The mind is a powerful thing; it can make you think of things that no matter how much you know you shouldn't you just can't help yourself. Flashes of other times, other places, other people can intertwine creating a new image you wouldn't consciously make on your own.

Therefore when Kagome began to relax in the small hot spring in an attempt to ease her cramps; her mind was left free to wander where it would. Unfortunately for her (well more unfortunate for someone else) it somehow wandered back to a fantasy she thought she buried deep within her brain; only instead of being the watcher in this fantasy she was participating.

It was new but she wasn't complaining in the least. For that matter a contented smile spread across her lips as her fingers gently roamed her own body.


Naraku stood in front of the window staring out over his miasma covered domain. He desperately had to figure out how to break the bond he and the miko shared. However in order to do that he first needed to figure out how they came to have the bond in the first place.

Nothing prior to their connection seemed out of the ordinary. It was just like any other day; he was plotting the inutachi's down fall, the Lord of the West's death, and fantasizing about becoming a full blooded youkai. Then suddenly out of nowhere his guts felt like they were collapsing in on themselves and he wanted nothing more than to rip his insides out to make it end.

So what was it that triggered the connection? The only logical explanation that he could come up with was it was the miko bitch's fault. For surely he would never connect himself to her in such a manner knowingly or unknowingly.

He suddenly narrowed his crimson eyes deeply when he felt a warming tingling sensation begin to build in his gut. Oh he knew all too well what that feeling usually led to and he'd be damned if he was going to allow it.

With a growl of utter annoyance he turned and swept out of the room heading for the hot spring. He was going to bring her little fantasy to a quick end even if his growing cock disagreed with him.

He was sure the bitch was dreaming about he and; he let off an uncontrolled shudder at the thought, Sesshoumaru engaging in some rather unseemly activities. Though calling it unseemly seemed like the hugest understatement he had ever thought. It was down right perverted!

Where and how she ever came up with the idea that he and Sesshoumaru would ever be caught dead kissing let alone doing anything else was beyond him. If only he could kill her and finally be rid of her once and for all. Yet like so many other things in his life this was just as unfair as everything else. Then again he could take solace in the fact that he could injure her even though it meant injuring himself in the process.

"Details." He growled to himself.

He could suffer through a little pain; hell he'd been hacked up into pieces before and here he was just a whole and well as ever. Then again purification tended to be permanent with no hope of regenerating. Which made him wonder...

If she purified him would she essentially end up purifying herself? Could her purify herself? Was the pure Shikon miko immune to her own powers if they transferred back onto herself?

He was getting off track and his cock was getting harder and harder by the second. He had to stop her wandering mind and do so now!

He threw the door to the spring open and glowered deadly at her sitting in the spring, head tilted back, eyes closed, and a satisfied smile spread across her face.

"You will stop!" He growled.

Kagome snapped her eyes open looking a little delirious and stared at him. "What?"

"You heard me." He stormed into the room. "You will cease your impure thoughts this instant."

"Impure thoughts?" She stared at him with brows drawn deeply only to change into a sudden scowl as she popped up from her seat. "You've been reading my thoughts!" She accused with a pointed finger at him while ignoring the fact that she was flashing him with everything she had from the waist up.

"I cannot read thoughts." He countered defensively.

"Don't you dare lie to me!" She hissed. "This is the second time in my life you've invaded my mind and so help me if wasn't for this stupid bond we share I'd kill you now!"

"Never mind that." He growled trying to ignore her half naked body with the little drops of water rolling down over pert breasts... Oh he had to stop himself before he did something that he didn't want to do. He wouldn't regret it of course because she was asking for it standing there naked and doing nothing to cover herself up. "You will stop fantasizing about me and that disgusting dog!"

"Hey; I..." she trailed off as her eyes narrowed even further. "Ha! You admit you were reading my thoughts!"

"I never said I wasn't." He countered. "Now enough of this finish your bath so we can solve this problem unless you wish for me to join you?" He smirked darkly and let his eyes linger on her exposed breasts.

"Now why would I want your disgusting... body..." As she glared at him she easily noticed that he was definitely NOT looking at her face. "HENTAI!" She bellowed and ducked her body back under the water as she covered herself with her arms.

He grunted at that. "Don't flatter yourself girl." He turned for the door. "Your body provides nothing for my imagination." He smirked to himself and left before she could say another word.

"Bastard!" Kagome hissed and slapped the water. "I'm soooo going to purify him to hell and start with his most sacred of body parts." She nodded determinedly to herself then quickly finished her bath so she could do just that.