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Authors Note: I just listened to this song called Tears in Heaven. It sounded like a song that was made for Gibbs. This fic is loosely based on that song. I know that you cant put lyrics on here because of the site. This takes place after Requiem.


Would you know me if I saw you in heaven? Would you know that I am you daddy? Would you know that I love you and so very sorry for what happened to you and your mother? I wish that I could hold you and tell you everything will be all right. I wish that I could watch you grow up to be a lovely woman, but I cant because you were taken from me too soon. I will try to be strong, but its hard for me to do so. I miss you and your mother. I wish everyday that I could hug you and tell you a story at bedtime, but I cant. I wish that I can follow you, but I know that I cant. I dont belong there where you are. Not yet. Someday yes, but not now.

Would you hold my hand if I were in heaven with you and your mother? Time goes by here and theres not a day that goes by that I dont wish that you were here, so I can see you grow up. I saw your friend Maddie and it made me miss you more and more. I saw the woman that you might have grown up to be.

I had to be strong for Maddie and because of the team. I couldnt let them see me cry, or act up in any way. They have never seen my cry. Get mad yes, but not sad and crying. I hope that you dont get angry with me when I say that I have a son. Well, not technically a son, but what I feel like in my heart a son. His name is Tony and I feel like hes like a son to me. I know that his father never cared about him from the way that he drops clues about his life. I feel like hes my son of the heart, but not by blood.

The End.