Clean blue sky light and Atlantis stands in glory in the sea, right in one of the balcony's there are two men standing. John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay, the last one is seeing through goggles to the sea, looking for something.

"What are you doing?" Asked John as he walked close by Rodney.



"Whales! Big mammals that feed on fish and that live on the ocean! What else could it be?!" Rodney flushed in anger at John's complete ignorance.

"Okay, whales. What kind of whales are we talking about?"

"Here, look by yourself" Rodney handled the goggles to John whom reliantly accepted them and looked on them to the empty tranquil sea. "I just see plain sea Rodney" Argued John.

"You are looking at the wrong direction Colonel, here let me guide you" Rodney wrapped his hands around John and turned his direction to the one he was pointing before. "There"

"I still seeing sea, big blue water, very fun to watch"

"Just wait for it"

"Wait fo-"He suddenly stops when he saw the huge whale splashes water and made a jump similar to the jumps of the whales from earth. "See" Rodney smiles widely.


"Is that all you can say flyboy?" Rodney very rapidly got irritant at John's expression.

"Never though you would out of all people enjoy watching that"

"What do you think of me? Besides the arrogant part?!"


"Besides the obvious?"







"I want you Rodney"