked over at my parents. My dad was driving, looking straight ahead, and grinding his teeth. My mother was looking down, trying to pretend she wasn't listening.

"In Harry's first year of Hogwarts," Hestia continued, "Harry was attacked by a teacher at his school that was being possessed by the bit of the You Know Who that was left."

"Who's this You Know Who person?" I asked

"The dark wizard" Dedalus said.

"Why can't you say his name?" I questioned

"Because people are scared to say his name" Dedalus answered.

"Okay" I said, nodding. "But what does this have to do with why Harry isn't coming with us?"

"I'm getting there!" Hestia said impatiently.

"Okay! Sorry" I apologized.

"So Harry found out and defeated him." Hestia said triumphantly. "But his heroic traits don't end there. In his second year he battled the memory of you know who, who came out of a diary he wrote while at school. Not only that but he battled a basilisk too!"

What's a Basilisk?" I asked

"A huge snake" Dedalus said quietly.

"Anyway," Hestia said, looking annoyed that she had been interrupted again. "Harry came out of that alive. In his third year he had to deal with a so-called mass murderer being after him."

"Of course that was all a load of dung" Dedalus said. "Sirius was not after Harry."

"Of course," Hestia said "Then he had to battle many Dementors at once. You, of course, know what Dementors are."

I shivered at the memory.

"Anyway, Harry managed to save Sirius from being wrongly imprisoned but also managed to save ANOTHER innocent life!"

"Whose?"I asked curiously

" A hippogriff by the name of Buckbeak. Please don't ask what a hippogriff is because it is kind of complicated. Anyways, In his fourth year You Know Who returned, using Harry's blood to make him stronger. Harry was not only forced to witness You Know Who return and watch him kill a close friend of Harry's but had to fight him as well! Imagine fighting one of the most powerful wizards ever known at only fourteen."

"What was the friends name?" I asked, dimly recalling a memory.

"Cedric Diggory" Hestia said softly "Great boy. Was going to do great things. So tragic"

"Oh" I said, suddenly feeling a little bit sick to my stomach. I was remembering taunting him about his sleep talking. I remembered him talking in his sleep "Don't kill Cedric!" I remember hearing him and watching him thrash around in his sleep. I didn't understand and made fun of him. "So Harry fought You Know Who..." I said finally. "How did he escape?"

"Well nobody on our side really knows except for Harry," Hestia said "and he rarely talks about his feats. So modest that boy is. So he escaped you know who and went back to Hogwarts where nobody knew what had happened. The next year Harry was considered a freak. He was considered to be unbalanced and dangerous. The ministry was telling everybody that Harry was lying. They didn't want to believe that You Know Who was back. Then Harry went to battle You Know Who again and won again! Finally the ministry believed Harry and he was once again considered a hero. Then Dumbledore left Harry a mission, how to defeat You Know Who. Harry is dropping out of school and going on the mission that Dumbledore left him before he died." Hestia finished triumphantly.

"So Harry is risking his life just to make the world a safer place for all you wizards?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes." Hestia said quietly "And the muggles like you too. You Know Who hates muggles too. He and his followers kill them just for fun."

"Why can't someone else do it?" I wondered

"Harry won't tell anyone why, but he says it has to be him." Dedalus said.

I was quiet. I remembered all the times I had bullied him.

I was five years old and I was flaunting my new toy dump truck. I saw Harry look enviously at me and turn away quickly. I laughed at him

"Are you going to cry now little baby?" I taunted.

It was one of my birthdays and I was playing musical chairs with my friends. I watched as Aunt Marge beat Harry with a walking stick so I would win. I laughed at him and kept encouraging it until he gave up and sat by the tree.

I was eight and I was playing with my friends. I saw Harry and ran over to grab him. We started beating him up because we were bored.

I was ten and had my friends hold Harry upside-down while I grabbed the homework that he spent all night finishing. The teacher had said that whoever didn't have it done would get a detention.

I was eleven and pushed Harry out of the way to get a better look at the snake.

I watched and laughed gleefully when dad locked him in his cupboard.

I was at school. I was threatening anybody who tried to talk to Harry.

I was fifteen. I was taunting him about sleep talking.

Everything was dark. I had bad memories. I was never going to be happy again. Suddenly everything was bright and I dimly recalled being heaved up and brought back to safety. Harry pulled me back to the house. All three-hundred pounds of me.

I listened as the man who Harry referred to as Professor Dumbledore spoke of how I was mistreated. I didn't understand.

Now as I sat there I realized that I was mistreated. Sure I had everything I wanted but I never had to face the hardships that Harry had to. It was then that I swore I would be a better person. I would not treat my children the way I was treated. I would not let my parents baby me. I would not let dad say anything bad about Harry. If I ever saw Harry again I would tell him that I was sorry. If I ever saw him again. If.