There were two boys and a girl walking home one day. Their bags looked far too heavy. They all looked exhausted, but only the boy with raven hair and ice blue eyes looked as if he could fall asleep for twenty hours a day.

"Danny! You look like you just got run over by Sam on All-Meat Monday!" cried the African-American boy in the red beret.

"No kidding, Danny." stated the Goth girl in the dark colored clothes and a purple spider backpack.

"Well you can all blame that on the million ghosts I had to pack in the thermos like fifty times! Sometimes I just want to get away from the Box Ghost or Skulker. Somewhere out there." hoped Danny.


Little did they know a wonderful opportunity had just been dropped in by an owl. Jack and Maddie had gone to the Ghost Convention and Jazz was at college, so Danny had the weekend to himself. Tucker was going to the Comic Convention and Sam was stuck with her parents for "bonding". Danny reached Fenton Works in a few mere seconds while flying. Danny phased into his room and instantly jumped onto his bed, almost crushing the letter.

Danny instantly opened the letter up without even glancing at the very specific address. Inside it read:

Dear Danny,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Normally students are accepted at age eleven, but you have shown tremendous magical abilities over the past two years. You will be entering your fifth year at Hogwarts. Ms. Hermione Granger will tutor you to catch up on your past years. The train to Hogwarts will leave on September 1st at King's Cross Station in England. We will pick you up from your home tomorrow at five o'clock sharp.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Danny was amazed. So magic existed? Well it wasn't that hard to believe considering he was half-ghost himself. So Danny was going to England. Hmmm, maybe I could play pranks on them. But first he would give them the slip and go to England with the Specter Speeder from the Ghost Zone. Once Danny had found the Infi-Map, he packed and transformed to Phantom. He had already searched online and found a place called the Leaky Cauldron. He would stay there.


Before he knew it he was there. He changed back to Fenton and made the Speeder pocket-sized. He held his chin high and prepared himself for a long vacation.

As Danny stepped in he saw the colorful robes and hats. After he had gotten his keys he decided to tour the place. Outside of the building was a man knocking on the bricks. After he had left, Danny decided to just phase through the wall, and it worked. He was immersed in a world of magic! As Danny was walking he didn't look for a second and crashed into a boy around his age with messy raven hair, green ayes, and round glasses!