Chapter One

It has been exactly 80 years since I last saw my lovable big brother Emmett. Oh how I miss him, it is believed that he was killed in a horrific bear attack. Being two years older than my 18 year old self he would go out hunting on often but one day just he never returned home.

They sent rangers to search for him and all they found was his coat covered in blood. None of us knew what to think but in the end it was decided that a bear attack was the most likely cause to his disappearance. By that time he it was expected of him to be married but he was a free spirit my elder brother and no women could ever have been good enough for him.

God only knows how I held it together for the final week in my lonely existing life. It was after his funeral, with a coffin that held no body, I had taken to breaking into my father liquor cabinet. I had been stone drunk when I had stumbled into the very same forest that had taken my brothers life. I had fallen and knocked my head on a large rock effectively cracking my skull. I was bitten by an astoundingly beautiful woman with coal black eyes. She had come across me where I laid nearly dead on the forest floor in puddle of my own blood.

I awoke after three days in hell but this was the turning point of my life because I actually started to properly live. Irina allowed me to stay with her and her sisters for the first two years after I was reborn, she showed me the ropes, explained to me all about what we were but most of all she taught me how to control myself. Animals were the only things I consumed since in mine and Irina's family's eyes, humans deserved to live and we could be better than the monsters that we should be by nature.

I stayed on my own after those two years of mastering some from of restraint, I moved from city to city never staying in one place for too long. The most time I spent in one place was in Italy with the Volturi. Eleazar had informed me of the power I possessed; I could control the element water and hold my self in thin air. I could be useful sometimes, well Aro had thought so. I believe he had phrased it along the lines of 'much use to the vampire community'.

After being with the royals for 20 years I chose to move on again since they did not share my beliefs about a vampire's diet. They were, in a way, embarrassed by me since I still, even when among the Volturi, followed my chosen diet of animal blood and much to their disgust my eyes stayed in shades of gold like Irina's rather than the fearsome red they would have preferred gained only by draining a human.

Every place I go to my name is the same as my human name was; Ruth Victoria McCarthy. Emmett had chosen my name even though he was two when I had been born. My mother and father had promised to name me whatever he should chose when I'd only been about month from entering this world.

I was moving on now. Leaving my most recent dwellings in New York and heading off to Alaska where hopefully I should find Irina and her family. Life alone was starting to bring me down and I wished to return to the woman who had granted me this life all those years ago. In a strange way she was like my mother.

I went to stand in front of the sink, gazing at my reflection as ran a comb through my waist length hair. Me and my brother were so different in our appearances; him with his dark brown curly hair and me with my black poker straight hair. But then I suppose he had inherited his looks from our mother and I had got mine from our father.

After my appearance was at its best, I moved through my house packing up everything of value in owned into boxes loading each one into the spacious trunk of my black 2006 Jeep Cherokee SRT8. It only took me less than an hour to complete my packing when I moved at my vampire speed.

It took a good three day drive across the country before I arrived at my destination of Denali. It was a good thing that I was not human because that journey would have taken me considerably longer had I needed to stop to for sleep and all the other needs that humans had to deal with.

I hopped lightly from my jeep and approached the large cream coloured mansion where I had spent my newborn years with my creator and her coven. Just then a wave of new scents hit me, scents I did not recognise. A pair of vampires emerged from the house then. Going against my instincts I carried on forward towards them.

"Irina?" I called as I made my way to the couple, hoping that maybe she could out and explain to me why there were strangers living in her house.

"I am sorry to inform you of this but" he released my hand from his grasp "Our dear, Irina was killed some years ago by a member of the Volturi. The rest of her coven no longer resides here."

I had been expecting that! Why did everyone that cared about get taken from me?! My face must has briefly revealed the inner hurt I was trying to conceal at this newly gained knowledge because the female of the pair asked me her voice kind

"Are you alright, sweetheart?"

I nodded and quickly constructed a mask to hide my grief from the couple.

"My name Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife Esme." He introduced himself to me and indicated to a female by his side as he spoke her name.

"Why don't you come inside and meet the rest of our family?" Esme asked me, I nodded not wanting to cause them offence.

They lead me through the house that was now there's and not Irina's! Must keep telling myself that!

Carlisle then went on to introduce to me the other members of his coven,

"First we have Alice and Jasper" he pointed to a tall blond male and a short black haired female. Alice smiled widely at me but Jasper just seemed weary.

"Edward, Bella and Renesmee" he indicated to another pair of vampires and to something that appeared human. I had heard recently of hybrids that were half-vampire half-human maybe she was that since her appearance and too fast heart rate made it obvious to me that she was not just human. I had heard of the great threat to Volturi.

"And then we have Rosalie and Emmett." Carlisle indicated to the remaining two vampires. The female was exceptionally pretty even for a vampire and the male reminded me so much of my brother that it hurt! With his tall, muscular build and curly dark brown hair, he was the image of my dead brother! They even had the same name! I fought hard not to dry sob at the resemblance that this Emmett had on my brother!

"Now, we've told you who we all are could you please share with us your name?" Carlisle asked politely smiling. I tore my gaze from Emmett and turned to Carlisle.

"My name is Ruth. Ruth McCarthy" I told him.

They all gasped in shock when I said my last name and began looking back and forth between me and Emmett.

"Ru?" Emmett whispered staring intently at me.

Then it clicked! This vampire didn't just look like my brother, he was my brother!

"Em!" I screeched and pulled him into a bone crushing hug, we broke away from one another though when Rosalie screeched

"You were married?!"