New chapter!! Pics on profile and thanks to my beta!!!Chapter three.

Now that my brother was back in my life I had a serious reason to want to stay in Alaska. I wouldn't feel all that comfortable living with the Cullen's, even if they did ever invite me too. I didn't want to leave Emmett. I'd lost him once and I sure as hell wasn't letting him to get away from me again. It hurt enough the first time. I would need to find somewhere to stay. Somewhere more permanent, somewhere that was secluded and private, away from humans. I have more than enough money to buy such a house, one of the many perks about being a vampire; you gain a lot of money when you don't need to buy food or pay for things like medical insurance.

I decided that going on a hunt would probably be a good idea. Even if I wasn't particularly thirsty right now it would still do me a great deal of good to just let go of my thoughts for a moment while my natural senses did all the work. I threw open my jeeps door and hopped lightly down out of it and onto the ground beside it. I slammed the door shut and the sound of the action echoed through the woodland around me. I pulled my little compact mirror out of my jeans pocket and stared into it just to find that my eyes were slowly turning darker and darker by the second. Ok maybe I was just a tad thirsty.

I locked the jeep after shutting the door and hurried of towards the line of thick forestation that stood tall in front of me. I stood still, closed my eyes and allowed my normally restricted vampire senses to run wild. I caught the sent of large mammal blood and ran of to find it the grizzly that I knew wasn't far away. But when I found it I didn't kill it, like I usually would have done, I drank from it instead. Its hot blood flowed through heating every dormant cell within my frozen body. The taste of its blood was the most beautiful thing I had ever tasted, bearing in mind that I'd never drank human blood which would probably greatly succeed a grizzly in the taste department. Not that I would ever allow myself to find out.

As I headed back to my car, still looking immaculate, I saw it was nearly dawn. I paused in my stride for a moment and watched as the sun rose up slightly into the sky. I watched its spectacular entrance feeling fully satisfied with my hunt and thoroughly content in myself to just stand by and enjoy the view. I snapped myself out of the little trance that the morning sunrise seemed to have placed over me. I needed to change my clothes. The ones I currently wore may have survived my hunt but I'd still been wearing them for far too long in my own opinion.

It was about 6 am ish when I made it back to my beloved car. I went round to the boot of the jeep and pulled it open. I grabbed one of my bags that contained my clothes, closed the boot and went back around to the front again. I decided upon wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a tight white blouse, a black fitted jacket and white 6 inch heels. I scanned the surrounding area before changing out of my old clothes and throwing on the new ones. It took me less than 2 minuets to get changed which was actually pretty annoying since I was trying to kill time rather than make it. I ran a brush through my hair and then went back to the boot to place the clothes bag back in. I dragged the other bag I wanted towards me and unzipped it, digging through its contents to unearth a small photo album. I tucked the album under my armpit and slammed the boot closed for the second time. I sped around to the driver's side again and shoved the album into my baby pink handbag.

I then sped of to the Cullen's home. I was thankful for my speeding and incredible senses, when a blue cop car came up behind me. I had already slowed my speed to the limit before he'd got close enough to noticed that I hadn't always been going at 30.

I parked my car, and was greeted by a huge hug, that would've crushed me if it weren't for my vampire durability. Suddenly a horrid smell hit me. I was suddenly overcome with this urge to kill whatever creature possessed such an odour. But then I saw a tall Native American, with bronzed muscles and a face more beautiful than vampires but the smell that radiated from him prevented me from finding him that attractive.

"That's Jacob." Emmett spoke from behind me "He's a werewolf. He's imprinted on Nessie."

He did what now? I thought a frown materializing on my forehead. Emmett laughed at my expression and hurried to explain

"He's basically Nessie's mate"

I nodded, understanding what he meant now. So a werewolves imprint was the same as a vampires mate. Easy enough to remember especially when you cant forget.

I turned around to Emmett and asked.

"Can I talk to Rosalie?"

I felt everyone in the room turn to stare in our direction the second that the words left me.

"It is very important. And I think she might want to see what I brought to show her"

He pointed straight over to the house that stood in front of us. I smiled at my big brother and ran inside. Rosalie was sitting on the couch until I came into the room, she stood up the moment my foot stepped over the threshold to the room.

"Can I talk to you?" She asked before I had the chance. I nodded to her telling her with the action that she could. She gently grabbed my forearm and tugged my up stairs into what I can only assume was her and Emmett's room. I do not ever want to know any details about what may take place in here. I inwardly shuddered at the thought of my brother and his wifes sex life.

"I wanted to say sorry. I thought I knew everything about Emmett, but obviously" She seemed to struggle with to say the next three words which made me believe that she didn't say them very often if she ever actually had before "I was wrong."

I smiled at her and hurried to say

"I wanted to apologise too. I also wanted to give you this" I took the photo album out of my bag and handed it to her.

"What's thi-" I cut her of, saving her the sentence.

"Pictures of Emmett's life. There weren't many camera then and there all black and white but there's some. I just thought you might want to see them" I tried not to dry sob at some of the memories that accompanied the photographs of both our childhoods.

"Thank you. This is amazing. I wanted to see something like this since I found him." She whispered staring down at the open album in her hands before she swiftly pulled my into a hug so tight it could rival my brothers one of my brothers. It looked like me and Rosalie were going to get on for the time being. But how long would that last?