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Chapter Five: Genius

Mikage was, needless to say, shocked. What was Hasaki doing here? Furthermore, what was she doing with him?

"Hyuuga, make him say all he knows about the traitor Teito Klein. After your shift, I shall come back, and Hamono, you switch with Hyuuga. The same with Konatsu afterwards. Understood?"

"Yes sir!"


"Okay, Aya-tan!"

He walked out of the room with Konatsu and Hasaki in tow. Hasaki took a brief glance at Mikage, then at Hyuuga, and briskly followed the two men out of the room. The large metal door made a huge 'thud' when it closed, and Mikage was left alone with the Black Hawks member in the dark.

"Now, let's get started, shall we?"


Castor was tired. He had seen a few more memories after the chase with the sklave trader, and none of them were very good. Bad, actually. She was chased, beaten, starved, and cold. Yet, each time she managed to get out with her life – and her freedom. Each time, he was amazed at her will and courage. Each time, she stood up for herself, despite being so young.

And each time, he was scared of what happened next.

Now, he was again flooded by the same light he had witnessed over and over again, signaling the start of another memory. But this time, he somehow felt that this was the most important memory for him to see. The reason for this whole ordeal.

The Hasaki he saw now was taller and stronger than the girl in the alley. She looked about four. She was, again, running from a sklave trader, but the difference was that the trader was faster and seemed to be stronger than the previous one. Obviously a lot more experienced, too.


'Ah. So this is where the one-syllable sentences started..' Castor sweatdropped, but continued running, losing Hasaki fast. 'Of course, she's even faster now.'

Hasaki kept running, even when there was a dead end. She stopped at a brick wall that stood before her, blocking her way. The sklave trader came around the bend on a hawkzile that was scratched and dented in several places.

She glared at him, then proceeded to jump and climb up the wall. In no time at all she was at the top, crouching. The hawkzile stopped at the wall and the man climbed out. He searched in the vehicle for a few seconds, then he pulled out a grappling hook. Hasaki jumped off of the wall onto the other side before he threw it over, then again, started running. Castor walked through the wall, then followed her. 'Funny how I'm used to the concept of walking through solid objects and people now…'

"Hey! Get back here!"

Hasaki only pushed harder, leaving a small trail of dust in her wake. She shivered. It was getting colder now. Finally, after running many miles, she slowed down to a walk. It seemed that they had lost him. Suddenly, she collapsed. A large growl came from her stomach.

'How long has she gone without eating anything?!'

Footprints steadily approached her. When Castor looked up, he saw a man around his fifties crouching down to her. He had a loaf of bread in his hand. He held it down to her. Hasaki eyed it suspiciously. He smiled.

"Are you alright? Don't worry; it's not poisoned or anything. I just thought you might have been hungry, that's all."

She was still cautious as she took the bread. She sniffed it, then started nibbling it. "Th…thank you." She said awkwardly, as if she had never spoken those words before. It was probably true. He man brightened.

"No, no, it's fine. You look cold. Would you like to come inside? It's not much, but it's better than out here. It's about to snow." He motioned to a small looking house, not much better than a shack, and held his hand out. She stood up, and eyed the small house, unsure whether to trust this man or not. Finally, she relented. The sheer happiness on the man's face made it very difficult to say no. He smiled, and ushered her inside. Castor was happy, but again, he felt a sense of dread wash over him, like something bad was about to happen.

And he realized what.


Teito sighed as he walked through the long corridors of the church. It has been three days now since Castor had first fallen into a coma, and he was getting more and more worried for his condition. He stared at the silver rose that Labrador had given him the day before.

'A good luck charm..?'

Teito closed his eyes, and stood up. He started walking to the path that lead outside of the church.

'I'm grateful to them for rescuing me, but is it really okay for me to be here? I don't even know if Mikage is okay or not. I can't-'

Suddenly, his head was grabbed from behind.

"Wait! Where do you think you're going, ya little brat?"

"Hey, let go of me! I'm not a little brat! My name is-!" He said defiantly, while jumping away from Frau's grasp.

"Is what?"

Teito paused, then turned away.

"You haven't even touched the food the sisters gave you, have you?"

He stayed silent. Suddenly, the man at the gate yelled out. "The gate's closing!"

Teito ran for the gate, but Frau grabbed his wrist and held him back. The gate closed.


Teito stared at the closed gate, but was picked up suddenly by Frau. He struggled, and accidentally dropped the silver rose he was still holding.

"Put me down! I'm not hungry!"

"If you miss your chance now, you won't get to eat anything until tomorrow, and it'd be annoying if you passed out on us again."

"It looks like you're finally loosing up." Labrador walked up to him, and picked up the forgotten flower on the ground. "This flower will lose its meaning in life if you don't wear it." He placed the rose in Teito's hair, and smiled. Teito pouted.

"Come on, brat, let's go." Frau proceeded to carry Teito all the way to the dining hall, while Teito struggled to get out of the man's grasp.

"Put me down!"


The steel doors opened into the room, shedding light onto the two occupants inside. Mikage's head was low, and Hyuuga stood beside him.

"This kid just won't fess up! But we all know he was with Teito Klein when he escaped!"

Ayanami and Hasaki walked into the room.

"He insists he was just a hostage. And now he pleads silence!"

Ayanami stared at him, then took out a photograph of Mikage and a young girl standing together. Mikage gasped.

"You're sister's a real cutie, isn't she?"


Ayanami put away the picture, and stared down at him.

" 'It's all for my family.'. I was so touched when I read that in your application. You're a most promising student."

Mikage's voice was weak. "Enough already…"

"I'm going to give you two choices." He bent down to Mikage's ear. "Your family, or Teito." He smiled.

Mikage's eyes were shocked and held despair. Satisfied, Ayanami walked out with Hyuuga in tow. "Keep an eye on him."

"Okay, Nami-kun."

Once again, the big metal doors closed, and Hasaki and Mikage were shrouded in darkness. Mikage's eyes were painfully squeezed shut, and his head was low. Hasaki looked at him impassively, but one could see a trace of sadness in her eyes. She walked up to him. Mikage looked up. He was sweating.

"Wh...what should I do..." He said quietly in a pained voice.

She closed her eyes. "I am not one to decide for you. You know that."

Mikage's head hung low again. "...why..."


"Why is it...that Teito...and my family have to get involved? Why?!" His voice got louder and louder until he was close to yelling.

She glared at him, but not as coldly as when she glared at Shuri at the final exams. She remained quiet. He turned his head away.

"Why are you with him? Why are you my guard this time? What's your relationship with that man?"

"I am a member of the Black Hawks."

His head shot back and he stared at her, surprised. Then he chuckled.

"I see...so that's how it is..."

She raised an eyebrow. He kept chuckling.


Castor was shocked still. Even though he was only seeing memories, the dread and the stench of blood still penetrated his senses. He didn't know what to do. 'I've really got to give credit to Ha-san...for all of these terrible memories...'

There in front of him, was a big pool of the red liquid splattered aimlessly, an unmoving body, a large man with a sword dripping the substance onto the floor...

...and Hasaki, clothes and hair soaked in blood lying on the floor, eyes clouded over and turning hard.


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