Summary: Edward is your average popular Jock. Bella is the childhood Tomboy best friend in love with him but He gets a girlfriend and does something that drives Bella away. What happens when they meet up in senor year ? Bella x Edward.

Chapter one

This is my life


I tapped my foot waiting then sighed. He was late again my best friend and crush Edward Anthony Cullen. Captain of every sports team, class president, and the most handsome guy in school. Me on the other hand. Plain Jane tomboy best friend. I wear hoddies, jeans, and vans all the time. I skateboard in my free time and secretly take ballet lessons, tap, hip-hop, Irish, and every other kind of dance there is. I also sing and take voice lessons and do plays. I also do gymnastics, play a ton of instruments, teach dance, and writes songs which all of this is also secret.

I just don't want people thinking I'm fragile and dainty so I fake that I can't dance or do what I can and instead shoot hoops with my best friend Edward. Who was late again to do just that. I looked at my watch and swore. I had to leave in ten minutes to go to dance. Then I spotted Edward. He came running out of the building his green eyes dancing and his hair shining bright as copper in the sun making me catch my breath.

" Sorry I'm late Bells but the cheerleaders wanted me to watch their routine," he said and internally I snarled. Edward loved cheerleaders because he finds it so amazing they can do all those flips and stuff. I mentally rolled my eyes. I had been able to do what they could try and say was their hardest move when I was three. I threw the ball at his chest and we started played. I was just about to shoot a hoop when I looked at my watch. Shit!

I dropped the ball, grabbed my skateboard, and rode off. Edward didn't yell after me because he was used to it. He thought I went home to make dinner. Hah. I made dinner before dad got up. I cringed. My Mom died when I was twelve and she got me into everything I love. So when ever I dance or anything else I do I feel she is with me. Corny I know.

I got off my skateboard, and sprinted into the building that was my second home. I had first seen this place I was told the day I got out of the hospital when I born. Mom sat me in the corner with Dad and taught class. Sometimes Dad couldn't stay so the other teachers looked after to me. Their all still here and are like a family to me. They get mad though if I skateboard through the hall. I walked into the changing room and pulled on my ballet cloths. I pulled on my tights then my black leotard and then my point shoes. I quickly pulled my hair into a bun on top of my head then hurried to class. Luck was on my side because Madame was getting ready.

I went to the bar and started warming up. A few minutes later Madame entered the room and we began our routines. Mom was one of the best teachers and taught all I knew. I was on point by age seven. I was farther ahead then everyone in the most advance class here so I got private lessons. I listened as the light music of Swan Lake filled the room and let it flow through me. I made my limbs as light and fluid as possible. I made each move graceful but sharp. All to soon the music ended.

" Amazing as always Bella," said Esme or as I called her at school Madame. Esme Cullen I had been a good friend of my moms and when she died Esme took me in for my private lessons. She was Edwards's mom but swore never to tell a soul about my true life. She looked at me as if hiding something. " Bella you are doing so well. You even surpass me and your other teachers level. Don't disagree Bella you know its true. I hate to see you waste your time here when any fine arts school would gladly take you in. You have a future in this Bella," Esme said but I shook my head. She sighed," I know I know Charlie needs you," she said repeating what I always told when she brought it up.

I looked at the clock. " I have to go. You know teach those young rascals," I said as she nodded. I ran out the door and into the room three doors down. I sighed. Esme was always encouraging me to try out for some fine arts school along with my teachers. But I couldn't leave Charlie. Who would look after him? Also I didn't have the money. I was on scholarship here so I didn't pay for lessons. The money I did have went to paying for collage. No matter how much I wanted to go I couldn't.

I heard my little students come in and smiled as I started class. I taught five year olds and was very patient with them. At the end of class I sighed as each of them ran to their moms. I remembered when that was me and shook my head. The day my mom died I stopped crying.

I went into the dressing room and once again became a tomboy. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the building. I jumped on my bord and hurried home. The minute I got home I went on the computer. I saw Edward wasn't on AIM so I typed my English paper that was assigned today, did my math homework, and finished my lab questions. I looked at the clock. I had just enough time to go to the skate park. Charlie wouldn't be home for along time. Grabbing my helmet and skateboard I ran out of the house, jumped on my board, and started toward the skate park. The skate park was only around the block so I could ride there.

The one thing my mom hadn't gotten me into was skateboarding. That was all Edward right there. But of course he stopped once he became popular in 6th grade. I just continued riding. I entered competitions and kicked ass. I just felt free when going down a ramp or in one of those empty swimming pool looking things. Yes people even I forget their names. I waved at some usual people who skated there.

The minute I dived into the empty pool I just rode. I didn't think about Edward or ballet but just rode. I did the usual tricks that stopped skaters riding. I lost track of time and got home at dark. Thank god Charlie wasn't home. He hated me riding out so late.

I went into my room, showered, and changed then got into bed. I went to sleep with a feeling that something was going to change.

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