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Demon Savior

Chapter One: Millitary Academy






"...stop it....stop..."



Blood red eyes whipped open as a young girl in her teens lashed upright in a sitting position in her bed, face hot with sweat. She panted heavily, then clutched her flaming orange-and-red hair with her scarred left hand. She closed her eyes, then instantly snapped them open again as soon as she started hearing that haunting voice that scathed her dreams. Not that her dreams were any pleasant to begin with. She sighed. "....right...today is the final exam...not that I'm excited for it." The girl soundlessly slipped out of bed just as a woman came through the doors, telling everyone to wake up. Her loud voice rang in the girl's head as she was slipping on her jacket. Soon, the other residents in their sleeping chamber got to their feet, and also started preparing for their last day, just as the girl finished dressing and headed out.


She walked through the very familiar hallways of the academy, heading to her class. All along the way, people kept whispering loudly behind her back, about how she was a 'devil', a 'monster', a 'demon'. How people came up with those lies was below her comprehension. Through all of it, all she did was keep a blank face, breaking out of it every once in a while just to give some people sideways glares. Everyone hurriedly ran along as soon as their gazes met. And then she saw him.

Teito Klein. Probably the best zaiphon user of this graduating class, save herself. He was also apparently a sklave.....and people always made hush-talk behind his back, as much as people did to herself. In that sense, she felt closest to him, but they never really met or talked to each other. Besides, he had his friend, his only friend, Mikage with him. He was lucky. She had no one.

As she walked past, people started bad-mouthing her and Teito, now saying how 'demons' and 'sklaves' would go well with each other. Apparently Teito never really noticed her, so he was surprised at the comment. The girl sent a menacing glare towards them, and instantly silenced everyone. Teito was baffled. She let out a small 'Tch' and continued along. As soon as she was out of sight, people started their conversations again about Teito. He stared at the hallway she had gone through, wondering exactly who she was, until Mikage pounced on him.

"OI, Mikage! Don't do that!"

"Aww, why not Teito? I thought we were best friends!!!"

"We are, but that doesn't give you any reason to attack me like that!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Teito paused. "Do you know who that girl was? I've never seen her before."

"What do you mean? She's the only girl in the graduating class this year! How could you miss her? Plus, you and Teito are the main targets for bad-mouths like Shuri."

"...targets, hm...?"

There was a pause, before Mikage suddenly said. "Hey! What are you going all gloomy for? This is it! The last day! If we pass the exam, we'll be able to serve in the army!"


"C'mon! My best friend!"

Teito smiled gently at the grinning face of Mikage, who was the only one who had ever shown him kindness. 'That's right. It's now or never...'


"Alright everyone! Get into your designated blocks for the final exam!"

The girl walked towards Block B, where she was sent to. She met up with some other male students, who looked scared at simply her presence. 'Idiots. I'm not going to kill them...' She shuddered mentally at her use of that word. One of her nightmare words... As she was thinking, she could hear people already talking about her. "Hey, isn't that Hasaki Hamono, the demon prodigy of this year's graduating class?" "Yeah, there are some pretty nasty rumors going around about her. I heard she used to be a murderer! On top of everyone's Bingo Book!" 'Tch. Simpletons.'

"Aright everyone! We'll go about the exam, starting with blocks A, C, and E, and then we'll switch to B, D, and F. Will the former blocks please step into their designated arenas?" The young woman who was running the exam said as the gates to the unbreakable glass arenas opened, and the candidates in the first set of blocks stepped in. Block A caught Hasaki's eye as she saw Teito and his friend walking in. 'Hm...let's see how he handles this...' She thought, as she walked up to the glass. There, she saw a huge human, with his arms and legs chained up, most likely a prisoner. He wore a black eye-patch on his right eye, and he had scars all over his body. "Ok, this is your final test! Defeat this prisoner! Which means you will have to kill him!" Hasaki cringed. If Teito....'offed' with him...well, it's not like she could blame him. She just hoped that he will not lose his humanity...

