A/N: Many thanks to my wonderful beta, Jonelle! She even provided a few lines for me. :) She told me to warn you all to break out the floss as this is sweet!

Finding My Place

The sun was beaming in through the window when Harry next opened his eyes. He knew it must be afternoon since the light was streaming across his face. He reached over to pick up his glasses when he registered the feel of something on his side, which was not his sheet. After quickly placing his glasses in front of his eyes, he very slowly turned to lay on his back. A quick glance to his side made it very difficult to breathe. Long brilliant red hair contrasted with the gold pillowcase. His very beautiful girlfriend was lying in bed next to him. He longed to study her face in minute detail. The way her red eyelashes fanned her cheekbones, the little freckles that dotted her nose. Perplexed, Harry had no recollection of how she had come to be in his bed, but he knew that Ron would blow a gasket if he found her here.

"Gin?" Harry whispered, causing him to realise that his throat was very scratchy and was in desperate need of water. Looking to the bedside table, he saw a steaming goblet. Wondering what it could be, he raised himself up on his elbow, wincing a little at the amount of effort it took him.

He felt Gin's arm slide off his chest before hearing a very sleepy "Harry?" He shifted so that his back rested against the headboard and he could reach the goblet. Picking it up so he could examine it, Harry could not figure out what exactly it was. He knew it wasn't pumpkin juice or Butterbeer. Lifting it to his nose, he sniffed, allowing the steam to penetrate his stuffed nose. The aroma seemed to burn his nasal passages, but Harry welcomed the sensation since it meant that he could actually breathe through his nose once more.

Still unsure of the contents of the goblet, his attention was caught by the lovely redhead that was now stretching in the bed beside him. This was not how he had planned on feeling the first time Ginny was in his bed, he thought. Holding the cup in front of him, Harry watched Ginny's eyes slowly begin to take in her surroundings. When she jolted, he knew that she was fully aware of where she was. He longed to be able to smirk, but that took too much energy at the moment.

"Harry?" Ginny asked, turning to face him. Her forehead crinkled when she saw the goblet in his hand. "Whatcha got there?" She leaned over, her hair falling around the goblet before she tucked it behind her ear. Surprise bloomed across her face. "Harry, who brought you a Pepper-Up Potion?"

"It wasn't you?" Harry asked. When Ginny shook her head, he puzzled over who it could be then. A list of possibilities started running through his head. Would Hermione have done this? Did she even know that he was sick?

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Ginny prodded. "Drink up already." Harry did the prudent thing and followed his girlfriend's directive. Placing the cup back on his bedside table, he turned back and slid down enough so that he was completely horizontal once more. Ginny placed her hand on his forehead, avoiding the steam that was pouring out of Harry's ears. "You don't feel as hot as earlier. How does the rest of you feel?"

"I'm fine, Ginny," Harry tried to reassure her.

"Harry, you always say that. Do you honestly think that those words will pacify me? Now either tell me the truth or we'll be visiting Madam Pomfrey." Ginny crossed her arms and was tapping her wand against her upper arm.

Knowing his girlfriend meant business, Harry quickly replied, "My throat hurts a little. My head feels like it's full of cotton, especially since drinking that potion." Wanting to distract Ginny, he asked, "So who do you think brought me the potion?"

"I don't know. I doubt it was Hermione. I haven't seen her today. I highly doubt that Dean would have done that. He's not too thrilled with us at the moment. Seamus? Maybe. Neville? More likely, but I'm leaning towards Ron," Ginny pondered aloud.

"Ron? Ron would have pitched a fit if he caught you sleeping in my bed," Harry scoffed. "No, there's no way it could have been Ron."

"And just what is that supposed to mean, Potter?" Ron asked from the doorway.

Harry's eyes went wide, with the deer-in-the-headlights look. He cleared his throat several times before Ginny took pity on him.

"We were just trying to figure out who brought the Pepper-Up Potion for Harry. He caught a cold. And can you believe that he had no idea what potion it was?" Ginny said a little too brightly.

"I brought the potion up here for Harry and I also made sure that our dorm mates wouldn't disturb you," Ron said, leaning on the door jamb with his arm folded across his chest.

It took Harry a few seconds before he managed to get something out and even then it was very hesitant. "So… you're saying… you saw Gin and me…" Harry shook his head to clear it, but everything remained the same. "Who are you and what have you done with Ron 'I'm-An-Overbearing-Prat-of-a-Brother' Weasley? You catch Ginny snogging Dean and you go mental, but now you catch her in the same bed as me and you get me medicine?" Harry opened and closed his eyes rapidly while pressing his hand to his forehead.

"First off, Dean is a good guy, but he's nowhere near good for enough for Ginny. You, however, are perfect for her. I've just been waiting for you to get off your arse and realize that. As for being in the same bed, I do have eyes, Harry. She was on top of the covers. You were under them. Plus, you're sick. I doubt you have the energy to do anything, which comes to my last point. Don't expect me to just look the other way if you have my sister in your bed again unless it's under similar circumstances."

Ginny crossed the room to throw her arms around her brother. "You are the best brother. You know you've always been my favourite, right?"

Ron briefly hugged her back before they turned to look at Harry, who was still lying on the bed completely gobsmacked. Harry spluttered some before finally managing to say, "But why?"

"Oh, Harry, you've been a member of our family for a while now. This is W.H.A.T. for us," Ginny responded before Ron could.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Weasley's Home Awe-inspiring Treatment. In other words, the care you always get as a Weasley when you're sick," Ron answered. "It's a phrase us kids came up with. Well, Percy came up with the awe-inspiring. I'm still not a hundred percent positive I know what he means by that particular word." Ron scratched his head.

Ginny came to sit at the edge of Harry's bed once more. "You're even more a part of the family now, Harry. And as a member of this family, you are always entitled to WHAT." She grinned at him.

Harry could tell the Pepper-Up Potion was taking effect as the gravity of Ginny and Ron's words started to sink kin. He was part of a family. And that is when Harry realized that he was being given the treatment that family normally gives to one another. He had finally found his place as a member of the Weasley bunch.