False Friends

Summary: Crystalia "Crystal" Pond is a beautiful young woman who has spent time in the Abbey and is Tala's best friend! However, her versions of events differ greatly from what the Blitzkrieg Boys can remember…

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Chapter 3:

Spinning on his heel, Ray dashed down the hallway towards Grev's personal training room for the day, the smirk still gracing his lips as he slipped inside. He momentarily ignored Kenny and Daichi as they argue over Daichi's blade and walked over to a certain duel haired young woman with blue markings on her face and two of the fiercest ruby red eyes anyone has ever seen.

Yes, it was true; Kai Hiwatari of Grevolution was in fact a girl and only dressed as a male for media based competitions. She revealed her gender soon after her final battle against Brooklyn, having forced to remove the bandages around her chest because of the discomfort of a few broken rips.

And the fact that a few of their fellow bladers found her slumped against the wall in a pool of her own blood unconscious and nearly exposed before being sent to the hospital also helped her decision.

Ray can remember the scene at the hospital clearly. Kai was woken from a deep sleep by none other than Daichi pointing out that she indeed had 'bumpy things on her chest like Hilary', which caused Hilary to punch Daichi on the head for being stupid and prompted Kai to sigh wearily before explaining a few things.

Kai was currently sitting at a table, signing a few papers for the BBA. She was wearing a simple pair of black hipster jeans that were a size too big for her, held in place on her hips by a simple black belt and a tight fitting dark purple hoodie that ended just below her bellybutton. She still had an assortment of bandages on her person, mostly on her arms, as she was still recovering from her big battle. And yet she insisted that her injuries no longer caused her any pain.

"Hey, Kai," Ray greeted as he slinked up behind the busy young woman, a sense of sadistic anticipation swelling in his chest.

Not at all startled by his sudden appearance, Kai simply made a small noise to acknowledge his presence, not looking up from her paper work. "Hn?" she muttered.

Ray smiled to himself, sadistically realizing that Kai is a little bit annoyed about all the paper work, he could tell in her grunt. Well, he knows just the thing to get rid of her stress. "Can I ask a random question?"


"Was there any powerful female bladers hidden deep in the bowels of the Abbey waiting to be released on an unsuspecting world after spending years of training with a new and powerful blade only she could wield?" he asked quite quickly, yet as bluntly as he could, hoping that his random question would make Kai aware that they have yet another fanbrat making up stories to get into the spotlight.

Yeah, they were getting pretty common now.

A deathly thick silence followed and the pen in Kai's hand snapped in two from her fingers suddenly tensing with anger. Slowly, she turned to face him, her eyes hard as rubies, her jaw clenched tightly shut and her profile tense, yet seemingly ready to explode from her inner seething.

"What?" she asked with such venom, Ray could almost see the poison dripping off each letter.

"Well," he said casually, resisting the urge to smirk at the impending outburst Crystal was about to receive. "There's this girl called Crystal who claimed-"

He didn't even have to finish his sentence when Kai suddenly slammed her hands on the table in front of her and abruptly shoved herself to her feet, her profile still tense and ridged. She pushed the table away from her harshly, the chair she was sitting on falling to the floor with a loud crash as she spun on her heel and practically stalked out of the room.

From the other side of the room, Daichi and Kenny grew instantly silent as they watched their fellow teammate storm out of the room, a look of murderous intent on her face. It was not often that Kai let her emotion get the best of her, but there was one sure fire trigger point to get her angry; fangirls claiming to be been in the Abbey even though everyone knows it's not possible.

Since Kai was the only girl at the Abbey -only because she was Voltaire's granddaughter. Had she not been related to the wannabe-dictator, she won't have been anywhere near that establishment- she was awfully protective of her 'boys', as she called them.

She could not stand anyone claiming to be from the Abbey who was never there in the first place. It angered her so much it made her feel physically ill. For some obnoxious bitch who had a bratty and egotistical attitude to claim to have suffered in the Abbey was like a slap to the face to those who were actually there.

How dare some brainless fool tell lies about a place they've never been to all the while making themselves out to far more important and special than those who actually lived through the horrors of the Abbey?

Kai just couldn't believe the sheer audacity of some of these fanbrats! How arrogant, stupid and totally...stuck up could they possibility be?!

