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The Fire Chapter One

It was a long day for Haruhi. She was tired and just wanted to get home. That last minute grocery shopping as a bad idea, she thought as she walked up the stairs to her apartment. Once she got to her front door, she tried to get the keys to the door out of her pocket without dropping any of the grocery bags in her hands."Almost… got it!" she muttered.

Once she had the keys she opened the apartment door and walked inside. The lights were on so she figured her father was home. After closing the door she walked over to the kitchen counter and set the grocery bags down. "Dad! I'm home! Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes!" she shouted.

Right on cue, Rankasan came in singing. "OH Haruhi! Where were you all day? I came home an hour age and your stuff was here but you weren't. You made me worry," he whined.

"Sorry I got caught up in some studying and I lost track of time. And I also forgot to get something for dinner on the way home, so I had to go now. I'm sorry I made you worry."

He gave her a hug and gave her a soft kiss on her head. He pulled her back a bit and studied her face. "You look tired how about I make dinner? You go take a nap; I'll wake you when it's ready. Ok?"

She sighed. She was really tired. Dead on her feet as the Americans would say. "Ok," she said. She'll just eat it, even if it's burnt. And with that she walked into her room and fell on to her bed. It didn't take much time for her to fall right into sleep.

He was worried. Haruhi just kept pushing herself; she didn't know when to slow down. Ranka knew she got it from her mother and it made him smile a little as he stirred the noodles. He was glad she let him cook now. He liked to cook and even though he could burn water, he still liked to cook. Once the noodles were (over)cooked he set them on the counter with the "special" (burnt) sauce he made earlier. He set two sets of dinnerware on the table and walked towards Haruhi's room. Silently opening the door, he peeked inside. She was fast asleep. And for the first time in a long time she looked peaceful, like there was no care in the world. Ranka closed the door softly and walked back to the table. When he saw the stove top smoking he rushed over and turned it off before the smoke alarm could go off. He grabbed an oven mitt and started to wave the lingering smoke away. He ate his dinner alone and washed his own dishes. As he was putting them away Ranka thought he heard a bottle smash against the wall. I'm tired, he thought, it's probably just another gang just making noise; I'll check it out in the morning. And with that last thought Ranka walked into his own room and got into his bed.

Haruhi woke up to the smell of smoke and the smoke alarm going off. He bunt the dinner again, was her first thought. Once she got out of bed, she relised that her father wouldn't still be cooking dinner in the middle of the night. She walked quickly to her door, trying not to panic. As she opened her door she was overwhelmed with thick smoke that caused her eyes to water quickly. She inhaled a cloud of smoke with surprise, which caused her to throw herself into a coughing fit. She quickly closed her door. She was pretty sure the scorching heat was the cause of burning flames, but because her eyes were watering very badly she couldn't see anything very well. Wiping her eyes she called for her dad."Dad! Dad, can you hear me!"

There was no answer. Thinking quickly, Haruhi grabbed a shirt from her dresser and threw it over her mouth and prepared herself. She quickly opened her door and tried to see threw the fire that was trying to take over her house. Thankfully there was a small pathway towards her father's room. She ran to the door and pulled it open. Her father looked asleep.

Haruhi rushed to him and tried to wake him."Dad…Dad come on ….DAD wake up!" she started to panic. He wasn't moving. Hearing sirens from outside, she tried to think of a way out of the death trap that was now her home.

"Haruhi?" Ranka's voice was barely audible. He seemed to be waking up now." What's happening?"

"The apartment is on fire," she explained quickly. There was a loud crack near the door.

"Your mother's picture!" Ranka exclaimed running to the door and throwing it open.

"Dad! No!" she screamed but her father was already out of the room. She tore after him. Her eyes were blinded from the smoke and flames. She walked down the hall, starting to get disoriented.

"Dad!" she called. There was a loud crack as a beam fell beside her. Throwing her arms up to protect her face she backed away from the flames and hurried towards the kitchen. Just as her father came into view another beam fell right in front of her blocking her father from any means of escape."DAD!!"she screamed.

Kyoya ran to his limo when he heard the news. He called everyone in the club and informed them as to what he was informed. Tamaki, Mori and Honey had asked him if they could all get a ride since he was closest to their houses. And now they sat in a deathly silence contemplating the endless possibilities that could happen to Haruhi and her beloved father. Honey was the first to break the silence with the news that everyone wanted yet dreaded to hear. "We're near her home now."

Everyone looked out the tinted windows to see the bright lights of ambulances and fire trucks were blocking their view of the apartment building in which their friends resided. Tamaki was the first to rush out of the vehicle. He ran everywhere asking people if they had seen Haruhi. He saw the twins and ran up to them. "Have you heard anything about Haruhi and Rankasan yet?"

"They say that they're still trying to get them out. A beam fell in front of the door," Kaoru said in a dead voice still staring at the burning building in front of them. Tamaki joined them in staring in horror as the firemen tried to knock down the door. Suddenly there was a scream and the firemen finally broke through the door.

Haruhi screamed again as another beam fell on top of her father effectively trapping him. Just then the door broke down and several men swarmed in. Haruhi dropped to her knees. She was exhausted and couldn't think any more. She felt like she couldn't breathe. A pair of strong arms surrounded her and picked her up. She was too exhausted to struggle or even look around.


She could hear several voices calling her but couldn't see them. She felt herself being set on a stretcher. Opening her eyes she saw Tamaki first. "Was there anyone else in the building?" asked a fireman.

"My dad…" she tried to say but it came out as a rough whisper. Haruhi tried to hang on.

"Tamaki get back, they need to get her to the hospital."

Kyoya came into view. Haruhi thought she saw a look of relief when he saw her but it was gone now.

"Are you gonna go with her?" asked a paramedic.

"Yes," he said.

"So am I," said Tamaki.

The twins finally came into view with faces full of worry, and then Mori with Honey on his shoulders."There's no more room," said the paramedic before they could even ask.

"We'll meet you at the hospital," said Kyoya fallowed by a set of directions to the hospital they were going to.

"My dad…" managed Haruhi.

"We'll stay until he comes out," said Hikaru and Kaoru simultaneously.

Haruhi tried to nod her head but it hurt too much.

"Sir, we've got to go now."

Tamaki and Kyoya jumped inside, Tamaki kneeling down by her side while Kyoya watched the paramedics carefully. Haruhi grabbed Tamaki's hand in reassurance. She couldn't hold on any longer. She was soon floating in a sea of warm darkness. All pain and worry had disappeared as she slipped into unconsciousness.

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