He can't believe this. He can't he refuses to it doesn't make sense why is this happening?

The black is enveloping her and it's horrifying.

She's speaking—something about his wish. What wish? From so long ago, the spirits? He doesn't care. The only thing he cares about is his current reality—please, oh please, let it be a dream, a nightmare!

This is happening way too fast and he feels sick to his stomach. It's almost painful.

He tries convincing her—to make this madness end. He talks about the umeshu waiting. He talks about drinking with Doumeki and he knows she loves a good drink of the alcoholic variety.

Wake up, he screams in his mind when his effort is proven useless. I don't want this. Make my nightmare end now. I know I'm dreaming, WHY WON'T I WAKE UP? Unless I'm awake, but that can't be...!

There is a sad smile on her face and he is precious to her and he doesn't know when that happened. He has never been called precious and he doesn't bother trying to make sense of why he would be precious to anyone.

Because he doesn't care. The tears are streaming down his face and it just doesn't matter.

The tendrils of darkness are up to her bosom and he starts screaming again. His heart is hurting. His head is hurting. And he's so very confused.

She had mentioned she was dead. Had been for so long.


He just wants her to stay.

They can still speak. The words are passing through their lips, but her resignation hangs heavy on every syllable. There has to be a way, there has to be a way, there has to...

He thought she could grant any wish if a suitable price was paid. That was the rule. That was her law.

Why won't she grant this wish? Staystaystaystaydon'tgostayplease!

The blackness is curling at her face, brushing her chin.

He remembers a moment about wishes. How sad she had looked. He wanted to bring another emotion upon her visage. The only way he could think of was to promise her something. An I.O.U. He would grant her wish.

He brings it up in another attempt to help her fight her fate (Hitsuzen, what a peculiar, unfair concept).

He feels his heart break with her answer.

"My wish...is for you to go on existing. That's all I want."

The black, terribly lonely darkness has finally absorbed her to her face. She is vanishing quicker and quicker and time just won't slow down. Or stop all together, he'd be just fine with that.

His entire being throbs with emotional torment he can't remember feeling ever before. But he sees her, silently begging without giving any obvious hints, only subtle clues he would only pick up on, and his conviction to try and stop her crumbles.

In its place is another goal, processed and finalized in his brain. He fixates upon it.

"...Then...I promise...I will grant that wish!"

He'll do it for her.

The darkness has overcome her, the last remnants of her being scattering like butterflies.

"If dreams can come true by wishing hard enough...I want to meet you again! So...,"

He will stay in the shop. He'll wait and wait and wait.

Just so he can see her again.