"That bitch is going down," Kai hissed to herself.

Finally able to reveal the smirk he was trying to keep hidden; Ray followed Kai out of the room, eager to see what Kai has to say to their new acquaintance, Crystal. He could say that he felt sorry for her...but then he would be lying through his teeth.

This should prove to be very entertaining.


Defiantly, Crystal folded her arms under her bust and glared heatedly at Tala, who in turn seemed unfazed by her terrifying gaze and returned the look with an expression that was a mixture of annoyance, frustration and mild disinterest.

She just could not get her head around her cold reception. She was in the Abbey for Heaven's sake! It didn't matter how or why she was there, she did spend time in there in the Labs! She was one of them, God dammit! They should be treating her with respect and dignity, not with contempt and suspicion. It just wasn't right at all!

"Feisty, beautiful and talented?" Tala suddenly muttered with a sneer. "You're not modest, are you?"

Suppressing a bristle, Crystal lifted her nose into the air. Well, she was immensely feisty, beautiful and talented. She's been described constantly as an amazingly stunning and intently beautiful. She was an amazing and extraordinary young woman who skills could not be matched nor could she be defeated.

She was, simply put, mesmerising.

Crystal gritted her teeth together in annoyance. "You know I'm right," she hissed back at him, to which Tala only scoffed at her.

Suddenly, the sound of approaching footsteps echoed through the sparse corridor and Crystal was mildly surprised by the smirks that had slipped across her fellow Russian's faces. It was like they recognized the heavy steps.

She turned around to glance at the end of the hallway, watching as a young woman a few inches taller than Ray, who was standing right behind her with a smug look on her face, appeared. Her red eyes were hard and narrowed into a glare that looked suspiciously like Kai's patent glare of death, her arms covered in bandages and her dual coloured hair hanging around her shoulders and framing her face.

Crystal felt her insides clench in annoyance. Great, it was a Kai wannabe. She probably thought she was so much better suited for the Blitz Boys!

Noticing the look of jealousy on Crystal's face caused Tala to snigger with amusement before turning his attention on the newcomer.

"Hey Kai," he greeted as the obviously steaming female walked over to him, a smirk appearing on his face at the expression of utter detestation in Kai's form as she stopped just short of him.

"Is this her?" Kai simply asked, nodding her head in Crystal's direction, who in turned seemed surprised to see that Kai was in fact female, her eyes nearly bugging out of her head.

Tala, on the other hand, simply smirked and nodded his head once sharply. "That's her."

"Right," Kai snarled as she walked past the group of bladers and over to Crystal, grabbing her by the collar of her shirt and literally got into her face. "Listen you brainless retard, you were never in the Abbey, you were not kidnapped at a young age, you were not Tala's best friend and you are not anyone's future girlfriend."

Ray and the others couldn't help by chuckle at what Kai said; they didn't even have to tell her anything of what Crystal told them, and she still managed to get it right. It just goes to show how common fanbrats like Crystal here were.

Next thing Crystal here will be claiming that there is a new rule stating that every team must have at least one female teammate or something ridiculous like that.

"Both Boris and Voltaire was a pair of sexist old fools; they would do whatever they could not to get a bratty little bitch like you involved in any of their plans," Kai continued as her grip on Crystal's collar tightened, her knuckles turning white, appearing that she was struggling with the temptation to literally pound some sense into the female before her.

And to think, Kai hardly ever raises a hand unless she's really, really pissed off about something.

Her fellow bladers opted to wait silently in the background until she's done with verbally ripping Crystal to shreds, with only a tiny amount of remorse was felt for the female.

Normally, one of them would have stepped in and asked Kai to calm down, but with the way Crystal irritated all of them, insulted them without any provocation, caused them to stay silent. When dealing with such youths like Crystal, the frank and no holds bar approach is best.

Besides, no one could handle a fangirl better than Kai.

"Get over yourself," Kai said in a low voice, seemingly disgusted with the way Crystal thought herself to be so utterly important that she had the right to get herself involved with their lives. "I am so sick of bitches like you appearing out of the blue claiming to have shared a past with one of us, making yourself out as far more important and all possessed obnoxiously tragic and dark pasts. I don't give a shit who you are or where you've come from; I don't hate you because you're a girl, but because you possess a bratty and arrogant attitude that really pisses me off! Just because you think you're special doesn't mean I will think the same."