The battle started as the woman took off the prisoner's chains, and stepped back outside. Hasaki could hear the ridiculous rant of that 'Shuri Oak' kid. An obvious loathe occurred as his companions got knocked away, one by one, besides Teito and Mikage, who were carefully observing the enemy. Her attention to the battle disappeared as she heard several footsteps coming in Block A's direction, and the sound of "Oh! We are very honored to have your presence here, Ayanami Sir!" She whipped around, and caught sight of Ayanami and his various companions walking towards them. He didn't seem to notice her, as he continued to converse with another teacher. "So, how are the candidates this year? Do they have some backbone in them?" "Well, you see..." At that moment, Shuri saw the group of people, and ran towards them, banging the walls and yelling out "Get me out of here!!! Please!!! I'm gonna die!!!" Hasaki's gaze hardened. Ayanami said "How unsightly." "And yet, he is supposed to be the heir to the noble Oak family!" "It just goes to show that family background has nothing to do with anyone when they're faced in battle." Hasaki's eyes and hands twitched. Another one. "Usually only about 20 of the 100 students pass the final exam. No matter how impressive their skills are in training, it means nothing if you can't use them in battle." Hasaki closed her eyes, and sighed. She walked right up to the window that separated her and Shuri, then opened them as he stopped banging and looked at her pleadingly. That's when Ayanami saw her. She opened her eyes, and gave Shuri a menacing, tearing glare.


Shuri's eyes widened, and was about to plead more, until he felt the prisoner's shadow looming over him. He was about to smash him, when Teito suddenly pushed Shuri aside. They both escaped, even though Shuri was unconscience. Then, Teito and Mikage started fighting, actually dealing major damage effeciently to the opponent. 'Not like some useless trash who brags his mouth off, then is unable to save his companions and himself.'

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she whipped her head around, to meet the gaze of Ayanami. She shrugged his hand off her shoulder, then said. "You know, Nami-kun, that eventually your actions will cause the disintegration of the army, right?" She said cooly, but with a hint of humor.

"You're an insolent brat, as always."

"And you're hands feel as cold and sticky as ever, Nami-kun."

"Brat! How dare you insult Ayanami-sama and the army! What right do you have?!"

"Every right in the world..."


"Forget about her, for now. Right now, it seems as though Klein is trying to pass the exam without killing the enemy."

Hasaki's eyes flickered. Her body went stiff as she saw the graduating examiner step into the arena, Ayanami silently following him. 'No...he wouldn't!' "You can't end the exam that way. You have to kill him." "He isn't the real enemy. There is no purpose in killing him." Teito said as he undid his casted zaiphon. Just as he did, though, a bigger, stronger, darker zaiphon sliced through the prisoner's neck. Teito turned around and saw Ayanami, as he said. "You're too soft." Hasaki closed her eyes.


"Alright, now will groups B, D, and F proceed to enter their arenas, please?"

Hasaki stepped into the arena with several others, all of which were avoiding her. She knew what was coming, and sighed. This was too little of a challenge for her. The others though....she was worried. 'I will end this quickly then.' The exam officially started, and she was faced with another prisoner, this one larger than the last. "Stand back, but don't you dare run away, cowering." She said sharply, and everyone but one person complied.

"Hah! You think you're all tough, being called a demon and whatever! I'm not following your orders! Hey, what's wrong with you guys?! Are you seriously going to let this girl boss you around like this?"

Everyone looked at each other, then nodded, all in sync. "Che, fine, whatever! I'll leave you cowards over there then!" He turned, but what he saw was Hasaki already in front of the now paralyzed prisoner, pointing a sword at his neck. "Do you have family?" She asked. "Y-yeah, I have a wife..." "You should have treasured them when you had the chance. Some of us doesn't have your blessing. Any last words?" "...no." "Pity. Goodbye. Rest in peace." And with that, she drew down her blade.


Teito and Mikage watched in awe as they saw Hasaki's battle. At first, all they saw was a group of people, a brown-haired boy named Dain, and Hasaki talking to one another, when suddenly, Hasaki vanished, and the prisoner fell to the floor, in utter shock. Then she reappeared at the prisoner's head, and she did something he had never seen before. She morphed her zaiphon into a solid object, namely, a sword. Then, she brought it down.






Remember this, Hasaki. Once you cross the borderline of innocence, you can never go back. You can never live without these words echoing in your head, haunting you. But, it is when you have obtained enough strength, that you can create a new border into 'courage'. But, courage without strengtth is simply foolhardiness. Remember this well...


Dain watched in horror at the lone girl standing on the other side of the arena, surrounded by blood. Both of her arms were trickling with the red substance, and there were crimson splotches in her hair and on her torso. "Y-you really are a demon..." Hasaki slowly turned towards him, eyes filled with apology. "No, I'm just..." Her eyes hardened, and she looked away.

"An edged tool..."

People stared at her as she walked out of the arena, especially Teito and Mikage. She stopped beside them, not even sparing a glance at them. "...don't lose your humanity, Teito Klein..." She whispered. As she started to walk away, she saw Ayanami looking at her, smile on his face. "That look suites you well, Hamono." "...tch." As she disappeared past the doors, Ayanami smiled an evil grin.