All right! A new fic to work on! The Warrior Without is a crossover with between Naruto and Dynasty Warriors. It's a story about Liu Bei receiving a baby with whiskers along with his son in the battle. The baby will grow up and fight along and against famous warriors of Wu, Shu, and Wei. This baby is Nao Tang.

A few things to know is that after the battle of Chang Ban, China will have a fifteen year period of peace. When Nao Tang become fifteen, he fights in the famous battles of Shu. Also, not every playable character from Dynasty warriors will have the same look and weapon in one game. Example, Cao Pi's appearance in DW6 with his DW5 weapon.

For those of you want a picture. Just google it up.

Now, onto the story!


Chang Ban - 208 AD (Wikipedia! Bitch!)

Chaos. The word of the day. The word of this battle. The word of the situation. Swords clashed against each other. Battle cries rang throughout as if it would be heard from across the land. The steps of horses quickened against the reigns of their riders. Peasants cried for their heroes to save them, but receiving the wicked blade of villains.

Two colors on this land were fighting against each other. Green and Blue. The green though, was not into the fighting, but retreating south. The blue was intent on eradicating the green side.

Shu and Wei. Two armies of one land. One is renowned for it's leader Liu Bei. He commands with peace and virtue. He assists the people in their need and doesn't recieve their gratitude. He has gained the respect and loyalty of his generals and his people.

The other army, Wei, is feared and known for its size and power. Cao Cao, it's leader, is known as the Hero of Chaos. He is somewhat cruel and merciless in order to get what he wants. But he treats his officers like his family. His ambition is yet unknown even to his most trusted generals.

Cao Cao watched Liu Bei in battles such as the Yellow Turban Rebellin and Hu Lao Gate. At first, he believed Liu Bei as nothing but a commoner who will eventually get kill. But, he saw what Liu Bei is doing.

He is getting the respect of the people. In otherwords, he is getting more power in his command. Cao Cao then saw him as a threat. Soon, he viewed the man as an equal. Another hero.

That is why the Wei ruler is now chasing Liu Bei. To stop the man from growing more powerful.

Now this puts Liu Bei in a tight spot and something to think about. He has no land to call his own. He and his army just wanders aimlessly across the land staying at feifs for a short amount of time. He needs to think where to go after the battle.

We now see him among the chaos in the battle. His soldiers fending off Wei to protect the peasants he safely guards.

Liu Bei may be a ruler of his army, but he doesn't look like it. (Dynasty warriors 5 appearance and weapon.) He has a longsword with the hilt of a golden dragon.

"My lord."

Liu Bei turned to the man to the right of him. Zhuge Liang. The Sleeping Dragon. It was him who foretold that the land would be divided into three. It was him who foretold that Liu Bei would be one-third of that land.

He looks more regal that Liu Bei is. (Dynasty Warriors 6 appearance and weapon.)

Liu Beis strategist spoke. "Why are we waiting here? We should move swiftly." He pointed his green and white feather fan to the south. "Your brother Guan Yu will arrive with reinforcements soon." Then a huge war cry rang out louder than the rest. It caught the attention of lord and strategist.


Liu Bei chuckled and Zhuge Liang turned to his superior. "It seems you other brother Zhang Fei will soon grow weary."

The Shu leader looked to the north. "Zhao Yun." He finally spoke.

Liang raised an eyebrow. "My lord?"

Liu Bei turned to his advisor. "I am waiting for Zhao Yun to come." He looked to his sword. "I won't leave behind the man who swore his loyalty under me. He abandoned Gongsun Zan for me of all people."

Zhuge Liang had to supress a small chuckle. "I can see why."

Liu Bei was curious. His strategist explained. "You won't ever abandon a comrade or a life. You treat everyone with the same respect as yourself. This is why the people follow you." He closed his eyes. 'This is why I follow you.'

Silence came for them. They waited for about fifteen minutes. A soldier then came and bowed before Liu Bei. "My lord! Zhao Yun is nowhere to be found. Zhang Fei is about to fall back and Guan Yu is almost here. And last, enemy reinforcements will come from the north."

Liu Bei bit his lip. The situation has become even harsher. Zhuge Liang urged his lord. "What shall we do my lord?"

Liu Bei closed his eyes and shook his head solemnly. Zhuge Liang sadly looked at his lord. 'This must be tough for him. To abandon a comrade to safeguard his army and people.'

His lord took a sigh and opened his eyes. He turned to the south. "We leave. Gan Ya! Secure the peasants! Make sure their safe!"

"Yes my lord!"

He whipped the reign of his horse to walk. Zhuge Liang close by.


Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang both turned to see who arrived. Both of them had their eyes widened. One of them were smiling with happiness. The other with a smirk.

A young man on a horse came towards them. He has a spear in his right hand. On his body is some cuts and scratches. A deep wound was on his chest. He wore silver armor and around his neck is a see-through green sash. His face is stocky and a pony tail accompanies his head. (Dynasty Warriors 6 appearance and Weapon.)

His left hand seems to be carrying a bundle. Liu Bei was shocked at this. "Is"

Zhao Yun saw his lord taking the bundle from him. He nervously reached out. " lord...I..."

But it was too late. When Liu Bei unwrapped the bundle, he was in for shock. The Shu leader stammered for the first time, ever since he got his first kiss.

"Thi-this i-is...blon-nde hair!? Blue ey-eyes!?" And then all of it came to his head and then out from this mouth.


Zhao Yun scratched the back of his head and sheepishly laughed at his lords petrified expression. So he said one thing that would remedy the whole situation.

"Ha ha...his name is Nao Tang?"


And that concludes the prologue of the Warrior Without. If there some things left off in this chapter that means it will be in the next.

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