This is a short two shot dedicated to Naraku kun for his birthday.


Hope ya like it. Much love. Keva


Naraku sat silently in his dark domain fingering the jewel and staring through the window. He wasn't necessarily looking at anything just pondering on what his life will be like once he becomes complete. So many suspected him of wanting to destroy the lands but that wasn't the case; he just wanted silence in his own mind and really nothing more.

"Master Naraku" A deep voice filled with poisonous hate stated from the door. He didn't bother to look at the being that was talking to him in such a manner. "What is it Kagura." He demanded coldly.

"The inutachi has returned to their village." Kagura tried to keep the hate from her voice but it was a futile attempt at best. Naraku knew how she felt about him and she certainly knew how he felt about her.

Naraku didn't respond; he just continued to stare out the window. He waved his hand in dismissal and returned to his own thoughts of wanting to be complete as he continually fingered the mostly complete jewel.

Yes today was just another ordinary day in the dark den of death that contained one methodical deadly half demon known as Naraku.

However unbeknownst to the deadly kumo his ordinary, uneventful, just another day in the dark mists of his miasma, silent brooding day; was about to get ugly… very… very… ugly. Because across the wasteland of his small domain, through a forest, over a small hill, just past a village, at the edge of the pond a young female was having a bad day all her own.


Kagome stood at the edge of the pond glaring at nothing in particular and everyone who knew her was far… FAR… as far away as they could get from her. It was the 9th and on the 9th evil Kagome was set free and any living breathing thing with ears was her target; but not intentionally… well maybe just a little intentionally.

It was that time of the month where PMS and cramps intermingled; leaving her in pain and in a none too good a mood. As far as she was concerned; currently anyway, this was all Inuyasha's fault. Or was it Miroku's? Maybe Koga's?

She waved her hand in the air. Her pain and bleeding and moodiness was all the fault of any creature with a Y-chromosome and possibly a few with an X.

A groan tore from her lips as another nasty cramp decided to flare up. "UGH!!!" She groaned and wrapped her arms around her waist. "INUYASHA!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"


In a village not to far away but far enough away that none could hear her scream; a certain silver haired hanyou cringed in a sudden bout of fear.

"Inuyasha? Are you okay?" Miroku questioned with a puzzled expression written across his face.

Inuyasha turned fear filled gold eyes to his hoshi friend. "Kagome" He whispered and nodded his head when Miroku paled visibly. "It's starting. No male is safe for the next three days." Inuyasha whispered in fear that Kagome just might hear him.

Shippou moved to stand in front of the two males and tried not to grin stupidly. "You better run." He leaned towards the two of them and whispered the next part. "She's on her way back now."

Both Inuyasha and Miroku paled noticeably and began to sweat as their eyes widened to impossible proportions. "Really?" Miroku questioned just above a whisper.

Shippou nodded his head as he crossed his arms over his chest. "If you don't hurry she's going to catch you." He sing songed.

The kit began laughing hysterically as both Inuyasha and Miroku stumbled over one another in their haste to get out of the hut and far far away from the village and one frightening and deadly PMSing miko.

"What the…" Sango started when she saw Inuyasha and Miroku running at full speed towards her; then eeped and jumped out of the way of two running in panic males. She turned and watched them go while they yelled to every male within the vicinity to get the hell out of the village. "What is going on?" She asked as she turned to face Shippou.

"Kagome" Was all the fox said and instantly Sango knew exactly what was going on.


Kagome doubled over in excruciating pain and in her moment of agony her powers flared; sparking and snapping out around her and a pink orb no larger than a pin head flew from her body into the woods unseen by the cramping miko.


Naraku continued to stare out into the nothingness that was his black fog of death. Truthfully he was actually growing bored and in need of some excitement; and perhaps harassing the lord of the west was just the distraction he needed from his over worked mind.

He was so involved in considering his options on what he wanted to do for the rest of the day that he failed to see the tiny tiny… oh so tiny ball of pink power come flying through his darkness and hit him right in the center of his forehead.

As he sat there a sudden flare up of intense pain in his abdomen nearly forced him to curl into a ball where he sat. Where the hell did this sudden pain come from? He had to find out.

Slowly yet gracefully he rose to his feet and ground his teeth together when the strange clamping pain flared up again; almost to the point of incapacitating him. His miasma began to billow out around him before he lifted up off the floor and flew out the window; trying not to move his body too much as his belly suddenly curled in on itself.

Where the hell was the source of this incredibly aching pain coming from? When he found the source; as surely it couldn't possibly be coming from his own body, he was going to destroy the witch or demon or whatever it was.

As he made his way north towards; of all things, his enemy's village the pain seemed to increase in intensity. This would not do; not do at all.


Kagome fell to her knees as another sharp pain tore through her midsection. "Oh Kami!" She moaned like she was dying; which she was sure was the case. "A male must die for this." She hissed; thinking that a sacrifice to the Kami would make the pain go away. It was about that time when a perfect specimen of maleness appeared before her; one that A) needed to die and B) his death would please not just the Kami but every living breathing being he had ever crossed paths with.

"YOU!" She hissed with an accusatory finger pointed at the hanyou as she rose to her feet with eyes narrowed to deadly little slits. "This is all your fault!"

Naraku's crimsons blazed as they too narrowed. "Bitch what magic is this?!" He demanded in a dark deadly growl with his hand placed against his stomach.

Kagome slowly rose to her feet; her aura snapping wildly about her, and took three deliberate steps towards the hanyou, placing herself right in front of him. "What did you just call me?" She hissed; her voice low, dark, and deadly.

Naraku stared at her for a moment wondering if this was the real shikon miko or an imposter. The Kagome he knew was nice, sweet, caring, loving and all other things that made him sick. However this Kagome in front of him was displaying none of those things so was this the real miko or a demon pretending to be her; perhaps a witch?