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Athena took her time to answer, but in the end, she nodded and walked toward the entrance to her temple.

Walking down the road was spooky enough on Olympus, but now it was foggy in the streets and Annabeth and I were walking behind a totally steamed goddess with a bunch of weapons in her hand. Still, Annabeth and I were practically shoulder to shoulder.

Following the countless roads was like playing the game where you have to connect items through lines; it was like following spaghetti.

After I left like I was back in the Labyrinth again, Athena stopped in her tracks, leaving me to run straight into her.

"Sorry." I said, but I had a feeling Athena didn't even feel it.

"The throne room is up there." She said, pointing her spear in the direction, "But I'm afraid this is as far as I will go."

She turned back toward her temple, but I just couldn't hold my tongue anymore.

"So that's it Athena?" I asked. I hadn't even turned around.

The footsteps stopped, and for a second I realized I was in big trouble. I could feel her eyes bore a hole through me.

"So you're just going to give up and walk away to sulk?" I continued. "What about your family? What's going to happen once wisdom is gone? What's going to happen to your cabin at camp, to your children? What then?"

"Percy Jackson," Athena said, her tone was surprisingly calm and collective. "You dare not turn toward me with that tone. My children will flourish. But wisdom wants no place among the quarrels of the gods."

She turned to walk away. I turned around to watch her go, but my eyes flowed toward her daughter. Annabeth had stood there mute and motionless, staring straight ahead like a statue.

"You know, Athena." I said, "Someone once told me that the most dangerous flaws are those which are good in moderation. Evil is easy to fight. Lack of wisdom is much harder. I thought at first that you were talking to me, but now I think you were talking about yourself. Even gods have flaws. I think yours may be right up that road."

Athena turned around and walked slowly back up to me, which made me want to erase what I'd just said, and close my mouth forever.

"Perseus," she said, her voice wasn't that calm anymore. Not good. "I have no flaw. I am a goddess."

I didn't even hesitate, "Personal Sanctuary." I said, "You want to get away from things when they don't go your way. You want to hide yourself out and hope that wisdom will win. But in reality, wisdom doesn't come naturally, it has to be taught."

Athena stared at me with her stormy eyes, and then she turned back toward her temple. I let her go. I was done arguing.

I walked off toward the throne room, but Annabeth stayed where she was. I turned back toward her. Great, I thought, she's either torn apart or Medusa went super ninja on her.

I went back and grabbed her by the wrist. "C'mon," I said, "She'll be back."

Reluctantly, she went with me.

Minutes later, we pushed through the doors of the throne room, only to meet the gaze of eleven super tall, powerful gods.

"Where is Athena?" My father, Poseidon asked.

"She's not here." Annabeth answered for me.

"She will be." I assured her.

Zeus cleared his throat, "What do you plan to do about my daughter's leaving of the council?" The question seemed to be targeted toward everyone.

"She's not going to leave." I said, "I highly doubt she'll risk it."

"But—" Zeus started.

He was interrupted by Athena bursting through the council doors, getting a disappointing eye from nearly everyone, excluding Annabeth and me.

"The boy is right," she said, staring at me, "But he did teach me something. Even the gods have flaws. I have been hiding behind mine for too long.

My father spoke next. "So you are not going to divide our council?"

Athena nodded, "One of the sayings of this country is united we stand, divided we fall. I think that is true to Olympus as well."

I stood there in the throne room; staring around me at the mixed complexions of the gods I called family as they watched Athena take her rightful seat back upon her thrown. As soon as she sat, a shock wave force tremored through my body.

I turned toward Annabeth, grinning, we were standing there in the center of the room, everyone watching us. Then, she did it. Annabeth kissed me.

Immediately, I felt a shock of embarrassment jolt through me; both our parents were watching us, probably wanting to kill the other.

But I didn't care.

I held her for the full ten seconds I couldn't remember or care what my name was. Then I realized where we were.

I pulled away to look at Annabeth's face.

"You know we're being stared at now, don't you?" I asked her, whispering.

She smiled playfully, "Then I guess they'll have to deal with it, Seaweed Brain, because life has love. And besides; Greek Eyes were meant to stare."

I smiled, staring down at our feet; they were dancing to an invisible tune. I went in for another kiss, this one determined to make Aphrodite jealous. "So let them stare."

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