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A/N: This is my first fan fiction, and I know you probably think it sucks, but please not too many flames, and suggestions would be helpful. This is more for my enjoyment though, but I thought I'd share it.

Chapter One


Annabeth POV

Percy POV

"Oh Iris Goddess of Rainbows please except this offering," I said, as I threw the golden [what are the coins called again], "Percy Jackson." I felt a warm joy flood my body as I saw Percy, my wonderful boyfriend sitting on the couch. "Hey Seaweed Brain!"

"Yeah, Wise Girl," I asked, mildly curious why she had IMed me. I hoped nothing serious had happened

"My parents are out of town for the week, and they said you could come stay with me while I'm gone," I grinned.

"Okay, let me ask my mom," I couldn't wait to go see Annabeth. I didn't know how to get all the way to California, but I figured I'd work Something out. "MOM! Can I go stay with Annabeth while her parents are away?" I asked.

"Oh, sure honey!" She said with one of those big grins on her face

"Thanks, I'll go tell Annabeth"

"My mom says I can come, but how will I get to LA?" I inquired

"Well… erm… I'm staying at camp, and I'm outside your front door, so just come downstairs," She said.

"See you there," and I quickly waved my hand through the message, and sprinted down the steps.

"Seaweed Brain!" She called as she pulled me into a very emotional kiss, I never knew how good another persons tongue could feel. Finally we pulled apart, gasping for air, and smiled at each other,

"Argus is waiting in the van," I told him.


In the Van

"Hey Argus," I greeted him


Annabeth was resting her head on my shoulders as we stared into each others eyes. "she's so hot" I though as I look at her.

"So Percy," Annabeth said dreamily, "Chiron's on a mission, Dionisysis got to go back to Olympus early, and Argus just sit's the whole time, so we have the camp to ourselves."

"So what do you want to do?" I said playfully

"Oh, I have some ideas," and as she said that, she moved closer and her hand moved closer to some…more private areas of my body. I just sat there smiling for the rest of the ride

When we got there, we got out, holding hands and walked down the hill.

"So I figured if we both stayed in one cabin, it'd be easier on the workers, so I set up in your cabin, Percy" Annabeth said

"But there's only one bed in there," I told her, confused

"I know," she said, and with that, we pulled into another long kiss