Behind her, the others could not help but begin sniggering to themselves. Everything Kai said, they whole heartedly agreed with and knew that they could not have said it better themselves. They really couldn't care less where a person comes from or how terrible their past was; all they cared about was attitude and personality.

If you act like a bitch, throw tantrums like a brat and insult everyone like a rebel, then you won't get far at all.

Honesty, acting like a selfish brat was not an endearing personality trait at all, not by any stretch of the imagination. How could anyone even think that was cute or funny at all? Kai here would not put up with such shit and would get the person that was irritating her out of her sight fairly quickly.

"Let's make one thing perfectly clear; I was the only female blader in the Abbey and even then I didn't last long there," Kai continued on, her left eyebrow slowly beginning to twitch. "If the granddaughter of the man who owns the place wasn't confined to the Abbey labs, why the fuck would you be?"

With eyes as wide as saucers and her face paling considerably, Crystal could do nothing but swallow thickly, tears stinging her eyes. "I..."

This...could not be happening!

It wasn't fair! She had a right to be on any team she wanted. She should be allowed on the Blitzkrieg Boys' team as well as Grev. She was an amazing blader! She knew she was and she wanted to prove it to the world!

"Your bratty attitude and obnoxious presence is not appreciated," Kai said firmly as she finally let go of Crystal's shirt, pushing her away from her with a look of annoyance. "Now, go fascinate someone else."

Crystal stumbled back, tears now freely pouring from her eyes as she leaned against the wall, staring with blatant shock and disbelief on her face. How could they treat her in such a way?

She was a fellow blader who needed a team! Why couldn't they just let her become a member?

There was so much so could offer this team. She could impress them with her leadership skills, have them in awe of her power, and force them to focus on competing for her attention instead of the Beyblade competition. She could show them that she was more important than blading! She was going to change their lives for the better!

She was really a sweet and gentle girl under her rough exterior. She was going to be the one who would make them confess their pasts, confront their fears and conquer their enemies; all the while doing it all for her attention and love. She was going to be their beautiful angel of light who would become the centre of their universe and help them overcome all odds and challenges. Since her appearance, nothing would be the same again.

That was what was supposed to happen!

If they want to treat her like this, fine! She'll make them pay; make them see how utter stupid they are for not letting her get involved with their lives.

"I'm too fucking good for this team, anyway!" she screamed as she pushed away from the wall and fled down the hallway, no one moving until she was out of sight.

Then, a sigh of relief rang true and everyone relaxed.

"Wow, Kai," Ray said as he gave an impressed whistle as he turned his attention back to Kai, who was in turn rubbing at her temples with her fingers, muttering something under her breath. "That was quite vicious, even for your standards."

"I fucking hate fanbrats," Kai hissed, on the verge of pulling her hair out. She turned around and stalked toward the arena, where the Beydishes were located. "Dammit, I need to destroy something. Bryan, battle against me!"

"Whoo, this should be fun," Bryan sniggered as she followed the seething female. "Coming Kai!"

Tala rolled his eyes at the two and shook his head in amusement. With their team being made up of only males, they've had a few feisty females try to become a member, wanting to change their name to the Blitzkrieg Bladers or something like that.

What kind of an obnoxious twit would force her way onto a team and then have the audacity to have their name changed all because of her anyway?

Of course, as soon as a girl makes her intentions known, Bryan would tell Kai, who would go all badass on them, pointing out all the reasons why they can't join the team and the young girl would run away, crying pathetically about the boys being sexist and Kai being a bitch.

They, being the Blitz Boys and Kai, then would go about their day, forgetting about the stupid twit until another comes along to claim the same thing.

And the cycle continues. Sassy girl appears, angst about past, claims to be special, get on Kai's nerves, Kai loses her temper, fanbrat runs away with her tail between her legs and Kai would blade ferociously for a moment before feeling refreshed about getting her anger out of her system.

Hey, it was the only way they could get the point across that they didn't want any more teammates. Bryan enjoyed the show and Kai was able to release some pent-up anger and frustration in the process.

So, fanbrats were useful for something after all.